Binay to deliver ‘true’ SONA


Vice President Jejomar Binay on Monday said he will deliver a “True State of the Nation” in “due time.”

In an interview after his daily morning walk at the CCP Complex where the Coconut Palace, the official residence of the Vice President, is located, Binay dismissed reports that he was to skip President Aquino’s SONA. (Binay showed up at the Batasang Pambansa, home to the House of Representatives in Quezon City, in the afternoon–Editor)
The Vice President said he would be delivering a “true” SONA, and it will depend on what the President was to present in his sixth and final address.

Binay was left out in the President’s speech as he thanked past and present Cabinet secretaries whom he said have been instrumental in his efforts to institute reforms in the government.

Binay–who has been repeatedly announcing that he will be the opposition’s standard-bearer in next year’s elections–served as the Aquino administration’s housing czar after he was appointed chairman of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, as well as presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers’ concerns.

The Vice President resigned from the Cabinet last month.

The President, in his SONA, gave his allies in Congress the green light to enact an anti-political dynasty law, which Binay had opposed.

Three of Binay’s children occupy elective posts in the government.

While he did not mention any names, Aquino also made a snide remark against corrupt families or individuals in power.

“Why do we have to craft a law that stops somebody from serving the public? But then I thought, there’s something wrong in giving a chance to a corrupt family or individual to wallow in the perks of power for a long time,” the President said in Filipino.

“We cannot be sure if the intentions of those who want to succeed me are clean or they just want to lord over and advance their personal interests forever. It’s time to pass the anti-dynasty law.”

No offence
The Binay camp said it did not take offense on the President’s SONA, specifically when he made a pitch for the passage of the anti-dynasty bill.

A daughter of the Vice President, House Deputy Majority Leader Mar-Len Abigail Binay of Makati City (Metro Manila) refused to comment on the push for the measure that would limit to two the allowable number of immediate family members running in the same election.

“You’re wrong in interpreting that our family is the target of the anti-dynasty measure. We are not the only political clan here. It’s hard to comment on that because whether we will be for or against, we can’t win,” Rep. Binay told reporters.

“No, we don’t feel alluded to. I don’t want to put malice into it,” she said.

Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito welcomed the President’s take on the anti-dynasty bill.
Ejercito is the son of deposed president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and San Juan City (Metro Manila) Mayor Guia Gomez and half-brother of Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

“I am quite happy that the President mentioned it. This will be a challenge…a major breakthrough. This is the farthest that the anti-political dynasty has gone,” the senator, an author of the bill in the Senate, said.

“It will be an uphill battle because 80 percent of legislators belong to a political dynasty, including myself, but with 100 million Filipinos I believe that political or economic power should be shared. It’s about time we give others a chance since there are those who are equally capable and credible but don’t have the means,” Ejercito added.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also on Monday said the Aquino administration has been consistent in running down the political opposition.

Marcos told reporters that there seems to be a trend in Malacanang’s anti-corruption campaign where its treatment of those who are supportive of the administration is different than that of those who are members of the opposition.

“Well, I think it has been the policy. It became really a policy to run after the political opposition, so that’s consistent,” he said.

Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was sent to jail when Aquino assumed office in 2010.

Two years later, Chief Justice Renato Corona was impeached and was removed after undergoing trial.

Just last year, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. were charged and ordered detained for their alleged involvement in the P10-billion pork barrel scam.

Enrile, Estrada and Revilla are just three of a number of politicians, including administration allies and government officials, implicated in the scam but the Department of Justice is yet to act on the other cases.

Meanwhile, when asked how he will rate Aquino’s performance as President, Marcos said he will give him a score of six out of 10.

He explained that the President deserves a passing score because Aquino really tried to address corruption.

Marcos, however, said the President fell short in infrastructure delivery, traffic management, power supply and income distribution.

He added that the gap between rich and poor remains huge and the economic growth being claimed by the government is not being felt by ordinary Filipinos.

“These are all the problems we are facing and there is really a lot of things that need to be done,” Marcos said.


