• Binay suspension to be served Monday


    Vice Mayor Romulo Peña will be taking over the Makati City Hall on Monday.

    A Malacañang official said on Saturday that the six-month preventive suspension order against Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay will be served on Monday.

    The Department of the Interior and Local Government was specifically tasked by the Office of the Ombudsman to implement its order which was “immediately executory”.

    The suspension order, signed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, stemmed from the plunder and graft complaint in connection with the allegedly anomalous construction of the Makati City Hall Building II.

    Binay has not left the City Hall since the Ombudsman announced his suspension last Wednesday. His supporters have since thronged the City Hall premises to thwart efforts to serve the order.

    A defiant Binay earlier said he will not leave his office and questioned the legality of the Ombudsman’s order. His camp on Friday filed a petition for certiorari before the Court of Appeals to stop the implementation of the order.

    Assistant Ombudsman Asryman Rafanan had said they may move to have Binay arrested and cited in contempt if he continues to defy the suspension order against him.

    “The Ombudsman has the power to cite a person in contempt if he disobeys an order of the Ombudsman,” Rafanan said Thursday.

    Valte, in an interview with Radyo ng Bayan on Saturday, said she hopes “cooler heads will prevail” when the order is served.

    “We’re hoping that calmer minds and cooler heads will prevail because in this particular case, the DILG has been tasked by the Office of the Ombudsman to carry out the suspension order,” she said.

    “And it is clear that succession, in case of suspension of the mayor, will be handed over to the vice mayor,” Valte added.


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    1. Rodrigo Bautista on

      The end is near ,Binayaran supporters no more free cakes and noodles, see you all in court.

    2. Makati mayor vinay, you do not own makati city, you must vacate your office immediately. Your father and mother are both thief. You are stealing the money of the people of makati and the money of the philippines

    3. Ignore the senate, ignore the ombudsman, and if the Court of Appeals upholds the ombudsman, ignore it as well. Heck, binay is running out of entities to ignore! Money and power tops all. Gas Makati city hall to exterminate the vermins and maggots inhabiting it.

    4. OK ngarud! If Binay continues to ignore the suspension order, then arrest warrant is in order and justified.

    5. Concerned Citizen on

      Junjun Binay, huwag mo nang gamiting pansangga ang mga supporters mo, para lang hindi ka masuspinde. Huwag mo sila ipahamak. Apektado na ang serbisyo sa Makati City Hall. Ang bagal na ng serbisyo, ang daming department ang sarado dahil sa mga ‘supporters’ na nakaharang at ‘safety threat’ sa general public.

      Pauwiin mo na ang mga ‘supporters’ mo kung may awa ka sa kanila. Huwag mo silang i-exploit!

    6. To the people of Makati,
      Please give Vice Mayor Kid Pena a chance. You’re lives will be much better with him managing the richest city of the Philippines.
      You’ve had Binay for 30 years. For all we know, you probably enjoyed better lives if someone with a more genuine intention was your leader.
      There is new hope, and the corrupt politicians are going to jail one-by-one.
      It’s up to you to accept the change.

    7. BINAY does not want to leave his post because they hide some documents. Can you also consider of Ochoa and Vice-President being followed by Napenas and Purisima so PNOY will be blamed, why wondering why they do not informed DILG and Espina. HELLO protesters are us using your sound mind!

    8. apolonio reyes on

      Mayor Junjun Binay, huwag mong gayahin ang tatay mo at si Erap kundi mo kaya magsuot nang Rambotito at fatigue uniforms gaya ni Erap nang pina-aalis sya ni Cory at nang padalhan ni Enrile ng isang battalion na PNP ay bumaba rin, di ba Sir Erap? Ipakita mo sa Lunes Mayor JunJun Binay na meron ka isang salita at 2bat tutuparin mo ito at baka sakaling hindi ka iwan ng mga hakot na supporter mo na gusto lang naman makakain tatlong beses isang araw gaya ng pinadala sa iyo ni Erap, Kuha mo Sir J?

    9. Once again you have a person who thinks he is above the law. He thinks he can do what he wants. This has been bought about by your system in this country for many years. People think once to get to a certain position in life thats it, they can do as they please. I hope he sticks to his guns & that the police go in & remove him to prison cells & he goes up before a judge. Then he can tell the judge face to face that judge has no power of him, then we will see what happens. But he wouldnt have the courage to do that. I hope the people of makati see what he is like, he expects all of them to obey the laws of the land but with him its a case of do as i say not as i do. I think this binay family are to full of themselves & just to big for their boots. I hope they are all bought down to earth with a bang, then they will be sorry.

    10. ernesto albay on

      let us respect the law, if we do not violate any laws on our governace, we have nothing to fear of. The ombudsman will not issue that violate her mandate, to please someone… Its no secret that somebody might violated and found some probable cause to render her decision..

      The mayor is qualified enough to obey the law and not go against it.

    11. Mayor Binay should leave immediately before the order is serve. In that way, he’ll be appreciated as a law abiding official rather than to defy the order of the court. It is not good to be in a belligerent mood because it will show the obvious if there are so many of them that enrich them. Leave now so that people will share and shower you with sympathy if you should deserve it. Good luck.