Binay: Trillanes made my day

(Left) Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th

(Left) Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th

For Vice President Jejomar Binay, the declaration of Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th that he may join the 2016 presidential derby confirmed what Binay has been suspecting all along: Trillanes’ efforts to vilify him is politically motivated.

“Mr. Trillanes has just made my day. He had said that, no, it’s not politically motivated. There he is now declaring that he, like [Sen. Alan Peter] Cayetano, are candidates in the future?” Binay told reporters in Iligan City.

The Vice President, who is in Iligan to follow up the house projects in Barangay Hinaplon, called presidential contenders who are reluctant to announce their intentions as hypocrites.

“You’re asking me. ‘Why did you announce already that you’ll be a candidate the day after the election in 2010?’ Because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I am really planning to run. The others [contenders]have been saying until now, ‘I’m not running.’ That’s hypocrisy,” he said.

Binay reiterated that the campaign to besmirch him and his family is part of a grand design to dislodge as a frontrunner for 2016.

Pressed to comment on his continued refusal to attend the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee inquiry into allegations of corruption leveled against him, Binay recalled how resource persons were humiliated at the proceedings.

“The only thing they know is to shout at you, shame you, threaten you. I will not stand for it,” he said.

On Thursday, the Vice President said he is bracing for more attacks that he believes will continue well into the campaign period for the 2016 elections.

Binay said he expects his detractors to intensify their campaign to smear his image as the election nears.


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    VP Binay`s reluctance to make good of his challenge to have a debate with Trillanes put me in big surprise. The VP is a lawyer and Trillanes is not, such that VP Binay should have all the points to clear himself of what the 3 Senators are doing to malign him. If we are going to choose a Lawyer to be our next President, it would be very fine but we must be sure he is a TOPNOTCH LAWYER. I doubt if VP Binay is….its just like having another one like what we have now an Economist by Profession but whose level of intellect is compared to a grade schooler. The presidency is not a joke or it is not like playing video games. Its complexity is a task that should be performed by a well prepared,honest, hardworking and most of all somebody who could be considered as an intellectual person. VP Binay is now past his prime being 72yo todate and his past exposure of public service was only limited on the local government, prior to being elected as Vice President of this country. VP Binayhas dirty hands as alleged by the 3 Senators and I am waiting for the day he will face these accusations.

  2. VP Binay Sir “WHAT MADE YOUR DAY” DID NOT ANSWER THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU !!! … In my opinion , your day would REMAIN GLOOMY until such time that you FACE YOUR ACCUSERS and prove that you are innocent . In the meantime , A LOT OF ”COMMENTORS” in ALL NEWSPAPERS think that YOU ARE CORRUPT AS ALLEGED because of your stubborn reluctance to face the SENATORS and their witnesses !!!

    • Kayo naman, sa totoo lang, gusto talaga maging mayor ng Makati yan si SAMS Antonio. Mas malaki ang kitaan sa Makati kaysa sa pagiging senador. Matapos nya mapag aralan ang kita ng Makati at ihambing ito sa kita ng mga Yaketano sa Tagig, ibig na rin nya magkaron ng City na masasakupan. Nakita nya na bilyon ang maari kitain sa Makati City na di maaari kitain sa pagiging senador.

  3. Trillanes’ presidential ambition does not make Binay clean. Corruption still stare in his face.

  4. Trillanes and Cayetano are not a
    threat to Binay.
    The people are fed up wlth these
    self-righteous, grandstanding
    senators, they’re the senators
    along wlth others who received
    millions in bribe during the CJ
    Corona impeachment.

  5. This is where the fault lies, to say that these posers who are eyeing the presidency cannot muster to win the election, is saying that every bit of vote they get and are wasted away, which should have been used to vote for someone truly deserving to win the presidency, cannot relate to the fact that these posers are nuisance candidates being fielded by parties equally without bearing in ruling the government, only to coalesce later on with a party of their choice.

    Filipinos really need to wake up and read through all these distractions and seek someone who is not identifiable with any of the current political parties, because all these existing parties have only their personal and political interest to look after – not that of the welfare of the citizenry and of our national interest.

