Binay skips Cabinet meet

HAPPY MEAL: Children share a meal with vice President Jejomar binay when he met local leaders and residents of zamboanga sibugay to inform them about the government’s housing programs and ask their active participation in fighting illegal recruitment and human trafficking.

HAPPY MEAL: Children share a meal with vice President Jejomar binay when he met local leaders and residents of zamboanga sibugay to inform them about the government’s housing programs and ask their active participation in fighting illegal recruitment and human trafficking.

Vice President Jejomar Binay did not attend the Cabinet performance pledge session in Malacañang last week, but his absence does not mean that he no longer supports President Benigno Aquino 3rd, Malacañang said on Saturday.

“Binay wasn’t there. I did not see him during the Cabinet Performance Pledge session,” Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma said in an interview over Radyo ng Bayan.

He was referring to the meeting on Wednesday where Cabinet members committed to give their best in the last 20 months of their term.

Coloma said Binay’s absence does not mean that the Vice President is getting ready to part ways with the President’s allies.

As housing czar and Presidential Adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers, Binay has a Cabinet rank.

“Just because he wasn’t there, it does not mean that he is not backing such initiative. The important thing here is to understand the context of the move . . . that all agencies and Cabinet-level departments should perform to achieve goals because we are practicing performance-based budgeting,” Coloma said.

The camp of Binay said he was not able to attend the meeting because he spoke before the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

“The speech before the PCCI last Wednesday has been set in advance and provided the Vice President opportunity to interact with the business community on their concerns. While the Vice President was not present at the cabinet meeting, the Key Shelter Agencies (KSAs) remain committed to fulfill their mandate,” Joey Salgado, Binay’s spokesperson, told The Manila Times.

“For the past four years, the housing agencies have succeeded in generating 749,965 housing units valued at P358 billion. They have also instituted sector-wide reforms that stopped the abused of workers’ funds, freed more resources, opened programs for the informal sector and encouraged greater private sector participation,” he said.

“These achievements would not have happened without the support of President Aquino and the housing sector under Vice President Binay is grateful to the President,” Salgado added.

The President earlier said that he assured Binay that he would not tolerate the fabrication of evidence against the Vice President amid allegations that he pocketed kickbacks from the construction of the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 when he was the mayor of Makati City.

A sub-committee of the Senate’s blue ribbon panel led by Senators Antonio Trillanes and Alan Peter Cayetano are looking into the allegation and other charges leveled against Binay. The Vice President has refused to attend the committee hearings, claiming that the senators had prejudged him.

Aquino called for the Cabinet performance pledge meeting to reinforce the commitment of Cabinet members to the administration’s priority programs which according to Coloma include infrastructure development for airports, seaports, decongesting ports, completion of the rehabilitation work for victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda, completion of the second road connector for the South Luzon Expressway and North Luzon Expressway, improving health services and securing sufficient energy supply.

Coloma said the meeting was part of the administration’s program to promote good governance.

“From the start, we have had this concept of performance-based budgeting, performance-based bonuses and part of this entire process since then is committing to achieve certain goals,” he said.


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  1. The cabinet meeting is only a loyalty check. No need to attend a performance pledging for government project implementation for it is an oxymoronic statement. Heads if agencies are mandated to perform given the targets and budget for their agencies. Theoretically they should be fired for nonperformance. By at rate, nonperformers in the cabinet are retained on the basis of the closeness to the president, then it is not necessary for performance pledging.
    Besides, it is strange to note that cabinet meetings are not done weekly in the present administration compared to the GMA administration. Only in that context can perhaps a performance pledging becomes important since NOTHING CONCRETE HAS BEEN DONE FOR FOUR YEARS EXCEPT POLITICAL VENGEANCE. It is almost a year after typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda and all victims have yet to be finally relocated.
    And the incumbent president has not gone on national broadcast to say I AM SORRY to the nation for his administration’s dereliction of duty. Yeah, it can only feebly call for performance pledging gimmickry to spite VP Binay. Shame, shame, shame.

  2. Magaling na artista itong si binay at Aquino, kahit kumukulo na ang loob ng bawat isa kaya pa rin nila magsabi na magka-ibigan Sila.
    Alam na magagamit nila ang bawat isa!Para mapanatili nila ang kasikatan!
    Ang talo ay ang mga taong napipilitan manood ng drama ng dalawa!

  3. Of course, this is what he like to show poor people. How he cares about them but in reality, it’s just for show, nothing else.

  4. Binay’s “happy meal” photo here with poor children:

    … all in the name of early political campaining and propaganda.

    Is that Cong Sherwin Gatchalian next to Binay also in Zamboanga? Hmmm he’s way outside his constituency in the legislative district of Valenzuela Bulacan. Ah well, his paid national TV ads may have reached zamboanga anyway… and why not a personal appearance?

    This is a revolting picture of politicians exploiting the innocence and hunger of the poor children. What kind of conscience do these politicos have?

    This picture of Binay hypocrisy and taking media mileage out of this picture is just sickening.

    The picture of Binay in this article and its caption is same as in one other newspaper. Looks to me many of it have been circulated around Binay’s media network for propaganda.

  5. Binay losing his face quickly, by Aquinos betrayal when he didn’t get what he wanted. Binay is the staunch ally of her mother Pres. Cory Aquino, he will prefer to die, to defend Aquino during the times of Coup d’état , but now is very clear he cannot get anything from Pres. Aquino since his on the other side of the fence. Aquino want his anointed to win the Pres. At stake so he can continue within the circle of friends and can still attend planning after 2016. Binay now branded as double face crossing over the other, and pretending to be one, but the reality his an outsider with another party. By posing his opposition and standing on his ground more solidly them people maybe more look at him as a figther but with the way it’s going on he’sputting himself in deep big trouble. They want him to be in jail, before 2016, so that SN 2016 will be fulfilled. If one thing the President benefited is the DAP crime is easily forgotten by the public because the focus shifted quickly to Binay like toasting a slice of bread. LP is gaining every inch where the Binays are falling deep under the mud. Maybe it’s too late to get back once they’re in real trouble.