• Binay versus Poe: The mano y mano voters want in 2016


    The arguments that favor a Grace Poe vice presidential run under the LP are many and tempting. She will crush any and all opposition. A “ walk in the park, ” that is how easy her vice presidential quest would be. In fact, after filing her certificate of candidacy, Ms. Poe can do anything that she wants to do, including planning for the curtains of her future VP office or scouting for new office fixtures.

    Voters have crowned her vice president this early. Her victory is a settled issue.

    Another plus. She will not go through the usual dread of raising campaign funds. She will not owe anybody and she will clear the elections debt-free and IOU-free. In fact, should she decide to accept contributions, everything will be “net” as she need not spend a single peso for her VP run. The term “ inevitable” is an understatement if the plan of Ms. Poe is just to settle for the vice presidency.

    Another plus. The political coalition that adopted her in her 2013 senatorial run will remain intact. Frank Drilon and Edgar Erice will be in Cloud Nine as the tandem that will carry the LP-led coalition will be Roxas-Poe, not the other way around.

    If her presidential candidate, Mr. Roxas, wins she will have a hand in shaping the cabinet of that Roxas administration — plus a hand in shaping the various policy priorities and programs. Mr. Aquino, grateful for the “ pagpaparaya” of Mr. Roxas, allowed Mr. Roxas to practically run government and be its public face. There are very few concessions that Mr. Roxas would not give to Ms. Poe in case their tandem wins in 2016.

    If her friend and adviser, Senator Escudero , wants to be justice of the Supreme Court after his senate stint , Ms. Poe can make that happen under a Roxas administration .

    But here is the rub. A presidential run of Mr. Roxas against opposition leader Jejomar Binay will be a rerun of the 2010 elections. In 2010, Mr. Binay was not given a Chinaman’s chance to win that vice presidential elections . She pole-vaulted over Senator Legarda, then over Mar Roxas to win that election. It was the biggest shocker of any election in contemporary times.

    The 2016 elections will have Mr. Binay as president and Ms. Poe as vice president in case Ms. Poe opts for the vice presidency and will not do what is expected of her – go for the jugular and seek the presidency. That is what polling says – nobody can compete against Mr. Binay except Ms. Poe.

    Ok, why should she run for president and forget all about the “ walk-in-the-park” path to the vice presidency? The reasons are more compelling.

    The first reason? For herself .

    Even with Ms. Poe’s clout as vice president , a vice president is not like the real thing – the president of the realm. I hate quoting what John Nance Garner thought of the vice presidency but it is worth repeating – a pitcher of warm spit. A spare tire. Did you see the recent TV footage of Joe Biden standing to the right of President Obama as Mr. Obama asked for global support for the deal with Iran? He looked like a miserable spare tire.

    Would she want to look like a miserable spare tire for six years? A Philippine vice president is not even headquartered close to the center of power. He or she is exiled far away, far from where life-and-death decisions for the republic are being made. The VP HQ is by the Bay not by the Pasig.

    Every politician with a national profile wants to be president. There are exceptions like Elizabeth Warren of the US. Or Sonny Angara who just wants to focus on legislation. The rest lives and breaths for the day they can run for the highest office. Ms. Poe, clearly, does not have underwhelming ambitions. Plus, she has the polling numbers.

    Speaker Belmonte spoke of her presidential chances in very glowing terms: unstoppable. We forgot about this. She was vetted by Mr. Sycip, whose body of words counts a lot in a country that worships the rich and the successful, (though I , and a few others, don’t buy that crap about the wisdom of the Very Serious People. )

    2016 is her time. 2016 is her season. She knows that. She has read Ecclesiastes .

    A Binay versus Poe contest, competitive in every sense, is the mano y mano fight that voters would prefer to take place in 2016.

    Ms. Poe’s camp would call the contest like this : the sinner versus the saint.

    Mr. Binay’s camp will label it this way. The kanin-baboy gatherer versus the daughter, the unica hija, in fact, of the King and Queen ( of the movies, of course.)

    A Binay-Poe contest, this is another plus, will run along the narratives of a long-running, addictive, telenovela.

    Ms. Poe might be tempted to take on the offer of a “ six-year apprenticeship. “ In her case, that is not the realistic case. It is 2016 or never.



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    1. Excellent article but with just one problem. What about Grace Poe’s citizenship? Does she have an ace under her sleeves that she doesn’t seem to be concerned about the possibility of being disqualified? Has she paid off the Supreme Court already?

