Binay shuns Senate hearing

BRINGING THE VP’s MESSAGE UNA Interim Secretary General JV Bautista and UNA Interim President and Navotas Rep.  Toby Tiangco face the media after presenting a letter from Vice President Jejomar Binay answering allegations against him hurled by members of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee.  PHOTO BY  EDWIN MULI

UNA Interim Secretary General JV Bautista and UNA Interim President and Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco face the media after presenting a letter from Vice President Jejomar Binay answering allegations against him hurled by members of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee.

VICE President Jejomar Binay on Thursday decided not to show up at a scheduled hearing of the Senate blue ribbon committee on the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 because he did not expect that he would be accorded fair treatment by some members of the panel.

Binay, in a letter addressed to Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, chairperson of the Senate blue ribbon mother committee, said he really wanted to appear at the hearing in order for him to clear himself and dismiss the allegations that had been made against him by resource persons invited by the panel.

These witnesses had faced the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee led by Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 4th.

The Vice President, in his letter, said he had considered attending the proceedings upon assurance that he would be accorded utmost respect as the Vice President of the country.

Binay, however, noted that events that transpired during past hearings of the sub-committee, as well as the behavior displayed by Cayetano and Trillanes, made him doubt if the Guingona committee, this time, would treat him with respect.

The Vice President cited the October 30 hearing wherein the sub-committee refused to recognize Navotas City (Metro Manila) Rep. Tobias Tiangco, interim President of the United Nationalist Alliance, and lawyer JV Bautista, UNA interim secretary general, as his representatives.

Binay said Bautista and Tiangco were ordered out of the session hall even if they were carrying his written authorization for them to speak in his behalf.
“The behavior of Senators Cayetano and Trillanes last October 30 and during the previous hearings showed that they are not ready to listen to any explanation that would not fit their conclusion that I’m already guilty,” the Vice President said.

Bad precedent
Binay said his appearance at the hearings would only set a bad precedent wherein the Vice President, the second highest official of the country, can be summoned to a hearing by some senators.

“Their willful [acceptance]to be part of a syndicate of deceit and their indifference to the widespread hunger, poverty, criminality and negligence of some government agencies made these senators part of the system that mocks the poor,” he added.

The Vice President decried the failure of the Senate leadership to call the attention of the two senators for violation of rights and of the law. He said Tiangco and Bautista were treated like criminals by Cayetano and Trillanes.

Binay in his letter informed the mother committee that he is submitting his affidavit containing a detailed response to the “baseless accusations and lies of his political rivals, and to the apparent bias and efforts to malign him by members of the Senate sub-committee.”

UNA officials also criticized the blue ribbon committee for disrespecting Binay by denying Tiangco and Bautista the opportunity to speak in their behalf.

Guingona, in an interview after adjourning the hearing of the mother committee, said he has no objection to a request of the Vice President that his representatives speak for him but added that other members of the panel outvoted him.

Besides Binay’s written authorization, Tiangco and Bautista went to the Senate because of an open invitation from Cayetano.

During the October 8 hearing, the senator extended his “welcome” to the Binay camp for it to send its witnesses to testify before the sub-committee.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay also on Thursday said his client should not be cited for contempt because the blue ribbon sub-committee has not acted upon their request to give the mayor a list of questions to be asked on a hearing on the Makati City Hall Building 2.

Citing the case of former Socio-Economic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri vs. Blue Ribbon Committee, Claro Certeza pointed out that it is the right of Mayor Binay to be informed on questions that will be asked of him during the hearing.

In the Neri case, Certeza said, the Supreme Court recognized that the former secretary was entitled to know questions that will be thrown at him by the committee.

“In all inquiries, under all circumstances, it is the right of every resource person or witness to be advised what will be the coverage and what will be the questions,” the lawyer told reporters.

On Wednesday around 5 p.m., Certeza said Mayor Binay and University of Makati President Tomas Lopez were issued a show-cause order by the sub-committee requiring them to explain why they did not attend the October 30 hearing.


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  1. Mr,13%VP Binay is a traitor and coward.Also 100% guilty of corruptions.Saan bansa kaya magtatago ito,palagay ko Micronesia o Namibia sa caprivi strip.

  2. This kangaroo court expose what is wrong with the city of Makati and part of our government system that need to be corrected. We might like the way it is being conducted but result are very clear.

