• Binay raises concern for elderly prisoners


    VICE President Jejomar Binay wants to look into the plight of elderly prisoners in the country, especially those who are sick and in need of care.

    In his Christmas message, Binay said elderly inmates who have paid for their crimes should be given the opportunity to rejoin society.

    “Many of our elderly prisoners are sick and in need of care. My hope is for them to spend their twilight years with their family and loved ones, especially during Christmas,” the Vice President pointed out.

    Binay and his family are known to have a soft spot for the elderly.

    It was the Vice President who first started giving senior citizens “special treatment by giving them freebies free hospitalization, movie passes, birthday cakes and cash gifts.

    When Binay finished his term as Makati mayor, his wife continued the project and at present the practice is still being observed by their son, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay.

    At the same time, the Vice President said those in government should make giving comfort and genuine service their guide not only this Christmas but every day.

    “In this season of love, let us not forget to share with our countrymen, especially those who have less in life, our concern and compassion, For those of us in government, giving comfort and genuine service should guide us not only during the Christmas season but every day,” Binay said.

    “I also ask that we include in our prayers our countrymen who will spend Christmas overseas. While they may be far from their loved ones in the Philippines, I hope they feel the love and gratitude of their countrymen,” he added.


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    1. what a joke…his really fake and wily, cheat and corrupt. he uses his friendly and compassionate tricky style to make believe that he was truly for good, serving the people. he took advantage the poor, elderly and old, uneducated people to cover his corruption and wrong doing. kind of robinhood style. if ever he is elected as president, the Phil. would go down in history….. kind of Marcos in the making, but he could be worse…. my countryman and people of the Phil, i’m asking you for the good of our country, to not let these happen, we had already experience in the past, time for a change to have an honest people to lead us for the good of our new generation to come…. May the good lord bless us and the Pilipino people.