Binay still most trusted official – Pulse Asia


DESPITE a sharp 15 percentage point drop in his ratings, Vice President Jejomar Binay remains the most trusted government official eclipsing President Benigno Aquino 3rd who came in only second with an approval rating of 55 percent.

According to the latest survey by Pulse Asia, Binay’s approval rating dropped heftily from 81 percent in June to 66 percent at end-September, owing largely to a series of controversies that his family got entangled in, including the allegedly overpriced construction of a parking building in Makati City (Metro Manila).

Still, the pollster said, majority of the people still support Aquino and Binay.

“Most Filipinos remain appreciative of the quarterly performance of President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd and VicePresident Jejomar C. Binay,” it noted.

Of the top five government officials polled, only Binay scored majority approval and trust ratings in every geographic area (55 percent to 75 percent and 53 percent to 70 percent, respectively) and socio-economic groupings (54 percent to 71 percent and 52 percent to 70 percent, respectively).

Aquino posted majority approval and trust ratings in the Visayas (65 percent and 61 percent, respectively), Mindanao (68 percent and 65 , respectively), Class D (54 percent and 52 percent, respectively), and Class E (both at 61 percent).

The third quarter survey was conducted from September 8 to 15 at the height of scandals such as the Makati City Hall Building 2 case and Aquino’s “openness” to the lifting of his term limit.

Binay’s approval rating was at 66 percent, while his disapproval rating was at 10 percent. About 24 percent of respondents were undecided. On the other hand, Aquino got a 55 percent approval rating and a 14 percent disapproval rating, with 31 percent of respondents undecided.

The President’s rating slid by one percentage point.

Malacanang said it was “gratified” by the Pulse Asia report.

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the survey results indicated that Aquino still enjoys the approval of most of the people amid calls by some sectors for him to resign.

“We are gratified that as noted by Pulse Asia and I quote, ‘Most Filipinos remain appreciative of the President’s performance’ and that he continues to enjoy majority performance approval and trust ratings as he has done so for the past 17 quarterly surveys,” Coloma said in a news briefing also on Tuesday.

“This indication of broad support serves to spur the administration to greater efforts toward fulfilling its reform agenda and the President’s social contract with the Filipino people,” he added.

Coloma said there was no cause for alarm because there was no significant change in the President’s standing.

“There was no significant change. That means the level of performance approval and the level of ‘big trust’ are steady,” he told reporters.

The Palace official described the surveys as “credible,” noting that Pulse Asia and the Social Weather Stations are “professional” public opinion companies.

“Consistent [were they in their]methodology and basis for conducting the surveys.

[Therefore], as far as we are concerned, we consider it [Pulse Asia survey] a credible public opinion survey,” he pointed out.

The Pulse Asia report also indicated that Filipinos were relatively undecided on the performances of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Senate President Franklin Drilon, and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr.

While half of Filipinos “cannot say if they approve or disapprove” of the work of Belmonte, the survey firm said. “Indecision is the plurality sentiment” for the performance of Drilon and Sereno.

Drilon had a 39 percent approval rating and a 15 percent disapproval rating, with 45 percent undecided. It was a sharp decline from the 52 percent approval rating in June, when he got a 10 percent disapproval rating, with 38 percent undecided.

Belmonte had a 30 percent approval rating and an 18 percent disapproval rating, with 50 percent undecided. This was a slight dip from his 33 percent approval rating in June, where he also got a 15 percent disapproval rating with 48 percent undecided.

Sereno, meanwhile, had a 33 percent approval rating and 18 percent disapproval rating, with 46 percent undecided. She, too, suffered a two percentage point drop from last June’s 35 percent.

According to Coloma, the President’s strong showing in the surveys disproves allegations that he no longer has the moral ascendancy to govern as alleged by some members of the clergy and other groups who belong to the National Transformation Council (NTC).

The council has been calling on Aquino to step down for his supposed failure to effectively lead the nation, something which Malacanang has been denying since.

Coloma said they continue to monitor and analyze arguments of groups like the NTC to find out their real agenda.

“The people should do the same. Scrutinize the motives and ask them [council]if they have concrete alternative programs because we need to set up standards for a well-meaning public discourse,” he noted.

Despite the plunge in his ratings, Binay is grateful because he remains the most trusted official, his spokesman said also on Tuesday.

“The Vice President is grateful that he remains the most trusted government official despite the baseless attacks [against him]. He will continue clarifying the issues directly to the people and performing his duties,” Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla, the Vice President’s spokesman on political affairs, added.

Remulla said Senate hearings on the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 was clearly intended to influence surveys.

“The survey [conducted by Pulse Asia]was taken at the height of the one-sided Senate hearings and did not cover the live speech. We feel that it would have been a different picture had the survey captured this event since the people would have heard the Vice President’s point-by-point [replies to the allegations],” the governor said, referring to Binay’s television appearance to answer charges that he benefited from the construction of Building 2.



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  1. P-noy maybe pulling his hair in desperation this time. Despite the blitzkrieg of accusations and controversies being unearthed everyday, Binay is still holding on.

  2. edgar orven mortel on

    noong time ni gloria ang survey right minus wrong (approved minus disapproved). so kay abnoy pinapalabas nila 55% pa rin when in fact 41% na lang approved sa kanya. misleading survey.

  3. ayaw sa ma-epal on

    kung “most trusted” si binay, i-conclude na din natin na “most bobo” ang pulse asia, at mas lalong bobo ang mga sinurvey nila.

  4. The most trusted crook. That is to say you can trust crooked things happening in anything this guy gets involved it.

  5. P. on

    It’s probably because there have been no other higher government official being drummed up by the media and can be polled by “False Asia”. Many are beholden to moneyed and popular government officials, irrespective of how they amassed their wealth. This, plus the “Bobotantes”, there you have it….status quo! .

  6. Romulo A. Cator on

    When you said “Still most trusted official” just what did you mean? Did it mean that the man you were refering to exudes confidence and integrity? That the people believed in him because he is reliable . And by the way how were the people polled? Were they volunteers or chosen? Did you happen to ask what party they belong or they were done at random. If it was done at random then it is fair.

  7. The Pilipino people must not be misled by the Oulse Asia survey because the manner they did their survey is not a true survey at all. A real survey entails the selection of a subset o individuals from within a statistical population suh as defining population, specifying sample frame, and deetermining sample size. Giventhat the Philippines consists a number of distinct categories of people, only a stratified mehod of survey of he population is best applicable.

  8. Naks naman ang Manila Times, headline in red ang patungkol ka Binay at puro positive ang comments ninyo sa mga Binays. Obvious na obvious kayong makaBINAY. Ni wala talaga kayong sinasabing siguro sa dami ng testamento ng mga testigos sa pangungurakot ng pamilya Binay. Sa inyo tama ang ginagawa ng mga Binay basta lang may bayad sa inyo.