• Binay unchained: Will PNoy’s enforcers now lock him up?


    A DAY after his resignation, Mr. Binay did not go to his Batangas farm to relax and smell his flowers. He urgently reassumed the persona he took during the many coups against Mrs. Aquino in the late 80s – that of a raging Rambotito, a fighting man. If he swore to fight to the death to prevent coup plotters from seizing state power from Cory Aquino then, this time it was different.

    Now, he is up against the administration of Mrs. Aquino’s son, the incumbent president He called Mr. Aquino’s administration an administration of bunglers and cynical people, largely insensitive to the plight of the common man. Mr. Binay let loose just after his resignation from the Aquino cabinet these words: I will start the fight for the common man and against poverty. I am not afraid of you (the generic Aquino people) and nobody can stop me.

    Just to heap the harshest of ridicule on the administration people who are polling so poorly in the presidential polls, Mr. Binay said no one can stop him from his presidential candidacy and his ascent to the presidency. He dismissed the corruption charges against him and his family as baseless.

    By doing so, he openly dared the Aquino administration to charge him and jail him like three opposition leaders – Johnny Enrile, Bong Revilla and Jingoy Estrada.

    With the political lines now clearly demarcated, and with Mr. Binay declaring his open break with the Aquino the 2nd administration, there is nothing much to explain and divine on. Let the political wars begin, challenged Mr. Binay.

    Again, the only question that needs to be pondered upon is this: Will the Aquino enforcers, from Ms. De Lima et al, start the process which would eventually lead to the jailing of Mr. Binay, his wife and his mayor son Junjun? This is a very valid and urgent question to ask because of many reasons.

    The Aquino enforcers have institutional experience on this one. They have jailed a former president, a former senate president and the Number One and Number 2 in a senatorial election. They successfully laid down the A to Z of a parliamentary battle that led to the impeachment of an incumbent chief justice of the Supreme Court. Many a political warlords, given so much leeway and power during previous administrations, have been rendered wimps by the trigger-happy enforcers of Mr. Aquino. They have never been gun-shy in going after political enemies of Mr. Aquino, whether perceived or real. Erap, take note of this, was stripped of his swagger.

    In the area of silencing critics and political dissent, Mr. Marcos pales in comparison with Mr. Aquino.

    So, will they jail Mr. Binay now that he has declared himself as a foe and a fiery critic?

    There are only two probable answers to this question. They will think long and hard before starting the process of jailing Mr. Binay, his wife and his mayor son. Or, they will just leave Mr. Binay and his family alone. Untouched, so Mr. Binay can pursue his presidential ambition in peace. The trigger-happy enforcers of Mr. Aquino will be restrained, reined in and controlled by so many factors.

    The first reason is lack of material time.

    The rule of law does not provide for an instant, overnight jailing of political critics, even if these critics were suspects in acts of massive corruption or even plunder. There is a process and no one is presumed guilty unless the official crimes shall have been proven beyond reasonable doubt and by the proper bodies. Juxtapose this prerequisite of the judicial process with the term of Mr. Aquino, which is barely one year. The enforcers of Mr. Aquino simply do not have the luxury of time .

    They cannot rush the process, unless they want the Philippines under Mr. Aquino to be perceived as a brutal country with Kangaroo courts.

    The second is the fear of the scenario that would unfold in case the trigger-happy minions of Mr. Aquino would arbitrarily start the process of jailing Mr. Binay.

    Mr. Binay , before he became wealthy and powerful, was a dissident. The late Mesyong Prudente and Vladi Sampang – if only we can ask them to testify from the Great Beyond – can testify to this. He was part of the anti-Marcos movement that fought the dictator long and hard. Unlike his detractors, whose exalted perches in life have been handed down to them as if they were birthrights, Mr. Binay had to literally claw his way into wealth and power. He had to earn everything he had, including his pedicures.

    Mr. Binay will not take a jail threat siting down. His mass followers can paralyze EDSA. His political allies would then, after the mass protests, elevate the fight of his life at the level of Congress or even, would you believe, at the cabinet or sub-cabinet level.

    Mr. Aquino would not want that unsettling in his last year in office. That he is not a popular leader, that he has no personal bond with the people, that his acclaim ends with the Davos-Makati crowd are fear factors that would curb the enthusiasm of the Mr. Aquino to go all-out in the prosecution of Mr. Binay. What if the masa marching on Mr. Binay’s behalf would rock and unsettle the busy financial district and storm the glass towers that Mr. Aquino is so fond of inaugurating?

    The third? Mr. Aquino would not go for broke for his chosen presidential candidates. He can read the figures on public mood and sentiment. A tainted and soiled Mr. Binay would easily beat his chosen in a fair fight, with plenty to spare.


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    1. The people wants a Binay presidency than any Aquino regime endorsed LP presidency.

    2. I Remember... on

      “…unless they want the Philippines under Mr. Aquino to be perceived as a brutal country with Kangaroo courts.”

