If elected President, Vice President Jejomar Binay will push for income tax reform and certify as urgent bills shelved by the current administration.

    Moreover, Binay will call for bipartisan support in the next Congress to refile the bills, the Vice President’s spokesman on political affairs and lawyer, Rico Quicho, said in a statement on Thursday.

    “We must adjust the existing tax brackets to current inflation rates. Our tax system must be seen as fair, meaning those with fat pay checks should pay higher taxes than those whose pay checks are less. Inflation-adjusted tax brackets, albeit reduction of tax revenues, are simply just,” he added.

    Quicho said supposedly surging clamor to reform the income tax system—including calls from 18 groups ranging from business, trade, professional and labor sectors–has fallen on deaf ears.

    “The House of Representatives has shelved the bill slashing income tax just days after the President met the tax cut proponents from both House of Representatives and the Senate,” he added.

    Quicho said filing of the tax reform bills in the House and Senate by Marikina City (Metro Manila) Rep. Romero Federico Quimbo and Sen. Juan Edgardo Angara, respectively, was a wasted opportunity to show that the Aquino administration was not insensitive to its “bosses.”

    He noted that an ordinary worker pays three months’ worth of the wages he earns a year in taxes, only to get inept service from the government in return.


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    1. I totally agree to give back to the people their hard earned money.
      The government is totally unjust with their tax system. This also the reason why their so much poor people and bad economy . Rich gets richer and government officials pockets are getting fatter. Best way to avoid Pdaf n Porks in the system .