Binay to plead anew for Pinay mule’s life


Vice President Jejomar Binay will make a last-ditch effort to appeal to Indonesian President Joko Widodo to spare the life of Filipina Mary Jane Veloso, who is currently on death row for illegal-drugs possession.

Binay, presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers’ concerns, will leave for Indonesia on April 22 to attend the Asian-African Summit in Bandung.

He will also use that time, however, to appeal to Widodo for Veloso’s life.

“I am hoping that we will be given the opportunity to personally appeal to His Excellency’s kind heart for the commutation of the sentence of Mary Jane,” the Vice President said in a statement.

Binay expressed sadness that the Indonesian Supreme Court has chosen not to grant Veloso’s first request for a judicial review of her case even as he cited the Philippine government’s respect for Indonesia’s laws and legal system.

But he said he hopes that Indonesia will look at Veloso with compassion, since she is not part of any organized drug syndicate.

“She, too, was a victim,” the Vice President noted.

He said a person whom Veloso trusted and knew personally “took advantage of her trust when she asked Veloso to hand-carry a luggage containing illegal drugs.”

“I intend to bring to His Excellency our people’s hope for compassion, given the circumstances surrounding the case,” Binay added.

Just recently, President Widodo appealed to the King of Saudi Arabia not to execute an Indonesian domestic worker there.

“I am certain His Excellency understands why we in government are doing all we can to save the life of our kababayan [compatriot]. It is the responsibility of governments to come to the aid of their countrymen, especially those in difficult circumstances,” Binay said.

The Asian-African Summit will gather leaders from 29 countries “to discuss peace, security and economic development in the midst of emerging problems in many parts of the world.”

While in Indonesia, the Vice President will hold bilateral discussions with his counterpart, Vice President Jusuf Kalla, on issues concerning Philippine and Indonesian relations.

He is also set to attend activities hosted by Widodo, including a 20-minute historical walk from Savoy Homann Hotel to Gedung Merdeka.

Binay is also scheduled to hold a dialog with the Filipino community in Indonesia.

Also taking the cudgels for Veloso is a human-rights lawyer, who has asked the United Nations to act on the case of the overseas Filipino worker (OFW), who is facing execution in Indonesia for drug smuggling.

In a news briefing on Monday at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in Pasig City (Metro Manila), National Union of People’s Lawyers secretary general Edre Olalia told reporters that they will file an appeal before the UN Human Rights Council because Veloso was not given due process after being arrested in April 2010 and later sentenced to death.

Olalia explained that Veloso should be spared because she was not given due process, and a death penalty through a firing squad is not considered as humanitarian consideration.

He said the legal team handling the OFW’s case is set to fly to Indonesia either today or on Wednesday to ask Indonesian authorities to reduce the penalty.

The Indonesian authorities, Olalia added, should reconsider partly because the Filipina worker is a single mother to two young children.

He said he also asked Veloso’s legal counsel based at the Indonesian Embassy to visit the convicted Filipina worker in her detention cell at Yogyakarta.



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  1. Mr.13%VP Binay ikaw na lang ang magpabitay kapalit ni Mary Jane Veloso that will be the best help she can get.

  2. Personally I want to know who gave the bag containing narcotics to Mary Jane and why she trusted this fellow and not even worry that she could be a drug mule. This man must be hunted and prosecuted and if possible sent to Indonesia to replace Mary Jane in the execution. I commiserate with the relations of Mary Jane but I am sorry to find it hard to believe that she did not know what was going on. Binary is again on an epal trip fleeching the case to its fullest but hopeless extent. I just hope he realizes that he is just worsening the situation for the relatives of our ofw knowing that president widodo has already categorically stated that Indonesian constitution and laws will be upheld here.

  3. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Actually, the Dept. of Foreign Affairs is making all their best for a consideration to Mary Jane. Once the Indonesian government will give in to the request of the Foreign Affairs dept., Binay will shout to the world that it was his works for any positive consideration. He will claim all the credits for his political ambitions. He is going to Indonesia for an appeal when in fact it was all the works of the Foreign Affairs that did all. It is a shame that we have this kind of vice president and dirty politician to do everything for his political ambitions. He went to Kamay ni Hesus last Holy Week not to ask for forgiveness but he knows that millions of pilgrims will be at the pilgrimage showing to the Filipino that he is a devout catholic. What a hypocrite. The judges, CA judges, IBP are all under his payroll. It is a shame that an organization like the IBP connives with the evils of Binay. Hope that this family of Binay will evaporate. God is just and He knows the hypocrisy of the Binays. Their end will be the soonest. Let us all pray to save the Philippines from the Binays for the sake of the future of our children.