Binay resigns: Aquino’s free-fall starts


President BS Aquino 3rd, or his sidekick Mar Roxas, went too far in their attempts to take Vice President Jejomar Binay out of the presidential race. Maybe too early, and that smear campaign will prove to be this Administration’s unraveling.

The man got fed up, or perhaps as a veteran politician simply had a good sense of timing. He resigned from Aquino’s student-council government, and has come out fighting. It could mark the start of Aquino’s free-fall, as a similar incident did for Estrada in 2000.

Going by Filipinos’ political psychology and the country’s political dynamics, Aquino is in big trouble, that he might not even be able to finish his term.

If I were a mythmaker, I’d even say that a vice president’s resignation has been the letters on the wall for a President’s fall. Then Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – saying to hell with then President Estrada’s popularity – resigned her Cabinet post in October 2000.

Three months later, he fled Malacañang.

Estrada tried desperately to downplay Arroyo’s resignation that I think his operators managed to get the Social Weather Station (SWS) to report that her satisfaction ratings had plunged to negative 4 in December from 63 the month before – a statistical impossibility, but a fallacy believed by many political strategists. (By March, it was 24.)

There are, of course, counter-examples. Vice Presidents Fernando Lopez, Salvador Laurel and Teofisto Guingona all had become antagonistic to their Presidents and resigned their Cabinet posts. Their Presidents, though, (Marcos, Aquino and Arroyo, respectively) all finished their terms, except, of course, for Marcos who was ousted from power in a revolution, but a decade later.

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

However, what makes Binay’s resignation explosive, and potentially fatal to Aquino, is that unlike his predecessors, he is the leading candidate for presidential elections in a year’s time. More importantly, it is a time when Aquino’s incompetence and corruption have started to unravel.

The narrative is perfect, as well as the timing: Binay tried to work with Aquino, who instead unleashed his attack dogs to eat him and his family alive, while the government rotted in corruption. Enough is enough, “tama na sobra na,” as Binay himself said in his speech the other day: these are narratives that spark a revolution, as they did both in EDSA I and II.

It was, in fact, only when Arroyo resigned from Estrada’s cabinet that the international press started to publish the unfolding political convulsion. For the deputy president to resign is a political earthquake, in parliamentary systems even triggering calls for elections.

We columnists might write well-researched columns day in and day out showing incontrovertibly that Aquino has proven to be psychologically and morally unfit to be President. Congressman Toby Tiangco and his colleague J.V. Bautista, or Bayan Muna’s Neri Colmenares might call press conferences everyday exposing corruption under this Administration, while Facebook posts such as those on MRT-3 corruption and the BIR’s refusal to touch a billion-peso tax case of an Aquino sympathizer could go viral.

But these accusations amount to almost nothing if a respected political leader does not make them. And who can beat Jejomar Binay as the most credible, if the Pulse Asia survey is accurate in showing that he is the most trusted official of the land, with a 57 percent rating from the May 30 to June 5 poll, a 15-percentage point increase from 42 percent in March?

Church hegemony

We forget that just a hundred years ago, what the Catholic Church said was what the masses believed. I even dare say that without Cardinal Sin asking people to go out to EDSA to defend the mutineers led by Ramos and Enrile, there wouldn’t be an EDSA.

Church hegemony obviously has receded, challenged and replaced by local political bosses and elites in local areas, and by media. But the entity in the modern period – even in advanced countries in the world – that determines what the masses would believe in what is going on in the nation is a country’s President or Prime Minister, and their main deputies, i.e., the Vice President or the Deputy Prime Minister.

Former President George W. Bush told Americans Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that would be used against them. His Vice President Dick Cheney even said the US should strike first before Iraq does.

Americans believed what was to be proven later as a total lie, and invaded an independent country, setting off a terrible chain reaction that led to the rise of that most despicable jihadist group, the ISIS. The scion of a haciendero clan says he will eradicate corruption, remove a corrupt Chief Justice and embark on a Tuwid na Daan reform program. From the track record, psychological profile and wealth of this man he didn’t really earn, you might think he’s sniffed too much. But because he is President, many Filipinos believe him.

This is because the age of God-anointed kings or even god-kings in the scale of mankind’s collective consciousness existed not too long ago. There is still the detritus belief – even among the most educated elites – that God whispers wisdom to a President.