  3. He did the right thing. What fairness can he expect when these clowns pretending to be senators were already saying in the media that he is already guilty?

    This zarzuela should be put to an end. More pressing problems in our country deserves more attention.

  4. It makes sense to avoid the Senate’s kangaroo court. It is time to stop wasting our money and shut it down.

  5. Binay is a liar & is corrupt. He sidesteps like manny pacquiao in the boxing ring. He doesnt want to answer the allegations against him i say because he is scared of incriminating himself. He knows full well they will question him in depth & that if not all but at least some of the truth will come out & he will be seen for what he is a lying deceitful thief. He knows he is intelligent but he also knows the senators are intelligent & that they will ask very in depth questions. The sooner this man & his family & bought to court & put on trial the better. Lets get all these corrupt officials in jail as quickly as possible.

    • Agree. How can they now lie to say that Tiangco and Baustista have written authorizations when they were stopped from talking? I saw when that happened. It was Cayetano’s point that they did not have authorization to speak on behalf of Binay, so they were not allowed to just barge in and talk. How can you trust this group that just keep on lying? If Binay is truly innocent, he should just show up and answer all allegations. If he does that and is convincing, then I will even vote for him. As of now, he just stinks of guilt. Biruin mo, pati pala si Mercado may 4 hectares sa Rosario.

  6. Meron joke nuon araw na ganito. Tatlong nationality ang ngapasikatan na tatalon sila sa isang napakalalim na burol na wala pang nankaligtas. Isa Amerikano, yuon isa ay Hapon at yuon ikatlo ay Pinoy nasi VP Binay at may dalang dalawng alalay. Bago tumalon yuon Amerikano sumigaw ng ” Long Live America ” at patay kagad. Ganon din yuon Hapon sumigaw ng ” Bamsai ” tumalon at patay kagad. Lumapit si VP Binay sa burol kasama ang dalawang alalay na sila Tobi at JV at sumigaw ng ” Mabuhay ang Pinas” at tinulak nya si JV at Tobi.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      ”An HONEST and INNOCENT MAN IS NOT AFRAID TO ENTER THE LION’S DEN, THE GUILTY FLEES“ – What kind of logic is this coming from a lawyer-senator? The analogy is fallacious: The honest & innocent man entered & was devoured by the hungry lion in the den; On the other hand, the guilty man did not enter & was not devoured by the hungry lion in the den… The lion in the den would devour “any” man that would enter the den. I don’t think anyone is idiot enough to enter the hungry lion’s den – innocent or guilty. Hence, both would flee… Go back to school, pls…

  7. Those facts presented are very clear and unequivocal in these senate investigations, and no ARGUMENTS can overwhelm these facts. And the best way is to avoid confrontations. Filipinos of normal neurality, free from bias influenced my money ,friendship and other considerations, know that corruption of the higest levels have been commited upon the filipino people.These young senators have just hit the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes.

  8. These Tiangco and Bautista clowns must be really deaf and dumb. The Senate blue ribbon committee invited Jojo Binay – not Tiangco, not Bautista. Which part of the senate committee invitation to Binay do these canine lapdogs not understand?

  9. Well and good. Way to go VP Binay. Who wants to go to the lion’s den to be cannibalized anyway?

    Consider the investigation of Manny Villar’s C5 issue and compare it to the current persecution of Binay? In the C5 issue, the hearings were conducted professionally and it remained so until final voting of the resolution. Also, consider the fact that the C5 investigation was conducted by the Committee as a Whole under Sen. Enrile while Binay’s investigation is conducted by desperate wannabes in a mere subcommittee, composed of three judge, jury and executioner. Consider further that in Villar’s C5 issue, there were no further side issues and the resolution was passed with dispatched without too much media coverage and mind-conditioning bravados. Consider finally, that it was Cayetano who acted as Villar’s spokesperson and the charlatan swore to Darkness that Villar’s investigation is “politically motivated” that is why he is not attending the hearings – the very same thing which motivated them to crush Binay by hook or by crook.

    Can you see now the double face of these lawbreakers who unabashedly call themselves senators? Only the yellowvultures are blind to such glaring realities.

  10. Gregorio de Ocampo on

    we are all fil=ams in america/usa. we come from different regions of the philippines.
    we will see to it that vp binay will not be elected president. he is fake poor, he is liar,
    enriching himselff with the poor peoples cannot be trusted. same is tru with the wife
    and children.