• Binay seeks better protection for overseas workers


    VICE President Jejomar Binay on Sunday called for more protection for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) because of the major role they play in sustaining the economy.

    “Ten percent of our total population is currently overseas. Their hands have helped shape all the nations that host them, and the same time, their remittances have helped sustain our economic growth,” Binay said in a statement.

    “This diaspora is real and many of us are rightly concerned for the lives of our countrymen abroad. While the government remains committed to its pledge to make overseas employment a matter of choice rather than necessity, we are obligated to ensure that whoever desires to work abroad enjoys adequate protection and responsive service from the concerned agencies and offices of the government,” he added.

    The vice president expressed support to the move to increase the legal assistance fund for OFWs from P30 million to P100 million in the proposed 2015 national budget.

    “Our Global Filipinos deserve no less than the full support and protection of the government, given all their contributions to our nation,” Binay stressed.


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    1. wag mo ng pakialaman ang ofw kung di rin lang naman sa sarili mong bulsa manggagaling ang itutulong mo, ang unahin mo eh itong mga nasa pinas na puro contractual ang kontrata baka pwede mong matulungang mga maging regular at ng kung yumayaman man ang mga employer eh gumiginhawa rin naman ang buhay ng mga ordinary worker unahin mo na ang nagta trabaho sa mga mall

    2. Does Binay realy knows what he is talking. He just want to politicized everything since he declared his intentions to be the President. Keeping OFW means lack of work in their own mother land. OFW were compeled to work abroad because there is no future if they will stay in the Philippines and it is the picture of weak leadership that we have.
      Please Mr. Binay, Face the Senate first and do not hide the truth. we want to know the real Mr. Binay as an aspiring President. Can we depend on you or you are just another frustration for all OFW who suffers away from their family?

    3. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      As long as we have an inefficient government and corrupt officials we will always have OFW. Binays call to increase the Legal assistance funds will again likely fall into the pockets of codrrupt officials. The solution is to work towards increasing and improving the employment in the Philippines so that we can lessen the OFW. OFW are the brains that we send to other countries to help in their development. It is “Brain Drain”. But it is not all bad. They gain experience that they cannot get in the Philippines. It would be good if this government can encourage these OFW to come home and be “Brain Gain”. But alas, the government officials are only concerned in filling their pockets with supposed funds to help.

    4. Wouldnt a better start for filipino workers be right here in the philippines. Like supermarket workers, they dont actually work for the supermarkets, they have to work for agencies & are terminated after the age of 27. They get no pension, how is this possible. So binay make companies in this country look after their workers before you strart on foreigners in their own country & if pinoys know of countries that mistreat ofw’s dont send them there. But they will never stop that as this government & every single government wants more & more ofw’s as it takes away a huge responsibility to sort out this country. Keep the status quo & the government is happy, it can keep being useless as it doesnt really matter as the ofw’s will keep this country afloat.