Binay to Ombudsman: You don’t have the goods on me


Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday said the Office of the Ombudsman holds no strong evidence on the complaint filed against him on  alleged anomalies purportedly surrounding the bidding for the Makati Science High School building project.

“There is no evidence at all that will stand in any court of law to indict, much more convict, VP [Vice President]  Binay of the charges filed by the Special Panel of Investigators,” Binay’s counter-affidavit on the alleged rigging of the bidding for the high school building said.

“Yet, not only did the Ombudsman entertain these baseless charges, it persistently declared in media that the evidence against VP Binay is allegedly strong,” it added.

The complaint is baseless, the counter-affidavit said, because it is founded solely on the testimony of engineer Mario Hechanova, former head of the General Services Department of the Makati City Hall during Binay’s term as mayor, that then-City Engineer Nelson Morales ordered him to award the project to Hilmarc Construction Company in 2007.

Hechanova, a member of the Bids and Awards Committee, also alleged that he and members of the committee were paid P200,000 monthly for rigging the bid process.

The counter-affidavit said  Hechanova’s statement is a “blatant lie.”

It also questioned the timing, months before the 2016 presidential elections, of his allegations when the supposed incident happened seven years ago.

Since assuming office in 2010, Binay has been vocal in his plans to seek the presidency in 2016.

Moreover, the counter-affidavit pointed out that Hechanova’s testimony is merely hinged on a “hearsay.”

“Hechanova cannot testify on the truth of something that he merely ‘heard from another.’ This violates the rule on ‘hearsay evidence.’ Hechanova’s statement is not allowed because its truthfulness depends on the competency and credibility of Engineer Morales, who has long been deceased,” the affidavit said.

Morales was ambushed in 2012 in the Bicol region, south of Manila,  outside the church where he served as a godfather in a wedding.

“In conveniently citing a dead person as the source of his accusation, Hechanova has effectively deprived VP Binay of the right to cross-examine [Engineer] Morales, if indeed such a statement was even made,” the affidavit said.

“This is a clear violation of the rules on evidence as well as the basic precepts of due process and fair play, which any fair and independent body will not and should not tolerate,” it added.

The affidavit also warned the Vice President’s detractors on filing criminal charges against him when he can only be on the receiving end of such after he is removed from office through impeachment.

“Criminal action against VP Binay can only proceed after he is convicted and removed from office in an impeachment proceeding,” it said.


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  1. orville manangan on

    Binay seeks attention desperately.He is a trash talker. (And his lawyers are all rethorics and theatrics.) I would simply ignore him.

  2. Teddy Sevilla on

    Mr. Binay, luma na yan. Bihira naman talaga na umaamin ang isang kriminal. Kung wala talagang katotohanan ang mga binabato sa iyo, why do you dwell on it? Pabayaan mo na lang sila.

    Why don’t you surprise us with something new? E.g. why don’t you pledge that under a Binay presidency, all forms of corruption will be stamped out? Instead of cakes and Viagra, you will give people decent housing, employment and health care? Can you say something about the pork barrel? Is this something you promise to abolish? How about your stand on a Muslim homeland?

    Nakakasawa ka na.

  3. Where’s the beef say Sr Bush. Tanga lang maniniwala sa Ombudsman, Trillanes et al, Roxas at syempre ang pinakatangang Presidente.

  4. Johnny Ramos on

    The Binay’s will never have fair treatment with Ombudsman Conchita Morales. The senate sub committee and the DOJ will continue to hit VP Binay until he withdraw his bid for the Presidency. I will bet anyone that Junjun Binay will retake the mayorship in the next election in 2016. For Mar Roxas it is about time for him to retire from public service. No amount of political manuever can ever propel him to any national office again. He is like bad commodity product that has to be recalled in the market. It is time for Mar Roxas to accept realities in life.

  5. ralph austria on

    ‘Never again’ that Filipinos should be fooled by Binay. Every anti-corrupt-loving Filipinos should have one voice: Oust Binay and put him to jail!

  6. T. R. Aquino on

    242 Bank accounts

    No one has 242 bank accounts

    242 bank accounts with billions of pesos in them. Explain it

    • 5 lng nga ang sa kanya e…isinama lng ng amlac ang iba para sabihin na 242 ang bank account nya…o ayan binobobo kayo nga administration…dahil alam nila na kaya kaung bobohin…! hehehe

    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      The whole family is corrupt. God Bless the philippines once Binay becomes president.