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  1. For me, there’s nothing wrong if VP Binay wants to deliver his own SONA. Given how PNoy delivered his, I am curious how VP Binay will tell his own version. True? Yeah, I do believe that there are more truths in someone like Binay than PNoy. During those two exhaustive hours all I heard is how it wasn’t PNoy’s fault. MOVE ON PNOY! Shut your mouth and just do your job! You can’t always go back to your parents’ achievements whenever your ratings are going down. Stop blaming the past, just tell us what you’re planning on doing! VP Binay, now is your turn, don’t do what PNoy had done.

  2. Palagay ko ngayong tapos na ang SONA, ilalabas na ng SC ang decision sa unang suspension ni J-ungoy Binay. Kapag napaboran si Omb. Morales, susunod na isususpend si Nognog. Pagkatapos, ipu-plunder na sila kaya tuloy-tuloy na sa lulongan and mag-ama, kasama sina Enrile atbpa. Sa aking palagay, sa dami ng kaso laban sa kanila, wala silang lusot. Sayang ang marami nilang yaman na nakaw, mamamana lang ng lanilang dummies.

  3. True SONA ni Binay? Ang kapal ng apog ng ating Bise Presidente. Hindi na nga kayang sagutin and paratang ng pagnanakaw niya may lakas ng loob pa siyang mag deliver ng kanyang true SONA. Mag debate na lang kaya kayo ni Trillanes? Eh di WOW!

  4. Binay as VP has the right to deliver his SONA. I hope to hear the more Realistic State of the Nation and what this current government has done and undone and the Challenges facing our Nation today.

    • José Marlon on

      Binay to mention in his SONA about Junjun his accomplishment in Makati WORLD CLASS BUILDINGS and taking selfie sleeping on sofa set at the city hall.Nancy with free cakes and taking selfie with her gown.

  5. For me, walang dapat ipaliwanag si Mr. Binay kundi sagutin nya ang paratang sa kanya ang corruption. He was with the Ninoy Cabinet did he do something? Nothing. By then, he was with the administration, if he has a good intention to keep up the lives of the Filipino people why not doing it before? Or make any suggestions to the President Ninoy administration. In fairness I am not a pro Ninoy or affiliated to any political party. But I am one of the millionths of overseas Filipino workers and I saw the big difference way back before when I came cameback to attend my brother’s funeral. Anyway kaya gusto nating maging pulitiko in order to serve our people at hindi mangurakut. Mr. Binay kahit ikaw pang ihalal na Presidente ng Pilipinas andiyan pa rin ang problema at hindi ito biglang mawawala lalo na kung corrupt ang namamahala. Sana sa ating mga Filipino huwag naman tayong puro negative lang. We have to see ourselves also what we can do to our government. Huwag naman sana tayong aasa na lang sa government natin. At magrarally tayo na ibagsak ang US Imperialsm.(by the way I live in Canada) I remember when I was still in University here, and one of our professor in Humanities subject asked us, if the US Embassy will grant you an immigrant visa to the United States stand up to those who no and sit down to those who said yes. In that class no one stand up including me.

  6. Binay’s SONA – State of Nina-kaw na Assets from the Filipino People…… That’s is his SONA..

  7. I Remember... on

    6 out of 10… very generous for a “0” improvement term of 5 years now.

    Problems with trains, airports, roads, LTO, etc… 0 improvement, all corrupted activities that generated 0 to the population.

    Corruption ended in the Customs… and the PNP… AFP…

    And what about PDAF, DAP?

    And what about intellectually corrupted COA, Ombudsman, AMLAC…

    And management of Yolanda’s wreckage… ?

    And the Fallen 44…

    6 out of 10, really?

  8. Ang SONA ni Mr.13%VP”Hitler”Binay ay puro SONAgaling,sino and maniniwala sa Hari ng Magnanakaw.

  9. Bakit ba dapat lagi syang nakaepal sa bawat gawin ngayon ng administrasyon. Binay, marami kang issues na kailangang sagutin! Iyon ang pagtuunan mo ng pansin. Atat na ata kang mag SONA eh di naman iyan ang hinihintay ng maraming Pilipino mula sa inyo. Sagutin mo ang mga paratang sa iyo.

  10. Ano kayang SONA ang i-deliver ni Binay? Baka sona-sonahan. Bago siya mag deliver nang sona SAGUTIN na niya ang mga paratang sa kanya. Konh hindi niya masagot ang mga paratang sa kanya sa kanyang sona, lahat lang ka bullshitan ang sasabihin niya.