Aquino’s unraveling

But this is the same mass psychology that will mean the unraveling of Aquino in the coming months, as it was for Estrada when Arroyo resigned her post. A vice president, because he or she is a vice president, has nearly as much credibility and influence over people’s minds as a president has.

For Binay in a single speech to say this Administration is a failure, and has allowed corruption around him go unchecked, is equivalent to all the anti-Aquino columns written in the past five years.

Over the past five years there have been governance atrocities such as the use of pork barrel funds and finances hijacked through the Disbursement Acceleration Plan scheme to remove a Chief Justice; the very selective prosecution of three (opposition) senators while many others involved in the scam remained unscathed; the corruption at the MRT-3 that for the first time in our history a foreign ambassador protested an extortion try by government officials; the massacre of 44 elite troops and the loss of Panatag Shoal because of Aquino’s bungling. (Compared with those atrocities, who the heck would be interested in an alleged overprice of a solid-looking building, and a spic-and-span science high-school?)

We will understand soon why these governance atrocities had not created a critical mass to topple this crazy and arrogant President.

As in the twilight years of the Marcos dictatorship until a Cory emerged, and in 1998-2000 until Arroyo decided to cast her lot with the people, there hadn’t been a leader to rally and galvanize opposition against this corrupt and incompetent President.

Until now. Binay has no choice but to play that role.
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  1. Binay has no moral standing to oppose Aquino. Someone mentioned that this is merely a fight among the Yellows. True. This country deserves better leadership after so much failure!

  2. I’m not sure if Binay is the leader of the opposition as he wants to portray himself. He distanced himself from this administration only when he knew for sure he won’t get its endorsement as candidate. His style of governance reeks of being very trapo, patronage politics at the expense of taxpayers. His birthday cakes and movie passes for senior citizens of Makati are nothing but ways to bolster his image not improve the lot of those who actually contribute to the kitty in Makati – the millions of workers who go in an out of Makati daily yet endure bad roads, congested streets, mulcting cops, red tape, etc. So at best he is just another face of this administration. Not deserving of any vote at all.

  3. Binay is Yellow. This is nothing but a quarrel among the Yellows. How can he be leader of the Opposition when only a few days ago he was imploring to be the Yellow’s anointed candidate for President?

  4. Mr. tiglao narratives are but hot airs to boost Mr.binay sagging credibility…the cancer that is binay brand of politics are long discarted as marcosian…no place in our time…the advent of social media will revolonize and give ordinary Filipinos. the tool to combat reel and real facts.

  5. Whoever is the opposition, just get
    rid of this idiot and incompetent president before he brings more damage to our country.

  6. Basic issue for me is that I am anti-dynasty.
    Aside from the Cojuanco-Aquinos(collaborators too),
    the Ejercitos(aka Estradas) , Villars, Belmontes, Cayetanos , Araneta- Marcoses and Osmenas .>>> May their tribe move toward extinction !!!!!
    But having spent 5 years as “saling-pusa” at last he leaves and he has better telegenics than
    that Erice (Drilon lookalike) or sourgrape looking(mukhasim) Manuel Araneta Roxas.

  7. Lord Chimera on

    YMMV if Binay is corrupt or not, but objectively speaking BSA have committed and error alienating a valuable ally. Its baffling as to why BSA would choose a buffoon like Mar or a questionable candidate like Poe to shield him from his well-deserved fate when Binay can do it for him without any problems. Then again BSA is not the type who sees the long-term effects of his choices (aka whims).

  8. Everyone is entitled to his opinion but one must be open minded, fair and honest to himself. Me I observed VP Binay is good as evidenced by his accomplishments in Makati City. It’s indisputable !

    • P.Akialamiro on

      Do you agree that Makati has it ‘all’; the resources to be the richest and No. 1 city in the country? The rest of the country is ‘poor’ and I doubt if VP Binay can do much with how he did it in Makati. First, he has to clean his ‘slate’ having been accused for corruption.

  9. Binay must unite the opposition party and should expose the PDAF/DAP/44 SAF Massacre and all the other crimes inflicted by BS.Aquino Party to our Country and countrymen . He should not hold back if he wants real reforms to take place.

