Binay to Purisima: Speak up!


Vice President Jejomar Binay on Friday challenged suspended Philippine National Police chief Director Gen. Alan Purisima to speak up about the Maguindanao “misencounter” as he called for justice for the 44 PNP Special Action Force (SAF) commandos killed in action.

“Reports show that Gen. Purisima played a major role in the planning and implementation of the SAF operation despite being suspended from duty. He should speak up,” Binay said.

At the House of Representatives, lawmakers said Purisima should face investigation and spill the beans on his alleged involvement in the execution of the deadly Mamasapano mission.

Lawmakers Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela City (Metro Manila), Carol Jayne Lopez of You Against Corruption party-list and Rodel Batocabe of Ako Bicol party-list made the call amid reports from police ranks that Purisima hatched the Mamasapano mission to pursue international terrorist Sulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan without proper coordination in an attempt to keep his post as PNP chief.

“Purisima cannot escape responsibility from the massacre of 44 SAF commandos since he was identified by relieved SAF commander Director Getulio Napenas as the one calling the shots and that the SAF director was directly reporting to him. Even President Aquino admitted that Gen. Purisima was giving him briefings on the top secret SAF operation to neutralize Marwan,” Gatchalian pointed out.

At the Senate, the committee on public order and dangerous drugs disclosed plans to invite Purisima to shed light on its inquiry into the bloody clash between members of the PNP-SAF and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) if it could get solid proof on reports that he “directed” the operations, according to Sen. Grace Poe, committee chairman.

Four separate Senate resolutions have been filed calling for an investigation of the SAF operation that resulted in the death of the 44 police officers.

In a statement on the National Day of Mourning for the fallen 44, Binay said there should be an honest and transparent investigation of the Mamasapano clash.

The Vice President noted that a number of questions have been left unanswered, including the most important question: Who was accountable for the bloodshed?
He  called on the public to let calm prevail over anger.


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  1. Fernando Solis on

    Wow!!! Sasabay haharap sa Senate hearing si Bise Binay kapag humarap si Purisima sa hearing, ganuon kaya iyon?

  2. To me Binay is Aquino and Aquino is Binay.
    Utang na loob kay Cory.

    If Binay is not, then RESIGN FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT
    POST in protest. If Roxas is not BAKLA like Aquino, he too
    will resign in protest. Ginagawa kayong tao tao han eh.
    WAKE UP!

    Lead the HYATT 11, if you have balls.