• Binay vs PNoy in 2016 looms if Cha-cha passes


    Vice President Jejomar Binay is “ready” to face President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd in the 2016 elections if the incumbent head of state succeeds in amending the Constitution his mother fought for in restoring democracy 27 years ago.

    Asked on Friday if he would square off with Aquino two years from now, Binay said “yes.”

    The Vice President was in Naga City to pay homage to the late Leonardo Legaspi, first Filipino rector of the University of Santo Tomas, who died recently.

    Replying to a reporter’s question on his plans for 2016 at a press briefing, Binay said: “I am just repeating what I have been saying all along, since 2010 I have been telling the media but you keep asking me the same question and I have been consistent in saying, ‘Yes that has been my dream since I was a child.’ I have prepared myself for this. I got myself an education. Second, I had been mayor for 21 years. So, I’m bringing all that to the presidency.”

    Political changes in the 1987 Constitution would be “destabilizing” and “divisive” to the country, the Vice President said earlier on Friday, reacting to Aquino’s statement about his  “openness” to extend his six-year term via a Charter change.

    In a statement, Binay pointed out he would agree to amending only economic, not political, provisions of the Constitution that would allow more foreign investors into the country.

    “I will continue to oppose political Charter change not only because of principle but because it will be destabilizing and divisive at the very moment that we need national unity,” he added.

    “Those advising the President to pursue a course that will lead to a frontal confrontation with the Supreme Court are bringing our country to the brink of a political and constitutional crisis,” the Vice President said.

    In an interview with TV5 on Wednesday, President Aquino said he is open to changing the 1987 Philippine Constitution so that he can extend his term beyond 2016, citing the supposedly limitless reach of the judicial branch.

    The Supreme Court (SC) earlier declared parts of the Malacanang-initiated and controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as unconstitutional.

    But Binay said when the SC made the declaration, it only exercised its power and duty that were enshrined in the 1987 Constitution ratified during the time of President Corazon Aquino, the President’s mother.

    According to the Vice President, those advising the country’s incumbent leader on Cha-cha are putting “in peril” his chance to leave a “positive legacy” to the people.

    “In doing so, they invoke the name of public interest. To blur the delineation between their selfish interest and public interest is dangerous and despotic,” Binay said.

    He earlier warned the President against listening to those who may have “vested interests.”

    The Constitution is quite explicit when it reposed on the judiciary not only the power but also the duty “to determine whether or not there has been grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction on the part of any branch of instrumentality of government,” Binay said.

    “This was included precisely to prevent a situation where the judiciary bends to the wills of one branch, or of one man as was the case during martial law,” he added.

    Binay stressed the importance of the powers vested in the High Court under the Constitution, which he said enshrines the hopes of millions of Filipinos who made the 1986 Edsa Revolution possible “for a strong judicial institution as the best safeguard against dictatorship in whatever form.”

    That revolution toppled then-strongman President Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy in the Philippines.

    “While I respect the views of those who complain of judicial overreach as well as those who believe in lifting presidential term limits, I pray for sober reflection to restrain abrupt political initiatives. We must never allow purely partisan considerations to erode the institutions that guarantee our freedoms,” according to Binay.

    As a lawyer himself, the Vice President said he believes in the three co-equal branches–executive, judiciary and legislative–stressing the importance of each one respecting the independence and recognizing each one’s power, duties and limitations.

    “A healthy democracy will benefit the people,” Binay added.

    The Vice President also on Friday said he is “ready” to face anyone in the 2016 elections that will pick the successor to Aquino.

    Binay had flown to Naga City, Camarines Sur, to pay homage to former Caceres Archdiocese Leonardo Legaspi, first Filipino rector of the University of Santo Tomas, who died recently.

    From Naga, he visited the provinces of Sorsogon and Albay where he met with local leaders and supporters.

    Albay Gov. Joey Salceda said the President might just be thinking out loud when he said he was considering to extend his stay in Malacañang.

