Binay: Martial law atrocities died with Marcos


THE atrocities of Martial law under the dictatorship of former President Ferdinand Marcos won’t be enough to prevent Vice President Jejomar Binay from getting the late dictator’s son, Senator Bongbong, as running mate for his 2016 Presidential run.

Binay, who declared his 2016 Presidential bid as early as 2010, noted that the sin of Bongbong’s father is not the sin of the son and his other children who remain in powerful elective positions.

“Ang minamasama nila kay Bongbong ay siya ay anak ni former President Ferdinand Marcos. Pero si Ferdinand Marcos tapos na po, namatay na po. Iyong ipinaglaban natin ay nagamot na ho natin…nabalik na po noong panahon ni President Cory ang diwa ng demokrasya. Hindi na ho issue (What they are taking against Bongbong is the fact that he is the son of former President Marcos. But Ferdinand Marcos is over. He already died. What we fought for…we have already got it back at the time of former President Cory [Aquino]…the essence of democracy. It’s (Martial law) is not an issue anymore),” Binay said in an interview with TV5’s Luchi Cruz Valdez.

If Senator Bongbong will go on to be Binay’s running mate, it would be the ultimate irony since Binay was a human rights lawyer who fought for the rights of those abused during the Martial law years.

The most prominent victim of the Martial law era was no less than President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s father, Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.

Under the Presidency of the younger Aquino, a Marcos compensation law was passed—a landmark legislation which makes former dictator Marcos and his family liable for human rights abuses under Martial law by providing P10 billion worth of financial remuneration for the victims of Martial law atrocities such as summary executions, enforced disappearances, and deadly torture among others.

“The best assumption is the goodness of the man,” Binay added.

A peaceful People Power Revolt overthrew the elder Marcos and his family, including Bongbong, in 1986, catapulting Senator Ninoy’s widow Corazon Aquino, to Presidency.

It didn’t take long, however, for the Marcoses to claw their way back into power. Former first lady Imelda Marcos is an Ilocos Norte representative, while her daughter Imee is the Ilocos Norte governor. Senator Bongbong even finished a strong seventh in the 2010 Senate race.

Binay argued that he wants a Presidency which is both unifying and healing, citing that it has been done in the past as evidenced by good diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Japan even in the aftermath of the Japanese abuses vs. the Filipinos during the Second World War that ended in 1945.

“That [chapter]is over. We have to move on,” Binay said.

Binay, however, later contradicted himself and admitted that there are ghosts that haunt people forever.

“Magiging kasinungalingan o kahipokrituhan ang sabihin sa iyo na mawawalan ng agam-agam lalong lalo na iyong mga naging biktima ng martial law. Pero tapos na iyon (It would be a lie or hypocrisy to say that the fears brought about by Martial law would disappear, especially among the victims. But that period is over),” Binay added in closing.


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  1. Martial law is proven by history that it was indeed good for that time. The filipino people has spoken. And they want another Marcos to rule the Country not by Martial law but the same discipline of that leadership.