• Binay warns of high-tech election fraud in 2016


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Sunday said he has received reports that high-tech cheating in the 2016 presidential elections is being hatched to favor certain candidates.

    Binay has announced plans of running for the highest office in the next elections.

    “Disturbing reports have reached us about the possible high-tech tampering to favor certain candidates, especially for high offices in 2016,” he said during the Joint Convention of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Western and Eastern Visayas in Iloilo.

    He did not say what group is behind the plan.

    “If this is true, such an act will be an assault on the people’s sovereign power to confer their mandate on the leaders of their choosing,” Binay added.

    The Vice President repeated the warning before Rotary Governors in Manila.

    He urged the IBP and the Rotary Club to take active roles in ensuring clean and honest elections and fighting electronic fraud in the 2016 polls.

    “As early as now, the seeds of advocacy for fair and honest elections in 2016 must be sown and nurtured in order to defend our people’s sovereign will. I hope the IBP will pick up the gauntlet and be among the vigilant guardians of a clean electoral process less than two years hence,” the Vice President said.

    Binay lauded the IBP for its efforts in “taking to task those who flout the Constitution” in the handling of government funds.

    “With your filing of a petition before the Supreme Court assailing the constitutionality of the so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program, or DAP, the IBP has registered its strong position to be on the side of impartial accountability and genuine reform in governance,” he said.

    “Hopefully, our Supreme Court will soon rule on your petition and find merit in the same for the sake of a truly holistic resolution of the pork barrel scam,” Binay added.

    The Vice President, who is also a lawyer, also urged the IBP to lead in the restoration of order and national discipline in the country.

    He said prominent citizens and community leaders, as well as civic and sectoral organizations, have joined to form a movement for national discipline called Kilos Kaayusan, which is set to be launched in August.

    “As professional advocates sworn to defend the Constitution and uphold the laws of the land at all times, we lawyers are in the commanding position to spearhead a dynamic movement to restore kaayusan [order]in our country and persuade our people to observe discipline in their daily lives. For the sake of the nation, this I urge you to consider,” Binay added.

    The lack of order and discipline, the Vice President said, is the root cause of corruption.

    “Official corruption finds its roots in the weakness of patriotic commitment and lack of discipline in our bureaucracy. Think about it: Will this pork barrel scam materialize if there was strict, proper and professional handling of public funds by the Budget department and the implementing agencies?” Binay asked.

    “The system is so weak, disorderly, and prone to manipulation that a scheming street-smart person from Basilan has been able to conspire with the bureaucracy and fleece the people of their money,” he added.

    The alleged brains of the pork barrel scam—businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles—hails from Basilan in Mindanao in southern Philippines.


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    1. They just want to advertise that hocus pcos is available & for sale to the highest bidder.in 2016.

    2. Jun Adan is so quick to forget that at what cost is ROXAS rich…Remember History and also the company chosen by roxas and protected by him and PNOY all of them also in the PDAF-DAP Scam….Hirap sa inyong yellow boys akala niyo kayo lang ang malinis. The accusers of BINAY must also come up clean by the same standards of their accusations otherwise ang tawag sa iinyo- TUPPERWARE or HIPOCRITICAL PLASTICS

    3. Masyado namang maagang mamulitika si Vice Pres Binay? Bakit, ngayon lang ba me dayaan? Alam naman nya yan, dahil siya mismo me mga alagang botante sa squatters area sa Makati, para namang di siya nandadaya sampu ng kanyang mga anak at asawa, na mayor ng makati, congresswoman, at senator. Baka naman me patatakbuhin kang barangay chairman na apo mo, pakandidatuhin mo na, para isang bilihan na lang ng boto, Vice. Natatakot kang matalo dahil di mo maareglo ang mga kakosa mo sa kulungan, kawawang Pilipinas pag ikaw ang nanalo(kakambal mo na si estrada, enrile at et al)