    “I don’t think he is serious since he just wants to unsettle the Supreme Court, throw at his noisy punditry a little discomfort and give a the people a little twist in his premeditated ordinariness,” Salceda, a classmate of Aquino at Ateneo de Manila University, said on Facebook.

    In Davao City, Sen. Francis Escudero also on Friday said he thought that the President was only joking when he said he was open to term extension.

    But, Escudero added, if Aquino was serious about it, then it demands “serious opposition from me and from the people.”

    The President’s possible second term lies with the people, not the Constitution, his allies said also on Friday.

    According to Rep. Jerry Treñas of Iloilo City and Rep. Ben Evardone of Eastern Samar, both from the ruling Liberal Party, which is headed by Aquino, the President’s fate “can only be determined in a referendum, not through protests and media rantings by the noisy few.”

    But for opposition lawmakers Neri Colmenares and Carlos Zarate of Bayan Muna, the President and his allies are backing a second term for him to escape accountability over the DAP.

    “Aquino is delusional and power-hungry, thus, unfit to rule. His dictatorial ambition must be crushed. He must be ousted from office to prevent him from imposing his wicked plan,” Colmenares said.

    And Bataan Bishop Ruperto Santos warned that if the President pushed with Cha-cha, “the Diocese of Balanga will do something” about it.

    Meanwhile, he said also on Friday, they will continue to pray for Aquino and his allies to see the light, instead of “preserving their political careers and personal ambitions.”



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    1. In my view two term for a president is OK, You know why, how could a new president could bring the country in progress if what he do in his first term are to clean all the mess of the other president, Like Macapagal before she leave his office she appointed hundred of his cronies. Binay disagree to have a two term president because he want to be a president him self.

      • John doer ..from 2010 till now naka ngnga lang ang idolo mo pag na extent nganga uli . maawa ka naman sa pilipinas wag yang personal interest lang ang inaatupag. Pag napalitan yang mentally redarded na yan ay magbabago din ang pag idolo mo ke panot at babalimbing ka parang si Leah Navarro

    2. Ben Evardone is not an LP…repeat NOT AN LP, iba-iba ang kulay nyan UNGAS na yan…He is a Balimbing, he was the Bagman of ARROYO (GMA) then jump immediately like Ben Tambling when Pnoy was elected President kaya Ben din pangalan nya.. A very corrupt politician in E. Samar…he has a Big Mouth sa panloloko sa mga tao…but no accomplishment. Tingnan nyo ang E. Samar, he was their former governor then Tongressman, but look at the progress, most especially the roads and livelihood in that province….the roads are rotten, how come he became the 4th richest Tongressman in the Philippines…but he was as poor as a rat before entering politics…

    3. Dominador D. Canastra on

      May human rights lawyer Vice-President Jejomar Binay and successful Mayor of Makati for many years become the next president of our country–and not someone who will perpetuate the power of the oligarchy on the political-economy.

      • Tama ka DDC, kaya lang ang ITATAGUYOD NI JOJOBAMA BINAY ay POLITICAL ” DYNASTHIEVES “. Pagtapos ng six years terms nya ang mga susunod na prez natin ay si Nancy, Abigail, Jun-jun, Dra. Elenor at kung buhay pa si JojoBama ay balik sya sa pagka prez. Gusto ma ba ito DDC?
        Kung tama ang aking narinig nuon unang nagpakilala si JojoBama tatakbo sya bilang president, at di pa bumababa sa vice-prez, ay sinabi nya sa radio na ” Sino ang pipiliin nyo, yuon may 21 years experienced bilang executives o yuon walang-walang experienced (Noynoy). Ngayon mayroon nang 4 na taon experienced si Pnoy ay magandang maglaban ang Pnoy-Roxas vs Binay-Jingoy. Yuon unang tambalan (Pnoy-Roxas) meron 4 na taon experienced sa “NAKAWAN SA GOBIERNO ” at yuon ikalawa ay mahigit na 25 YEARS EXPERIENCED NG ” NAKAWAN SA GOBIERNO”. SINO ANG PIPILIIN NATIN BAYAN SA 2016?. JAYO BAYAN ANG MAG DECIDE, BAYAN?
        Don’t make me be mistaken, DDC, I’M STILL NOT IN FAVOR of Cha-Cha to EXTEND term of office of ABNOY to another 6 years or more. Ay naku BAYAN BAKIT KAYA TAYO PINAPAPILI BETWEEN DEVILS AT DEVILS NG MGA HAYP NA ITO?