      It is already kangaroo courts and banana country. The way these crooks run the Philippines is worst than the international crooks running Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Panama, Venezuela.. and on and on…

      Why have you forgotten all the b.s. at the Corona’s false and ridiculous trial? That alone makes the Philippines ridiculous and a banana country!

    3. Well, I have seen those “fights” and “exchange of heated words” in media before. Then, when they will be having their breakfast at the Intercon drinking their coffee during those 365 days, they will just be patting each other’s backs, laughing and the “masa” none the wiser. When the talk will shift to “gagawa ng pera”, then, you become convinced that those media shows were staged only for public consumption. Who knows if the “resignation” from the Cabinet was a script secretly crafted by jojo and simyon so that the latter does not look bad in the eyes of his Liberal partymates especially to Senyor Kho Rheena? The more the show is made bigger, the zarzuela becomes more credible. Personally, I do not buy the story of the “break”.

    4. Johnny Ramos on

      The rule of law must prevail on the Binay’s. Their detractors got nothing except reitorics of hearsay. People were made to believe that the suspension order of Conchita Morales on Junjun Binay was a probable cause. It was a preventive one in order to find a probably find a cause. Take a look on the 6 months suspension of General Purisima, the guy is now back in service and collected his back pay because the Ombudman did lift her finger during the suspension. The media were really used to demonized VP Binay plus the help of the three stooges of Pnoy in the senate sub committee. If the evidences of a joker Bondal and Mercado are so compelling why do they have to investigate further? Would it be better if proper charges be filed in court so precious time should not be wasted? It was really for a show at the expense of the Binay. I sincerely hope VP Binay wins the presidency so we can see how these stooges will act in the senate. I also want to see how long Ombudsman Morales will stay in office once Pnoy is gone.

    5. It is about and high time to charge Binay and family for plundering and corruptions, ill -gotten wealth.

      • So why don’t simyon et al do so and arrest the guy if there are really well-founded accusations? I guess those bureacrats will also want an insurance in case the “annointed” of simyon loses in the election. Do you think Senyora Layla will risk her life and future knowing that simyon has only one year in power? Will those clerks of courts and fiscals risk their own ass to prop simyon? Even the businessmen in Makati can easily be found by the local tax authorities next quarter to have never been diligent in the payment of their local taxes.

    6. so just because his mass follower can paralyze edsa we should be afraid of mr. binay and would rather just let him be? is that it? and we the populace should not lift a finger to rectify injustice? then we are lost and we are doomed as a nation! what a pity.

      • Why don’t we rectify the Mamasapano Massacre that resulted because of presidential indifference? Going back to history, why don’t we rectify the massacre at Mendiola where several farmers were mercilessly shot upon orders of Quo Rhee when those farmers were just trying to have redress of their grievances as allowed by them by the same Constitution crafted by the minions of Quo Rhee?

    7. Teddy Sevilla on

      Strange that you use the descriptive “Rambotito” rather endearingly here. I’ve more often associated that word as something derisive to Binay.

    8. Teddy Sevilla on

      As an activist in the early 80’s I got the call most among us would have preferred not to receive. Just three words: “Magtago ka na.” I survived those times. Some of my colleagues didn’t. Many suffered emotional scars that, more than three decades later, still show.

      And yet here you are proclaiming, “In the area of silencing critics and political dissent, Mr. Marcos pales in comparison with Mr. Aquino.” The fact that you are able to proclaim this without anticipating a dreaded phone call (or text) belies your position. Looking at your profile pic, our ages don’t look widely different enough for you not to have lived through those years. I guess you were busy sipping espresso with Mr. Tatad at the Oriental Mandarin during those times. For him and many others, yes, those were the best of times.

    9. Amnata Pundit on

      If Smartmatic is a cheating machine, and Binay “wins” in 2016, that result would be a fraud, right? But how can Binay win if the powers-that-be behind Smartmatic wont allow it? Therefore, If that is what happens in 2016, what you are watching in the political arena today is just a moro-moro, its not real. As a matter of fact, any presidential candidate who wins under this Comelec/Smartmatic machine will be a fraudulent president. In a normal setting, the yellow candidates will be languishing at the bottom of the surveys, but here they are at the top while those who have nothing to do with the stink in the government are at the bottom or unbelievably not rating at all. Binay is making history here by being the only presidential candidate in the world who cannot and will not answer the corruption charges thrown against BY HIS OWN HENCHMEN and yet is at the top of the surveys ! People who actually believe that what they read in the news is real political drama are just pitiful victims of the yellow hypocrites’ massive propaganda. Whether it is Binay, Grace Poe or Roxas, NOTHING WILL CHANGE AS LONG AS THE YELLOWS ARE IN POWER!!

    10. Guillermo Hernandez on

      It sounds like the gunfight at the OK Corral …….and the Binays has the upper hand in this situation. Aquino will be insane if he attempts to take any steps to place a Binay behind bars.

      But being mentally-retarded, he will most likely take the first step fairly soon ! ! !

