• Binay regains No. 1 spot



    Chiz tops Pulse Asia VP survey

    VICE President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero emerged as the most likely winners if the voting for President and Vice President were held today, according to the latest poll by Pulse Asia.

    Binay, who tailed his rivals in previous surveys owing largely to the controversies that surrounded him, pulled off a surprise by getting the approval of 33 percent of respondents in the survey conducted December 4 to 11.

    Binay’s political spokesman, Rico Quicho, said the results only encourage the Vice President to work harder in the campaign trail.

    “We thank our people for their continued trust [in]and support to the Vice President. The recent survey results encourage the Vice President to double his effort of directly telling our people of his plans to uplift their lives and make the government relevant in solving poverty, unemployment and lingering social ills. We remain steadfast and focused on the task at hand,” he added in a statement.

    Pulse Asia said the 1,800 respondents are registered voters aged 18 and above. They come from different parts of the country.

    Escudero got the top position with 29 percent, just ahead of another favorite and fellow lawmaker, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who got 23 percent.

    In second place for President was Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with 23 percent, followed by Escudero’s presidential running mate, Sen. Grace Poe with 21 percent.
    Tailing the pack were Liberal Party standard-bearer, Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd who garnered 17 percent and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago with 4 percent.

    Pulse Asia said the respondents were asked: “Sa mga taong nasa listahang ito, sino ang inyong iboboto bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas kung ang eleksion ng 2016 ay gaganapin ngayon at sila ay mga kandidato (one answer only) [Of the persons on this list, who will you vote for as President of the Philippines if the 2016 elections are held today and they are candidates for the post]?”

    The candidates’ names were picked from certificates of canvass submitted to the Commission on Elections last October 12 to 16, 2015.

    Rizalito David, Poe’s principal “persecutor,” got “zero,” alongside Leo Cadion, Justino Padiernos, Camilo Sabio, Roy Señeres, Augusto Syjuco Jr. and Juanita Trocenio.
    When told about his dismal showing in the Pulse Asia survey, Roxas issued a statement indicating that he has not lost faith in the electorate.

    “Tulad ng parati kong sinasabi, ang pinakaimportante ay ang survey sa Mayo, sa botohan mismo. Nakita natin na magulo pa ito: Noong isang buwan, si Grace ang una. Noong isang linggo, si Duterte. Ngayon naman, si Binay. Baka sa susunod, tayo na [Like what I always say, what is most important is the voting in May 2016. It is still chaotic at present: Last month, it was Grace as No. 1. Last week, it was Duterte. Now it is Binay. In the next survey, it could be me as the topnotcher],” he said.

    What is important, Roxas added, is that he has a clean record and clear platform.

    In the vice presidential race, Escudero and Marcos were followed by fellow senator Alan Peter Cayetano with 18 percent and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, Roxas’ running mate, 14 percent.

    Meanwhile, Binay’s running mate, Sen. Gregorio Honasan, got 9 percent followed by Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th with 4 percent.

    Other candidates included in the list were Albert Alba, 0.3 percent; Vicente Camilon Jr., 0.2 percent; Daniel Aldea, 0.1 percent; Ted Malangen, .04 percent; and Jesus Zosimo Paredes, 0 percent.

    Pulse Asia reported that only 1 percent of Filipino registered voters were either not inclined to support any of the presidential candidates included in the survey or still do not know whom they will vote for as President in May 2016.

    Less than 1 percent, meanwhile, refused to identify their preferred presidential bet.


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    1. Only in the Phils were candidates who is corrupt is a temporarily leading no. 1 in survey.. .God Bless the Philippines..

    2. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      22 December 2015

      Filipino voters are not world-famous for picking the best-qualified persons when they exercise their constitutional right to vote.

      And that should explain why in this latest Pulse Asia Poll, presidential candidate JEJOMAR BINAY, a certified crook, led with 33 percent of respondents favoring him.

      Recall that former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, another certified crook, almost won in the last presidential elections, garnering the astounding total of 9.4 million votes!

      I would not at all be surprised if JEJOMAR BINAY will be the next President of the Philippines.

      His platform: “To uplift the lives of poor Filipinos and make the government relevant in solving poverty, unemployment and lingering social ills.”

      Not bad. Not bad at all!

      But we have heard that before, have we not?