    4. Claro Apolinar on

      Wow! Those who underestimate Vice-President Binay should not forget that he is an original MABINI lawyer–with such honored names as Jokr Arroyo and Rene Saguisag.
      He will be a good successor to President Aquino–a persn who loves the masses while at the same time clear about the need for our nation to be globally competitive and a strong economy that is not only for the rich and the elite.

      Mabuhay VP Binay.

      God will bless you Manila Times for choosing to be good to Mr. Binay unlike the other top Philippine newspapers that are negative toward him because he does not belong to the elite.

      • Excuse me, Mr. Apolinar. Do you really believe that what you are saying here is the true color of Binay? You don’t know how very corrupt this man is, ask any resident of Makati and they will tell you the truth. And what are you saying about the good name Joker Arroyo, he was so blind to the corruption of the GMA regime (remember, he is a defender of GMA) and you say he is good? But with Rene Saguisag, I still respect him because he still stands to his ideals and principles, unlike the other two you mentioned.

    5. Samuel Santos on

      IF EVER, I’d choose PNoy; the lesser of two evils. Patay na kung patay. May the good Lord bless the Philippines.

    6. I’d rather prefer Aquino have a second term and have the Constitution amended to allow extension, than have BINAY win and destroy the country with his manipulative politics of corruption and enshrining his Family Dynasry in government! Of course Binay will oppose the extension of term coz he knows he can not match the popular political power of Aquino and the Liberal Party. Binay is so “eager beaver” and obsessive to become President, when he know he has no integrity and honest character to run a clean and transparent government! Binay is capitalizing on his 21 years experience as Mayor of Makati, when all he did was made Makati his personal business interest that made him billionaire via illegal activities , construction of 2.4 billion Parking Garage: extort 1 or 2 condo units from Developers and exploit the poor squatters in Makati! Once Binay become President, the people can expect massive corruption and more PDAF and DAP for his patronage politics by buying them with these funds wost than Aquino’s DAP and PDAF usages! Binay will be worst than Marcos in stealing the country’ wealth and in perpetuating his Family Dynasty in power! Binay will erode the economic foundation created by Aquino by stealing the nations wealth by his unscrupulous corruptive manners, like that of being Mayor of Makati. Binay is just fooling the masses of his announced pro-poor policy when it only means pro-pocket enrichment in office!

      • You hit it right in the bull’s eye, Mr. Adan. We’d rather have Pnoy as incorruptible leader rather than this self-serving VP Binay who amasses his wealth by milking and skimming billions of pesos while serving as mayor of Makati. He proudly says that he is a human rights lawyer during the Marcos regime and if that so, where did all his fortunes now came from, because a real human rights lawyers works “pro bono” (free) to his poor and indigent masses. Rather than letting the Philippine ship go back to home port for a crew change (with that scum bag VP salivating and waiting for h to raid the treasury), why not steady it;s course and move forward to a better and progressive country, like Singapore (remember, Lee Kuan Yew stayed for 26 years and look where is Singapore now).

    7. I think what many Filipinos are concerned about, if VP Binay becomes president that corruption will flourish and all the convicted plunderers in jail will be pardoned. However if Mr. Binay promises that he will not do so, instead to continue to run after these corrupt government officials to negate the apprehension of many, he probably will win to become the next president of the Philippines. It would be interesting to find out in a survey, what percent of Filipinos will support to amend the constitution to extend PNOY’S second term.

        4 na taon na at 3 pa lang ang naipakulong niya,mahina si abnoy humanting ng magnanakaw sa gobyerno niya. Siguro ang susunod niyang hahanapan SLN ay si Drilon o si tito sotto or miriam defensor at ang mga nasa SC. “Vengeance forever”