  6. Understanding Person on

    Kahit ano pa man ang sabihin mo Binay: ito man ay politically motivated o hindi, pare-pareho naman kayo. Ang importante, harapin mo ang binibintang sa iyo – yun lang yun pare ko!
    Nang ikaw ay inaaresto ng panahon ni GMA, na nasa puwesto na noon, sabi mo: “Politically Motivated.” Hanggang ngayon, politically motivated ang sigaw mo! Ano ba yan? Di kapag naging presidente ka na, di ka puwedeng magkaroon ng kamay na bakal – dahil baka ang sigaw ng pina-aaresto mo, “Politically Motivated!” Eh paano ngayon yan? Sagutin mo nga. Ay mali, di mo nga pala sasagutin ito dahil, tuwing tatanungin ka, umaatras ka at umiiwas o sumisigaw ng POLITICALLY MOTIVATED! Aaaayyy naku! At tuwing may hearing sa senate, nasaan ka? Sa probinsiya, sa palasyo ng obispo, sa palasyo ni abnoy, sa ibang bansa. Ano ang ginagawa mo? Namomolitika at nagsusumbong sa taumbayan, maagang pangangampanya! Yun ang totoo at alam mo yan sa puso mo. Alam mo yan, alam mo yan at yun ang katotohanan, amhirap man tanggapin….buking ka ano? Pareho lang kayo ni Noynoy.

  7. Binay binay binay, what a load of tosh. Of course you want to believe that its just made up stories abut you. Well lets see all the evidence & then we will know. If there is evidence against you then they are justified in going after you. I look at your wifes case & i truly struggle to see where i could possibly see her as innocent. Didnt she use tui to buy hospital beds from when he wasnt a seller of madical equipment, & then when i see each bed cost over P500,000 when they should have only cost P25,000 well even stevie wonder could see it isnt right. Binay will use every tool to distract from the evidence, but i say lets just look at the evidence & judge on that. See you in court binay.

  8. You smeared yourself and don’t blame it on others. Why don’t you answer the allegations of massive corruption by Mercado. Is reason why your wife and son want to stay as Mayor of Makati because here is so much to gain from the position? You seem to think that only your family can run the city government of Makati. Your are already super rich so stop being greedy Binay. You are a fake pro-poor. Shame on you. Why don’t you face your detractors and prove your innocence. How they prejudge you because there is no verdict that will be issued in this inquiry. Are you a real lawyer? You are responding your detractors in a forum where no one can question you, a forum that you declare your innocence without proof.

  9. I would choose Senator Trillanes over any corrupt officials like binay, besides binay does not have the personality of a president of the Philippines.

    • I agree with you Fiderma. To be a symbol of the country, there must be a good facial outlook. height and intellect, sympathetic with the masses, honest, not vindictive, and must possess the cardinal virtues of Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude in order not to be looked down if and when attending conferences of the community of leaders of the world of nations.

  10. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

    Sounds like a “shoo in”!? I think the VP has a lot of explaining with all the accusations ledged against him. Denials are not good enough, the electorate should be clarified on all these questionable properties which amounts to billions. I think the Filipino people, Mr. Binay are wiser than you think; not only do they decry political dynasty, but also corruption. It’s still a log way, baby!.

  11. One believes that Trillanes may just be joking about running for President because he knows he will not make it, for sure. He may be baiting Jojemar Binay to react and he succeeded. Binay reacted in a negative manner making the joke is on him. Binay is acting like a child.

  12. Binay has nothing to worry about as far as Cayetano and Trillanes are concerned. They won’t make it either. These 2 are persona non gratae as far as the people are concerned. They are both unprincipled opportunist and we will not have their kind either.

    • crisostomo ibarra on

      enough of you spinning the truth vp binay…face the senate if the truth is on your side..what are you afraid of?

    • Binay is “not salvaged” from his illegal ill-gotten wealth with the announcement of Trillanes as 2016 presidentail candidate. Binay’s candidacy is neither enhanced.

      Binay is delusional!