• Binay tops radio poll, cites public’s ‘unbending support’

     Vice President Jejomar Binay

    Vice President Jejomar Binay

    Vice President Jejomar Binay is thankful for the public’s “unbending support” as he topped the Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) 2016 Election Survey, his spokesman said on Monday.

    The Vice President led the RMN survey for President, garnering 26.16 percent of the total votes.

    Senator Grace Poe ranked second with 24.84 percent while Manuel Roxas 2nd, the administration’s standard-bearer, was third with 18.14 percent.

    The survey was conducted from August 11 to 18, with the results being published in several newspapers on Monday.

    “The Vice President is fighting an uphill battle against those who are bent on continuing a regime of social inequality. He is grateful for the people’s unbending support,” Joey Salgado, head of the Office of the Vice President’s media affairs, said in a statement.

    Despite the “barrage of lies and political attacks” against Binay, Salgado added, the Vice President remains to be the people’s choice as leader for next year’s polls.

    Binay also intends to continue direct talks with the people.

    “Iisa lang ang mensahe ni Vice President Binay sa taumbayan: Panahon na para sa tunay na pagbabago at pagginhawa ng buhay. Ito ang sinimulan n’ya sa Makati at sa suporta ng bayan, ipatutupad n’ya ito sa buong bansa [Vice President Binay has a single message: It is time for change and for prosperity. This is what he started in Makati City and with the public behind him, the same will be implemented in the whole country],” Salgado said.

    “Ang tunay na kalaban ay ang gutom, kahirapan at kawalan ng trabaho sa ilalim ng isang administrasyong pabor lamang sa iilan [We are fighting against hunger, poverty and unemployment under an administration favoring only a few],” he added.

    In the RMN survey, the Vice President outshone Poe and Roxas in North Luzon.

    Poe led in the National Capital Region (NCR or Metro Manila) and South Luzon while Roxas topped the Visayas.

    Binay and Poe were in tight competition in Central Luzon, Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal (Calabar) and Mindanao.

    The survey, which has a +/- 2.5 percent margin of error, was conducted on August 11 to 18 with 4,718 randomly selected radio listeners and registered voters nationwide.

    RMN Research Department interviewed participants from 17 cities and one municipality in Metro Manila, the Calabar provinces, six provinces in Central Luzon, 13 areas in North and South Luzon, 20 areas in Visayas and 13 areas in Mindanao.


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    1. Corruption addict Mr.13%VP Binay will be in jail,this kind of person in the government are the one causing poverty in our country,all they care is to make themselves rich thru corruption.

    2. sana wag nang magtapon ng DAP ni Pnoy para suportatahan si Roxas kasi siguradong talo si Roxas sa 2016 presidential election.Ang bilyong piso gagastusin ni Pnoy at Liberal party sa election ay ibili na lang ng ereplanong pandigma para labanan china ang magnanakaw ng dagat ng pilipinas sa West Philippine Sea.

    3. Bobo talaga ang mga botanteng pinoy! Kung ganun tayo pumili ng ating lider, wala tayong ibang sisihin kung mananatili parin tayong lugmok sa kahirapan magpakailanman. Sa mga botanteng bobo, wag nalang kayong bomoto dahil hindi naman isip nyo ang ginagamit nyo. Manood nalang kayo ng teleserye at mag chismisan sa kalye sa araw ng eleksyon tulad ng araw-araw nyong ginagawa!

    4. unless bee nay is the one supported and programmed in the smartmatic hocus-pocus machine by flores et al, he will never win! no matter what the survey says!

    5. The ‘Trapos” know how to fool the ordinary voter. They keep on having their own sponsored polls which, of course, show them to be leading in order to sway or convince the voters that they are winning. This is just to cause a ‘bandwagon effect’. The unscrupulous ‘bobotante’ have the tendency to conclude” “might as well vote for the winning candidate so as not to waste my vote.” Publication of self-generated polls should be banned from being published. Or, the sponsoring or paying group for the polls should be named and in whose behalf the polls were made.

    6. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      When the results of surveys favor thief Binay, the Binay camp will always rejoice as if they already won the elections. But when Roxas or Poe will top the survey, the Binay camp will say “Binayaran lang ang survey. Walang katotohanan yan”. So anything favorable to Binay even if it is not true will make them rejoice without an alibi. Just wait for the real elections and if Binay loses, he will say “Dinaya ako”. For us Filipino voters, remember this, when the residency of Poe was questioned, Poe appeared at the SET hearing, but when Binay was charged with pocketing billions of pesos, Binay said (because he no BALLS to appear in hearings) “political harassment lang yan”. To HELL with the BINAYS and his followers. Let us all pray to save the Philippines from the Binays. Any candidate except Binay should be the next president of the Philippines.

      • With due respect, who’s survey do you think is more credible, the RMN survey or Rep Erice survey? What if VP Binay wins?

      • LP’s survey was different. It only asked the respondents between Binay and Roxas, so respondents who supports either Poe or Duterte will vote for Roxas instead kaya lamang duon si Roxas. LP’s survey is for strategic purposes, bkit nila dadayain ang survey nila eh how can they use it for strategy kung dadayain?

      • VP Binay will win if Duterte and Poe will run for President. Binay’s supporters ang fixed from 20-30% it cannot go beyond that range, so a four-way presidential way will divide Anti Binay votes paving the way for Binay to win. Binay will certainly be pleased if Poe and Duterte runs