    11. BS Aquino and his LP allies are now in a panic mode to add more mud to Binay and opposition parties.
      Just looking at Trillianes,Pimental and Cayetano and De Lima’s background who throws allegation left and right is obviously not seeking Justice . It’s all about their political ambition at the cost of taxpayers money .
      Seek Justice for the 44 Massacred Mamasapano soldiers who died with eyes open and still waiting up to now for redemption…The PDAF and DAP…..taxpayers money of the people ….The plight of the poor and ….. The MRT …..Our Roads and Bridges …Water and Garbage problems and more ……. Where are the Relevant issues ?
      Stop this Alleged Binay overpricing issues …….Its IRRELEVANT! and were just tired of hearing it like a broken record .

      • So you are saying -So what if Binay stole all that money, the past is the past. Lets just move forward on more important issues?

        If he stole that money (ALOT OF MONEY), then he should be behind bars. Plain and simple

    12. Political wars should only be a sideshow – the real SOLUTIONS based on VP Binay’s complaints of his current government is what he should be telling the country. What is VP Binay’s answer NOW to his complaints about his government? As VP this has been his role for our country. His COMPLAINTS should also have his SOLUTIONS because the country needs it.

      • Senators of Pilipinas have said that the testimonies they have heard and evidence they have seen suggest that most likely —-> PLUNDER!!!! Manikilya Timme s has said before that gobyerno-Pilipinas should pursue corruption cases no matter where it leads. Office of Ombudsman, Dept of Justice… they all have to follow the money trail even if it leads to friends at boodle-fights getting put in jail.

      • Aquino and his LP regime must also answer the Supreme Court allegations that their DAP-PDAF are illegal and unconstitutional. They should also answer where did their yellow regime brought the multi-million dollar international donations for the victims of Yolanda typhoon. Why did the yellow regime put billions of public funds intended for mass housing into the DILG led by Mar Roxas. Their scandal on MRT-Czec company extortion try by Al Vitangcol. The Malampaya fund mess. The DOTC-LTO-DILG motor vehicle plate anomalies, the NBP illegal drugs laboratories and operations and many other multi-billion yellow anomalies and scandals. HALA SAGOT!

    13. jesus nazario on

      A tainted and soiled Mr. Binay would INDEED easily beat his chosen in a fair fight, with plenty to spare. But if the PCOS scourge is not decapitated the electoral fight will not be fair fight !

    14. 4th:hindi papayag ang mga kapatid at kamag-anak ni Aquino,,lalong-lalo na ang mga yellow fanatics,dahil alam nila na solid yellow si binay!kahit kailan hindi naging opposition ito!Mar Roxas vs. Binay lang ang pinag-ugatan ng hindi nila pagkakasundo!
      Si Mar hindi si Aquino lang nagpapatakbo ng malakanyang!!
      Hawak ni Mar sa leeg si Aquino!!kahit alam ni Aquino nawalang pag-asa si Mar di niya magawang iwanan ito at halos lahat na hilingin ay ibinibigay!!

    15. mr binay is the unworthy champion of an unlikely cause. to brag that clawing his way out of poverty into the fabulous wealth exposed in the senate is a mark of virtue…. wow! iba na talaga tayo ngayon. mr binay has not answered any of the charges against him, except to say: SUE ME. kasi as this friend/defender of binay says, matatali sa due process ang pananagutan ni binay. ayayay. wala na tayong itulak kabigin sa kagipitan na ito.

    16. P.Akialamiro on

      The fact that some are not admirers of Pres. BS Aquino III, doesn’t mean that they go for VP Binay. He is not the only viable candidate for President? For all we know, some may not want to vote for any candidate for President because they are not given any sensible choice.

      Call it political persecution, but there’s some truth to the accusations lodged against the Binays. It is really strange that despite all the accusations, some columnists and writers still delve on the contrast between Aquino and Binay. If both are ‘rotten’ why profess the selection of either (or, of their men)?

      Pres. B S Aquino has shown his inability to effectively govern. But, Binay on the other hand, has to disprove his accusers by cleaning his own ‘slate’. Lest we’ll come out with a leader with ‘shady’ background. Will everyone be proud to have a leader with questionable integrity?

    17. rene catalasan on

      Ronquillo, think about this- Binay can’t unchained himself from corruption and it’s 110 %.

    18. Do not underestimate Pnoy. He might do the contrary of the scenario you just presented.


      Nobody is above the law. Hence, this Binay, if the charges against him is strong that
      it warrants prosecution, he should also be locked in jail if this administration is truly
      fair and give justice to everyone in this country.The Ombudsman should not stonewall
      these charges before election time. If the evidence is strong, this Binay deserves to
      go to jail rather than confusing the minds of the people.

    20. History tells me that deep inside Aquino wants to endorse Binay given the strong family ties which considers Binay as a “foster” father to Ninoy and Cory’s children. The Liberal party merely used Aquino to control Malacanang. An now that things are at the end game they have no use for him.

      The powers at the Liberty party now have the gall to preempt Aquino in choosing the party candidate. No respect if I may say. To make things difficult for Aquino in choosing Binay, they throw dirt at Binay so he has no choice but to choose Mar.

      This may be the reason Aquino is flirting with getting Poe.