Binay wants lawmakers to have funds


VICE President Jejomar Binay on Monday vowed to find a way that will allow legislators to again be given funds that they can use to help their constituents in time of need.

If elected president, Binay said he will create a committee that will look into the Supreme Court (SC) decision declaring the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel unconstitutional. The committee will determine if there is a way to enable lawmakers to provide immediate help to their constituents.

“I think we have to research to find out the extent of the effects of the (SC) decision [on PDAF],” Binay told the members of the National Unity Party (NUP) during its convention. Before the High Court outlawed PDAF, each senator got P200 million while each congressman received P70 million that they can use to pay for burial, hospitalization and other needs of their constituents.

Binay however made it clear that he has no intention to bring back PDAF since the funding mechanism has been declared unconstitutional by the SC. He stressed that he only wants lawmakers to provide immediate help to their constituents especially during emergency situation.

He said a legal study could be done to look into the possibility of allowing lawmakers to fund soft or non-infrastructure projects.

Several lawmakers and government officials, including three senators, are facing plunder and other graft charges for their alleged involvement in the multibillion-peso pork barrel scam.

Binay said he also plans to push for a moratorium on the filing of cases against possible candidates one year before an election.

The vice president said the idea is to prevent the Office of the Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan to be used by politicians for their own personal gains.

“I want to point out that there should be a moratorium. It will be enforced one year before an election,” he added.

Binay said there are instances wherein a complaint is filed against a potential candidate to either to force him or her to back out or prevent him from running.

Binay and his son, suspended Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., are also facing plunder complaints at the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the construction of the Makati City Hall Building 2 which Binay critics claim was overpriced.


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  1. The instinct for corruption of the VP is really ingrained. He just count not help himself. He has to find ways to corrupt other people while presenting opportunity to enrich himself.
    Remember corrupt VP, it is not the job of the Senate or Congress to handle money. Their job is to enact laws.

  2. Binay as usual are seeking the support of the legislators by giving them funds when he will become President. What kind of candidate he is?. Please do not vote for him in this coming election.

  3. Another reason why Binay is not fit to be the President. He fails to distinguish between the role of the legislators as policy makers, and the role of the executive (Government agencies) in administering those policies. This confusion (or deception) is at the heart of so much corruption in government.

  4. Binay wants to revive pork barrel. Napoles will be back again in business bec of Binay plan. But this willonly be a wishful thingking for binay bec walang forever sa corruption nyo Binay family.

  5. Whilst i would applaud this seemingly philanthropic capacity, that the lawmakers would have at their disposal..

    We cannot deny ; again and again, the historical facts —-Blatant misuse of of public funds; have been the order of the day ”

    Einstein;is credited with saying” If you so trhe same thing;exactly the same way;and expect different results..This is a form of madness”…

    Are we going to repeat the same mistakes If we let the old dog–or even the new ones have nice big “pocket money” Will they just be up to their old tricks…

    Unless there is full transparency; and some kind of overseeing of how this money is spent …..

    Then i fear; we will be going the Einstein “Form of madness” way yet again….

    I remain
    your humble

    Dr David M meyer

  6. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    “Binay said he also plans to push for a moratorium on the filing of cases against possible candidates one year before an election.”. And when did you (Binay) stopped stealing money from the government? And when do you stop buying votes? When do you stop paying CA justices? When do you return all the money you and your family stole from the Makati government and BSP? A moratorium can only be realized if you:
    1. Appear in the Senate hearing
    2. Appear before the Ombudsman or Sandiganbayan to answer charges.
    3. Stop using government’s money for campaning (you did this from 2010 to the present)
    4. Continue the debate with Trillanes (abogago ka pa mandin na graduate ng UP)
    5. Listen and heed one of the commandments of God which is “Thou shall not STEAL”
    6. Stop bribing CA justices
    7. RETURN all the money you stole from the government.
    Let us keep praying to save the Philippines from the Binays.