• ‘Binay to belie Aquino’s claims in VP’s SONA today’


    VICE President Jejomar Binay will turn the tables on the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd in his “true” State of the Nation Address (SONA) that he will deliver today in Cavite province, where he will respond “point by point” to the President’s own speech delivered a week ago.

    While the Binay camp remained mum on the details of Binay’s speech, his spokesman told The Manila Times that the public can get a glimpse of the contents of the address from previous statements issued by the Vice President.

    “[The] VP [Vice President] will end his barnstorming of Cavite with his true SONA. Meron namang previous reaction si Rico Quicho sa SONA ni PNoy kaya doon may pasilip na [Rico Quicho has come out with a reaction to the President’s SONA so we already have some idea [about Binay’s SONA],” said Joey Salgado, one of Binay’s authorized spokesmen.

    Quicho is the Vice President’s spokesman on political affairs.

    “Previous statements indicate that Monday’s speech will belie point by point PNoy’s SONA,” Salgado said.

    Without directly naming Binay, Aquino took a swipe at the Vice President and his family at least twice in his SONA last week.

    The President first responded to Binay’s allegation that the Aquino government is “palpak at manhid” [a failure and insensitive]and then at the middle of his speech called on Congress to pass an anti-political dynasty law.

    Binay’s daughter Nancy is a senator, son Jejomar Erwin is suspended Makati City mayor and another daughter, Abby, is a member of the House of Representatives.

    In Malacañang, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. challenged Binay to be as “truthful and factual” in responding to Aquino’s SONA.

    “Our bosses have the right to demand from elected public officials a truthful accounting of their stewardship. Any critique of the President’s SONA must be as truthful and factual as the report the President delivered,” the Palace official said in a text message to The Manila Times.

    A media advisory released by the Office of the Vice President said Binay will deliver his speech at 4 p.m. at the Cavite State University Gymnasium in Indang, Cavite.

    Taking off from the previous statement of Quicho, Binay is most likely to include in his speech several damning issues that Aquino deliberately left out in his SONA.

    These include corruption, selective justice, social inequalities, abuse of legislative authority and ineptitude of government agencies.

    Other “pressing matters” that the President ignored, Quicho stressed, were justice for the 44 special police commandos killed by Muslim rebels in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province in January this year; distribution of Hacienda Luisita to farmer beneficiaries; corruption in the Department of Transportation and Communications, Department of Agriculture and other agencies; illegal use of Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds; graft and ineptitude at the Bureau of Customs; politicization of the Office of the Ombudsman and the judiciary; and abuse of legislative authority.

    “The SONA systematically downplayed and disregarded the gains of previous administrations that were used as the blueprint for [Aquino] administration projects,” Quicho said.

    According to Binay, the Aquino administration failed in its mandate of protecting the people and was insensitive to their true needs and wants.

    As former chief of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and Presidential Adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers’ Concerns, the Vice President said he had time to hear grievances of people who still wallow in poverty despite economic growth claimed by the government.


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    1. Corruption is the game for all politicians and public officials. They are all the same. But Binay is different -old people have birthday cakes. Other corrupt officials, they enjoy the loot by themselves. I choose Binay for the President.

    2. VP binay is iventing his unofficial own sona.it is a pirated sona scam by only a crazy person will do..

    3. This is another SONAgaling of crook VP Binay D king of magnanakaw.He will never become the next president because he will be in jail for life on plunder.

    4. About time someone in the government talked about all the corruption in the Aquino government.

      Why wait 5 years before talking about it ? Why wait until Aquino attacked him ? Seems Binay went along and was fine with all the corruption until Aquino turned on him.

    5. The real SONA should show the real picture of the situation of our country today .
      The reality is the long lines and sufferings starting from the MRT, Poverty ,
      Killing fields of the Mammasapano of the 44 soldiers and their family. Yolando victims ,
      PDAF/DAP , list of government officials who were in the Napoles list that took peoples money. FOI etc……..
      Pictures speak louder than words !

      • vsabude@iprimus.com.au on

        The Vice President is not being asked to give SONA of his own because it is only the prerogative of the President of the country since he (the President) is the head of the govt. and controls all agencies and govt machineries) it is only from him as mandated by the people.

        Time and again, the Vice-President had been asked to explain his side of all these serious alleged wrongdoings he committed while he was the Chief Executive of the City of Makati which he and his family took turns in running it (his wife and his son in succession)). More so of his use of dummies like Limlingan, Baloloy, Gregorio, Tiu, etc. to hide his alleged hidden wealth. These persons (with the exception of Mr. Tiu) had remained at large and their arrests still stand as of this day. Why don’t VP Binay take the effort of helping the authorities find these personalities in order for them to clear themselves of these accusations as well as that of him (Vice President).

        We don’t need your own SONA Mr. Vice President…it’s clearly out of your political attempt to divert the real issues against you.

    6. if Binay becomes president, his children should just finish their term of office, out of delicadeza and to avoid criticisms. They can run again as mayor, senator or councilor when Jojo Binay is not president anymore.