• Binay pushes higher tax perks for workers


    Vice President Jejomar Binay is pushing for higher tax exemptions for workers to boost their purchasing power.

    “[T]here is [a need]to revisit and streamline our existing income tax system to lower tax rates and grant higher exemptions to our workers,” the Vice President said in his Labor Day Message.

    “At the same time, serious efforts must be made to stabilize the prices of basic commodities to preserve if not enhance our workers’ purchasing power,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Binay said inclusive growth must happen in the country to avoid a repeat of the case of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Mary Jane Veloso, who is on death row in Indonesia.

    Also the Presidential Adviser on OFW Concerns, the Vice President added that support mechanisms for OFWs must also be strengthened, given their importance in propping up the economy.

    “Mary Jane’s case also underscores the pressing need to strengthen the legal defense and other mechanisms of support for our OFWs, including protection against illegal recruitment and human trafficking, and reintegration for our returning workers,” he added.


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    1. I do hope that VP Binay wins this coming 2016 because I believe that he is the leader that we need especially compared to other possible candidates like Roxas or Cayetano. Those two never did something out of compassion or empathy…. all they know to do is to grand stand senate hearings! Unlike Binay, who over the years, have proven his care, actual program, and sympathy for the people! Go VP Binay, we will support you all the way!

    2. Go VP Binay! We are all going to support you this coming 2016. With this kind of a vissionary leading the Philippines… I know, may mangyayari na talaga sa ating bansa. We need you VP Binay to lead this country! Kaya please don’t mind the haters and your detractors! Your supporters are more than their combined efforts! GO BINAY!

    3. Rudybautista on


    4. Rudybautista10198@yahoo on

      Why not face the Senate inquiry,then we will vote and campaign for you how’s Asyenda BINAY.where Limlingan,Gregorio and Barloloy are they dead or alive.pls HELP..?……..God bless po

    5. May Sariling Isip on

      Itigil na lang ang korapsyon sapagkat ito ang pinakamalaking problema ng Pilipinas ngayon. Karamihan ng ating problema ay sanhi o may kinalaman sa korapsyon!

    6. Atin To Pre(s) on

      A farmer for a leader

      Philippine agriculture’s heyday was during the early years of the presidency of Ferdinand E. Marcos and it was not because Marcos was an agriculturist. He was a lawyer. It was simply because he was wise enough to hire the most brilliant agriculture men, specifically Arturo Tanco.

      Under the administration of President Benigno Aquino agriculture has been in the doldrums with a growth rate of a pathetic 1%.

      This is where a very strong contention that unless the Philippines elects a President who truly understands agriculture and who has a solid agricultural development plan which emphasises not only production but more importantly marketing and distribution, the country’s agriculture will never get anywhere.

      So, who are the Presidential prospects who truly understand agriculture?

      Vice President Jejomar Binay? Nope. He reportedly raised hogs as a boy but there is more to agriculture than just raising hogs.

      Secretary Manuel A. Roxas? Nope. His family owns a sugar mill in Ma-ao, Negros Occidental but i do not believe he even knows how to plant sugarcane or even realises how hard it is for the sacada to plant sugarcane for only P75 a day.

      Senator Grace Poe? Certainly not. I do not believe she has gone anywhere near a farm who even knows the difference between a doe and an ewe.

      Of all of the names being floated as prospective Presidential materials, it is only Davao Mayor Rody Duterte who truly understands agriculture and the importance of available and affordable food for his people.

      As Mayor of the only city in the whole Philippines which produces bananas, durian, coconut, vegetables, cut flowers, pomelos, mangoes, and other fruits, it is only Duterte who believes that a political leader’s obligation includes producing healthy food for his people.

      Philippine agriculture’s best hope is Rody Duterte and if we miss this chance of installing a President who truly understands agriculture, we will have to go through another six years of very expensive and scarce food supplies and the country will have to rely on importation once again!.

    7. Atin To Pre(s) on

      Ibinigay mo na lang kaya sa workers ang mga perang nakulimbat mo?! Tapos ang problema

    8. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Binay huwag ka ng papapel. Pumunta ka sa Indonesia para makiusap sa gobyerno pero tinanggihan ka. Masama ang intensiyon mo sa pagpunta sa Indonesia. Pumunta ka sa Indonesia para lang sa iyong sariling political ambition. In the eyes of the international community, the Binay personality is so ugly that nobody will listen to him. His personality includes but not limited to his short height, dark color, ugly face, greed for money, corrupt family, lies and the most pretentious human being on earth. Ihanay mo si Binay sa mga international vice-presidents at presidents at makikita ninyo na parang walang Binay sa hanay ng mga ito. Ulikba na , magnanakaw pa.