  10. Binay? Are you really serious? When you were with Arroyo, you guys went after Binay for the same thing and he holed up in his office wearing borrowed fatigue uniforms. I suppose the enemy of your enemy is your friend.
    Corruption is corruption – even though it is “just” an overpriced building as you say – this is the problem in our country – people like you help stunt our values – no right or wrong – just the attitude that “he is an SOB, but he is our SOB”.

    • “Over the past five years there have been governance atrocities such as the use of pork barrel funds and finances hijacked through the Disbursement Acceleration Plan scheme to remove a Chief Justice; the very selective prosecution of three (opposition) senators while many others involved in the scam remained unscathed; the corruption at the MRT-3 that for the first time in our history a foreign ambassador protested an extortion try by government officials; the massacre of 44 elite troops and the loss of Panatag Shoal because of Aquino’s bungling. (Compared with those atrocities, who the heck would be interested in an alleged overprice of a solid-looking building, and a spic-and-span science high-school?)”

      What can you say on this commentary? Tis like crossing the street, you are looking only at the right and does not recognize what is on the left. After all, all of these accusations on Binay is still to be proven!

  11. Leodegardo Pruna on

    P-Noy have not been listening but to his incompetent/lying/inept advisers whose only stay in the palace is money. Amb. Tiglao may have his own faults but surely has been doing good exposes based on research/evidence. God bless the Philippines.

  12. Dong Malonga on

    The MRT3 corruption touched a live vein inside me. This Administration doesn’t care at all. I for one still line up for more an hour 2X a day to get a ride in a jam pack train. Now they come up with a press release that new trains will be ready by next year….IN TRICKLES… from China at that. WHAT A SHAMELESS GOVERNMENT WE HAVE! FOR SURE, THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE lining up at the MRT stations won’t vote for any of these bureaucratic parasites. The sad thing is, the minions couldn’t care less.

  13. Binay strikes me as a mellow guy who wanted to please Aquino for the sake of his friendship with cory. He tried, and he believed the son would offer him a helping hand, after all, he had history with the mother. He did not expect that the son who has probably some form of psychotic disorder as evidenced by his actions, is far far from reality. He is consumed with his own ego bolstered by his friends who took this chance to be on top themselves, enriching their pockets. And I think that if Aquino would give just a nice praise for binay, binay’s heart will soften up to him. YOU must be strong binay if you want to rule the country, not just a nicey person where someone tough and strong and cocky can bully and dictate on you. YOu should carve your own life to dedicate service to the country, but you cannot be soft to please other people.

  14. P.Akialamiro on

    If the resignation of Binay will mean a free fall of Aquino, so be it. Nonetheless, VP Binay should come up with a clean slate from the acccusations lodged against him. It might be considered political persecution, but it is incumbent upon him to clear his name. Denials are not enough. While the accusations might not be all true, there must be a lot of truth to them. He has a lot to explain with all the wealth he and his family have.

    While I may not be an admirer of ths administration, muchless do I admire one who is accused of ‘corruption’.

    Articles about political candidates, especially for the two highest positions of the land, should be more objective and consistent. Only qualified candidates, based on integrity, track record and passion to serve should be voted on. “Soso” popular candidates have no place in the government, especially in the Senate.

    • How about a list of accusation on Binay which he never cleared nor answered convincingly. Only then will the public believe you, Binay. The people will vote for the lesser evil. Vote for Miriam Defensor Santiago!

  15. Hindi magkapareho ang panahon ni Estrada at Arroyo at ngayon binay at Aquino! Noon maraming galit na elites at edukado ang hindi matanggap na ang katulad ni erap sa pamantayan nila ay malayo sa kanila at iyon ang hindi matanggap ng mga hanggal na mga edukado kay samasama silang puersahan inalis si erap maging mali man ito sa paningin nila dahil na kataya dito ang ego nila!
    Si binay at Aquino ay parehong yellow fanatics, ang mga utak demonyo ay panig sa kanila!walang ganoon mapepeste sa kanila kahit manalo pa si binay!
    Kaya mahirap mangyari na maalis si Aquino,dahil namamayapag pa hanggang ngayon ang mga sipsip na yellow gangs!
    Ang pangkat lang ni Mar at ang tatlong itlog na sina Pimentel,trillanes ay cayetano ang maiipit! Pero ang yellow mafia ay mananatili kapag manalo si binay!