    2. You are always talking about Poe candidancy, why not discuss her case about her lack of residency and being a US citizen. i read that on 2012 she still using her US passport meaning to say she is still US citenzen. Instead of talking about her candidancy she just earn pogi points, as my suggestion instead of talking better discuss and file a case against her to disqualify as senator. Para matigil itong babae ambisyosa. Now file a case against her disqualification instead of talking you better takes action.

    3. Lets face it . The King players wants Poe cause they can easily manipulate her due to her inexperience and has not proven anything Solid being a senator. Her popularity is based just on name and media hype.

      Come on , lets be real ! Stop patronizing an image.

      We do have better chance choosing a Candidate that has experience to lead our Country.

      I would not wish for Grace Poe to end up in Jail , just like her predecessors. Kawawa naman her children!

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      Grace Poe will never make it since issues on her citizenship and residency will always hound her. I dont think anyone in the opposing side will not file disqualification case against her. Her senatorial seat might be even jeopardized as a result of her greediness for position she does not deserve. If she does not realize now….very soon she will suffer the consequences of being TOO AMBISYOSA! Madali syang malasing sa akala nya sobrang popular sya…It is viral in the internet she is both a heavy drinker and smoker…..

    5. Most national papers are projecting a Poe, Binay, or Roxas Presidency. Don’t forget an equally, or stronger candidate in Duterte. With Binay, Poe, Roxas, and now Defensor-Santiago running together, Duterte is the most winnable of them all. The entry of Defensor-Santiago in the race will divide the women votes which will go to Poe.

    6. Teddy Sevilla on

      Let me start off by saying my bias: The Filipino people deserves neither Binay nor Poe in ANY national position. But it seems both are hell-bent on running so….

      For its entertainment value, I would like to see Nancy Binay vs Grace Poe for the vice-presidency. Parehong senadora. Parehong baguhan. Parehong limitado ang kaalaman sa governance.

      For Jejomar, choosing Nancy as his VP partner makes a lot of sense. First, hindi na siya mahihirapan humanap at mag convince pa sa iba na tumakbo. Nakakahiya naman na pati anak niya tanggihan siya. Second, it keeps campaign funds within the family. Hindi na kailangan i-share pa. Binay is not known to spend his own money for campaigns. Like Erap, elections are opportunities for him to make money. Donors na lang ang bahala magdala sa kanya. Even if Binay loses, he still comes out the winner wealth-wise. Third: In case of a father-and-daughter victory, Jejomar can vastly move on with his lust for power. The case against political dynasties is diminished given a dynasty at the very apex of power – the people wanted it. From there Jejomar can do away with term limits for all elective positions. He will never appoint SC judges who have a contrarian position against the Aguinaldo Doctrine.

      Well, what do you think of it? Nancy Binay vs Poe for veep. Masaya di ba?

    7. Amnata Pundit on

      There is a word to describe people who are fired up by a Binay vs Grace Poe contest for the presidency, but I will not use it here. Let me put it this way nalang: a vote for either Binay or Grace Poe is a vote for the yellow regime status quo. Who will enjoy living in a pig sty for another 6 years? Why, a pig of course. Pork barrel nation indeed.

      • Yes! rather than Binay.

        The first time I heared his campaign slogan “ganito kami sa makati”, I was already turned off.

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        NO exactly No because the 1st one is TANGA…the 2nd one is an accused plunderer and this AMBISYOSA is a LIAR. She is a liar because until now she is fooling the Filipinos of the truth about her citizenship and residency issues. She freed PIGNOY of his responsibilities in the Mamasapano massacre despite declaring Aquino responsible but never brought her report to the senate plenary to decide on whether Aquino should face indictment. The last one is, Sen. Santiago who is more than qualified does not even dare to run, how much more to this neophyte senator who did nothing in 3 yrs as a senator but just being a media freak? Dig in more into her and you will find out her addictive in wines and cigarrettes…..

    8. Johnny Ramos on

      I doubt if Grace Poe can win the Vice presidency if she decides to run with Mar Roxas. Issue of her citizenship will attacked. During her primary and secondary school days her Grace was reciting the Panatang Makabayan almost everyday and she got matured she forgot her oath and became an American. How can she now relate to the masses now that she will never forget her campaign promises when she disobeyed her oath. Ang panata ay tinutupad yan pero pangako puedeng kalimutan.