• Binay says the law will catch up with Duterte


    Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte: Vice President Jejomar Binay hit back at Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, saying it is the latter who should pray and be scared of God and the country’s laws because the law will catch up with him.

    Binay, a human rights lawyer, said that murder charges can be lodged against Duterte.
    “Murder, murder… para bang naiisip ko minsan [sometimes I think]. National Bureau of Investigation, the killings were a matter of fact. The admission was repeatedly made. Did you undertake any investigation? I suppose this is an instance where there should be no complainant, you have to investigate,” Binay said.

    In a statement, the UNA standard bearer said, “Mister Duterte, ang sabi mo maghanda na akong lumuhod at magdasal. Alam mo, mister berdugong mamamatay ng bata at pumapatay ng mga mahihirap, kung merong dapat lumuhod at magdasal, ito ay walang iba kung hindi ikaw [Mister Duterte, you said I should be ready to kneel and pray. You know, mister executioner who kills children and poor people, if there is someone who should kneel and pray, it is none other than you].”

    “Bilang na ang araw mo [Your days are numbered]. The law will soon catch up with you,” he added.

    Binay also reminded Duterte of his admission that he has killed criminals.

    “Ilang beses kang umamin—at ipinagyayabang mo pa—na ikaw ay pumatay ng libu-libo na pinaghinalaan mo lamang na sangkot sa krimen [You repeatedly admitted – and you are even proud of it – that you killed thousands whom you have merely suspected as involved in crime]. This is called admission against interest and you should know this being a former fiscal and a lawyer,” the Vice President said.

    “Ikaw mismo ang umamin na bahagi ka at pasimuno ng Davao Death Squad. Ang Davao Death Squad ay sangkot sa extra-judicial killings na kinondena ng Amnesty International, United Nations at iba pang human rights organizations. Dapat kang managot sa batas at sa Diyos [You yourself admitted that you are part of the Davao Death Squad. The Davao Death Squad is linked to extra-judicial killings condemned by the Amnesty International, United Nations and other human rights organizations. You will have to answer to the law and to God],” he added.

    “Huwag mo akong babantaan. Hindi ako natatakot sa iyo [Do not threaten me. I am not afraid of you],” Binay further said.


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    1. Binay is so afraid and so scared of Diego Duterte that once Diego becomes President it’s time for Nog-Nog to disappear and move out of the Philippines for good or hell be floating in the Manila Bay as feed of the bay sharks. What if Diego rip the black skins of Nog-Nog will it reveals all of Nog-Nog hidden Makati’s corruption activities and uncovers his hidden wealth sources??? It will be a very interesting facts of life for the Filipino people to know.