  16. Don Vantrees on

    You had me until the Bush thing. You have no clue what information was given to them about Iraq. . Furthermore Iraq did and still does have stashes of WMD stored around the country. ISIS only came to be relevant once the US pulled out of Iraq. If you would like more information then maybe you should travel to Iraq and speak to the Kurds who wish the American had never left. You know the Kurds, those are the people that Saddam Hussein attacked with chemical weapons. I used to think highly of you but sometimes you are poorly informed.

    • You must be living in the dark ages yourself! It is common knowledge and admitted by the other departments during the Bush administration that everything was a big lie concocted by bush and his cohorts Cheney and rumsfield. How many billions of dollars did these 3 make during the war? from warfare supplies to construction projects, they were all flying high with the money in their pockets while there was NO PROOF at all about WMD, NO PROOF, and that is a FACT. Saddam was crazy but not that intellectual, his country had no capacity to do that, as proven by the mossad who infiltrated his highest ranks. You must be one of the die hard republicans who cannot even accept the facts in front of you. Facts! not hearsay, not allegations. That is why when Jeb was interviewed what would he have done if he knew that the WMD was a lie, he couldn’t give a straight answer. He was asked just give us a straight answer what would you have done. Finally he said he would have made a different decision. There, from the brother who wants to be president! That is why his campaign logo is just plain JEB. he should have carried the bush name being a family of presidents. Is he embarrassed? or he knows that it would make him lose votes? Cheney himself couldn’t answer straight to the same question. Oh crap! everybody is trying to cleanse their hands and appear smug and nice and innocent. My Ass! you my friend is one of those who cannot discern right from wrong, and make decisions based on what you would like to believe, not on what then facts present.

    • and one more thing, isis was not formed overnight. had you talked to the kurds then they should have told you it existed during the Iraq war and gathered momentum when the US left. but of course, when will a group be emboldened but when the enemies, the US, are no longer there. Interference by the US with the cover up of wmd to enrich a few people was not a thing to be proud of, killing thousands of American, leaving maybe thousands more with either PTSD or cut off limbs. Wonderful work bush!

    • To the Respondent,
      You sir, are delusional, the WMD we proven to be purchased from an Australian company with all the fanfare by our celebrated spy force A.S.I.O. Pity they turned out to be thin walled, agriculture tubing for irrigation that the Iraq Government had been buying for years. The only destruction would have been to anyone who was foolish enough to load them up with explosives. Like most famous, obsessed state organisations they couldn’t track an elephant thru the snow. They generate absurd emergencies then foist their invented conclusions on to the people at the behest of the incompetent politician overlords

  17. Felimon A. Soria on

    The Vice president was a cabinet member for many years. How come he tells us now that the Administration of Pres. Aquino is now “palpak.”

    • Binay was trying hard to sleep with the enemy, hoping they could become ‘friends’ eventually. Alas, it did not turn out that way! With PNoys’s limited functional brain cells he did not see any possibility or opportunity in Binay shielding him from future lawsuits and incarceration for his actions (or lack of it).

  18. Binay is the type of person who is most likely to lead the next “people revolution” to topple the Aquino government. Look at how easily he summons people to barricade the Makati City Hall when the younger Junjun was suspended.

    I will not be surprised to learn that even now, the Binays are already setting the stage for the next “people power”. And this means, the Abnoy will be out shortly.

  19. Manuel Jaime jr on

    I beg to disagree that Binay can play the role as a leader to the opposition.The guy is not even worthy to be called an oppositionist.For 5 long and corrupt ridden years of this present administration,Binay preferred to shut his mouth and to say nothing against a government that included him.He never,even in a single instance,even tried to tell the Abnoy,his ally,to check the corruption and inefficiency his administration is being plagued of.As an opposition stalwart,as he claimed to be,he is supposed to have lambasted the many irregularities,anomalies and big time thievery that have happened in the Abnoy government.But he chose to be silent.He chose not to alienate himself to Pnot’s cabinet and antagonize them,and chooses to be an ally than to protect the interest of the public.And when it became difficult for him to answer the allegations of corruption being hurled at him and his family,he now chooses to be an oppositionist and to be its percieved leader?What a shame.What he ought to be doing is to first answer those allegations and clear his name,than pretend to be the boy who cried wolf.BBM is a more capable leader for the opposition than a cornered corrupt pretender who did nothing but to shut his mouth when the public needed it the most…