    3. Another HOAX and strategy by this SWS False Survey.. Wala na silang mailagay na totoo. They want to put this issue at the minds of Filipino people who is lacking of knowledge to whom they will vote…VOTE WISELY…dont listen to this FALSE SURVEY BY THIS YELLOW REGIME GOVERNMENT…

    4. sayang naman ang sacrificio at ang ginagawa ng ombudsman kung ang tulad ni Binay ang magiging pangulo. Tiyak pardon lahat ang mga katulad niya.
      Pero Walang dapat sisihin ang mga Filipino kung sakali mag si alisan ang mga investors at mas dumami ang mawalang ng trabajo . Dahil yon ang ginusto ng mga botante. Corrupt President will make Foreign investors think longer and harder. Sayang naman ang nasimula pagtitiwala.

      • Only in the Philippines talaga..hindi pa man napapatunayan guilty na agad. Hindi ba pwedeng daanin muna sa legal process, porket sinabi lang ni Pedro na magnanakaw si Juan maniniwala kana agad. Walang pinag-kaiba yan sa isang mayaman at isang mahirap na nagharap sa hukuman. Ang mayaman maraming pera kaya ginawa lahat ng paraan para mag-fabricate ng evidensya, eh itong si mahirap palibhasa mahirap kaya ng sinabi ni mayaman na magnanakaw yan lahat ng taong nakapaligid naniwala agad kasi sinabi ni mayaman eh. Ngayon, kayo ang lumugar kay Binay at sa buong Pamilya nya. Husga agad at maniwala sa sinasabi ng mayayaman.

    5. Josephine Abueg on

      Comelec disenfranchise the voters, natural reaction follows.
      DepEd disenfranchise the students, nothing follows!
      We need Binay more than anybody else. A concrete person. An achiever.
      Who is not corrupt when you talk about politics? At least the economy of Makati is visible.
      Binay’s achievement is tangible.

    6. Edgar G. Festin on

      VP Binay, among all the candidates for president, is only one who can credibly work for the survival of the Philippine Republic. He is also the most patriotic and loyal to the Constitution and the rule of law among them them all..

      • 3rdworldsavage on

        It appears majority of the polled voters would have an alleged master thief as president rather than an admitted murderer. There is a huge difference between a thief and a murderer.

        An alleged thief can return what is taken in repentance but an admitted murderer cannot give back life. Duterte is no Jesus Christ by the wildest stretch of the imagination of #duterte2016 followers!!! Maybe there is a chance, unfortunately none at all , if all the murdered victims are named Lazarus and close friends of Jesus! You decide.

    7. Miko Valenzuela on

      I’d just like to bring out my two cents before anyone starts ratting out.

      People say Poe is trying to defy the Constitution. No. She is merely exercising her place in a democratic country. We are a democracy, it is not only the government who has a say, but the power to make decisions is also vested on the people of the state. To use up all legal actions available to fight for your constitutional rights is the essence of our democracy.

      People say Poe is trying to defy the Constitution. No. She is merely exercising her right in a democratic country.

      • I agree, that’s part of democratic process, but herself always say that any decision is unfair when it’s not favoring her. She sounds like she’s above the law. Senator Grace Poe has to learn respect to the rule of law, herself is a lawmaker.

      • With due respect to your opinion, the philippines is in the government of law and not of men. Constitutional rights are sometimes abused by some unscrupulous citizens trying to undermine the power of the state. it is always the court that decides cases. in case of Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares, the constitution says that she is not qualified and the case was brought to the court and it was affirmed that she is not. The only remaining chance for the good lady senator is to bring the case to the supreme court for final judgement and that judgement should be respected.

    8. Now can you believe on Pulse Asia survey ? Afew days ago Duterte in leading at 30 plus percentage now Duterte is running second or third place. Imagine in just a few days. It is time to stop or investigate these survey groups. Do you think we are all stupid ? Congress must sto these companies. Mass media should stop showing the survey results. Shame on you.

    9. Totoo ang sinasabi ni Mar,bago mag election siya na ang number 1 sa survey,dahil nakaplano na ito! Wala ng mag-iisip na gawa-gawa lang ito! Dahil ginawa na nilang puro no,1 ang kalaban ni Mar! Wait lang kayo to ma timing pa ang bayaran survey!!