    4. Walang kabuluhan ang boto ng ating mamamayan kung ang botohan ay dadayain lang sa Comelec’s vote counting machine. Napasakit isipin na ilang halalan na ang nakaraan na naibalitang tayong mamamayan ay nalinlang sa botohan dahil sa dayaan na nangyari sa PCOS machine. Dahil hanggang sa ngayon, yung mga lehitimong tanong o akusasyon ng mga eksperto sa katiwalian sa PCOS machine ay hindi pa nasasagot ng COMELEC hanggang ngayon gayung nalalapit na uli ang halalan sa 2016. Patuloy ba tayong magkikibit balikat at hahayaan na lang mabale wala ang ating boto sa mga susunod na halalan? Sana ay mamulat ang bawat isa sa atin na ang ating boto ay mahalaga at maisip natin na ang ating boto ay batay sa ating konsensiya at hindi dahil sa pera pera lang. Dapat matutuhan natin na pangalagaan ang ating boto sa pamamagitan ng paninindigan at paniniguro na ang tunay nating boto ay siyang mabibilang at tunay na lalabas sa resulta ng ating halalan.

    5. 2016 Presidential Contest: Roxas vs. Binay

      Binay is starting to lay the foundation of supposed election fraud in 2016 today for his Presidential run! Of course, as a political strategy Binay will condition that mind of the people that he is the underdog in the race and will alleged cheating and manipulation by his opponent to gain sympathy of the voters!

      People BEWARE BINAY is a consummate politician who became rich, infamous of his alleged ill obtained wealth while Mayor of Makati (together with his wife and son Jun Jun), and his extreme inclination to perpetuate the family in elective high offrices as a FAMILY DYNASTY!.

      Roxas is the right man for the Presidency. Roxas has personal and family integrity; clean and straight probity and character to govern a nation; and all the wherewithal to hold the power and perform with honor the function and office of the President! Roxas has the competency and experience to wield with wisdom the high office of the land. He has not been involved or tainted with any anomaly or illegal actions while a public official (Secretary of Trade and Senator and now DILG Secretary). Though he lacks the personal charisma among the masses since he does not kowtow or tolerate massive squatting and or does not go down to the level of gutter politics to be popular, Roxas is more of a macro manager who can laid down strong, vibrant and beneficial
      national policies (economic, social and foreign). Roxas has not enrich himself in office and remain a leader who lives within his financial and economic means. Roxas does not give away cake and sack of rice to squatters or poor people of
      Makati to hold these peoples loyalty.

      On the other hand, BINAY is the opposite of ROXAS. Binay, who started as a second-rate POOR activist during Marcos regime is now multi-billionaire. Accdg. to Ramon Tulfo, BINAY is a man from rags to riches… having had nothing during Marcos time, he got lucky to having appointed as Mayor of Makati by Cory Aquino. And during his and his wife’s reign as Mayor of Makati, during the long years of holding this position, they were able to amass untold questionable wealth! Tulfo alleged that Binay, as Mayor, was able to corner the public parking business and demanded and got several condo units for each building constructed in Makati. Binay now owns a lot of public parking lots, condo units and a large tract of land, with ranch and man-made lagoon, in Batangas, not to mentional houses in California. Binay’s multi-billion wealth is surely very disproportionate to his and his wife’s income as Mayor of Makati. Even before that they did not have lucrative legal and medical practice to justify their present personal property holdings! Therefore, where could have they obtained their wealth but from dubious and unlawful sources considering the salary of a Mayor is a
      pittance or negligible that can not justify their acquisition of huge properties.
      Although, Binay is ahead in sws survey for the Presidency, the people is initially driven by Binay’s popularity on CAKE and sack of rice continues give away and the free hospitalization and eduction in Makati, Roxas can be more magnanimous and
      generous to the poor people in giving away and promoting jobs and capable to reduce unemployment in the country. Roxas has more personal stature and recognition to mingle with leaders of the world. Binay is more power driven in that he has shown his greed for power by having his wife alternate for him as Mayor, his son as Mayor, his two daughters as Congresswoman and Senator respectively. In short, Binay is a man devoted to FAMILY DYNASTY and, as such, will perpetuate himself or his family in office, especially when he becomes President!

      Jun Adan
      New York City

    6. Anybody, any person who has the funds can buy his election anytime, what with the kind of corrupt Comelec we have today. Fact is, Binay can buy his way as well. It will even not be a surprised that he won as VP because he bought the Comelec and Smarmatic to get his post. If the Comelec will continue the much maligned computerized election without the safeguards necessary and required in the machines just like the last two elections, anyone with the money to pay for his post will certainly win. And only the Comelec hierarchy will be happy.