Binay slams Duterte’s strong-arm tactics


UNITED Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer and Vice President Jejomar Binay on Monday branded Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the “national executioner and bully” as he scored his rival’s strong-arm tactics to woo voters.

Binay said voters angered by Duterte’s endorsement of extra judicial killings and those who have been bullied by Duterte supporters, especially online, are starting to fight back.

The people are not afraid anymore and will stand up to defend their rights, especially the right to live, against executioners and liars, Binay said.

The vice president deplored the bullying especially online. He particularly condemned the threats of rape made against women who expressed their opposition to Duterte.

“Kapag sinabi nila ito, lalo na sa social media, hindi lang binabastos, tinatakot pa. Wala nang kalayaan magsabi ng kontra nilang opinyon sapagkat sila ay tinatakot, sinasabihan na gagahasain at papatayin (They are not only rude, they also threaten. They no longer have the freedom to let out their opinion because they are being threatened)” Binay said.

He stressed that Duterte’s strong-arm tactics have always been directed against the poor.

“Palagi mo na lang tinatakot ang mga mahihirap. Palagi mo na lang pinapatay ang mahihirap. Pinagyayabang mo na ipagpapatuloy mo ang pagpatay sa mahihirap at mga pinagsususpetsahan mo na lumabag sa batas kapag ikaw ay magiging pangulo. Hindi ako papayag sa maling ginagawa mo (You have always been threatening the poor. You have always killed the poor. You boast that you will continue killing the poor and those you suspect of violating the law. I am against your errant ways),” Binay said.

The Vice President said the widespread bullying of non-Duterte supporters is a preview of a regime of bloody executions and suppression of human rights.

“Hindi ka pa presidente Mister berdugong mamamatay tao pero alam na ng mga tao na kapag ikaw ay manalo – huwag naman sana – ay bawal na silang magsalita, bawal kumontra. Walang awa mong aalisin ang aming karapatang mabuhay. Ang mga hindi susunod, papatayin mo (You have yet to win mister executioner but the people know that if you win, they will not longer be able to talk freely or go against you. You will remove our right to life. You will execute those who will not follow you),” he added.


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  1. matinong pinoy on

    The Vice-President should continue his campaign and should not worry to much of the other candidates. Maybe Jojo have a strong feeling that he is already way behind the survey, and if it keeps on going this way, there will be no chance for him to win the election. However, if he get those tons of money out of his warehouse for vote buying purposes, he will have a big chance in winning this election, like in 2010 election.