Binay woos Laguna


Vice President Jejomar Binay took his campaign to Laguna province on Wednesday and again vowed to ease the burden of workers who he said are being taxed heavily.

Binay’s first stop was Barangay Landayan in San Pedro. He visited the Shrine of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre (Santo Sepulcro Parish) and had his forehead smeared with ashes.

Sen. Gregorio Honasan, the vice presidential candidate of Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), and E.R. Ejercito, who is again running as governor of Laguna, accompanied Binay. They too, joined the Ash Wednesday rites.

UNA’s senatorial bets took part in the San Pedro motorcade.

Binay said he will reduce income tax and provide free medicine to the poor and school supplies to students.

“Kasama ho ‘yan doon sa pag-angat sa buhay ng mga mahihirap. Biro mo ‘yong mga salaried employees doble-doble ang binabayaran niyan. Merong direct taxation at merong indirect taxation [That will be part of the poverty alleviation program. Imagine, salaried employees pay double. There is direct taxation and indirect taxation],” he told reporters.

“So, uulitin ko, ako ho ay nakikiusap sa ating Kongreso na ‘yong mga sumusweldo ng P30,000 and below, hindi na magbabayad ng income tax. Kaya ng gobyerno ‘yon. May compensating measures doon [So, I am again appealing to Congress to exempt those earning P30,000 and below from paying income tax. The government can do it. There are compensating measures for it],” the Vice President said.

He added that the lost revenues from income tax can be compensated if the government curbs smuggling.

Binay next visited Malaban in Biñan where he gave a brief speech at a covered court before heading to Santa Rosa. Men, women and children, young and old, waited under a searing sun for the Vice President’s caravan to pass.

The UNA caravan also visited Santa Rosa as well as Barangay Marinig in Cabuyao. Its final stop was historic Calamba.

Binay will also be campaigning in Cavite and Batangas.

In the sorties, UNA gave out T-shirts and candies after speeches were delivered.

When asked about his health regimen, Binay told reporters: “Ewan ko. Laki naman ako sa hirap. ‘Yong mga iba diyan, ‘yong mga tumanda na sila nakapag-isip na mag-exercise o kung ano. Batak ako sa trabaho [I don’t know. I grew up in poverty. The others, they only thought of exercising when they grew old. I am used to working].”

Binay said he had just completed his annual medical examination and the results were “really good.”

“Sabi pa nga ng doktor, baka gusto ko na naman ulit mag-badminton. Pero, hindi na. Unang-una, ang badminton ay isang sports na napasukan ko na andami kong naging injury. Natamaan pa ako sa mata at laging namamaga ang tuhod ko. Pero I’m really in good health. [The doctor even said that I can go back to playing badminton again. But I don’t want to. I sustained so many injuries when I was playing badminton. I got hit in the eye and my knees were always swollen. But I’m really in good health],” he added.


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  1. Binay is the better candidate to handle the problems of this country . He came from humble beginnings and never gave up his citizenship & his loyalty to serve his country and countrymen.
    I support his platform of improving the educational system . This is the best social equalizer. As well as proposed tax exempt measures to assist lower income workers . His platforms are feasible , and makes more sense.

    We should focus on the Achievements as the important qualification of our candidate. FORGET about Corruption because everyone in government has been exposed to this inherent trait ( corruption in character/ money / morality / etc…. ) Grace Poe’s character is flawed n weak , she pledged allegiance to another country for her own convenience and now threatening our Constitution to also suite her needs. Roxas Inaction and mess on MRT/Mammasapano massacre/Yolanda rehabilitation. His all talk and Arrogant and not in touch with Reality just like BSAquino. Duterte’s morality and human rights violation are questionable. Miriam is too ill .
    Let me quote on what a taxi driver said ” Lahat ng mga Kandidato tumatakbo sa gobyerno ay corrupt , Iboboto niya yung nakita niyang may nagawa at magagawa sa kanya at taong bayan”.


    • Owwwwssssssssssssssss1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayan na naman. Puwede bang wag tayong mag-comment ng ganitong klase. Ang mga Pinoy talaga, Hay!

    • To Gud4u , who are you to censor what we say. Did the previous writer said bad words. He is just stating his opinion and you do not have any right of censorship.

  3. Nonsence Beenay on

    Don’t forget that Binay will promise all the impossible things for political reasons. He will do his best to win the presidency to save his family from all the corruption charges against them and release the corrupt senators like Enrile, Revilla, Estrada and Napoles. Why is it so hard for the Binay family to explain to the whole world how they obtained billions of pesos or dollars deposited in Canada? Let us keep praying to save the Philippines from the corrupt Binay family.

    • Hijo, napatunayan na ba na si Binay ay nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan? E kung napatunayan na eh di nasa kulungan na siya. Sino ang iboboto mo, Roxas – tuta ni Aquino, Poe – tuta din ni Aquino, Defensor – OK siya pero problema ang health niya, Duterte – ok din pero impossible ang mga campaign promises niya.

    • To gud4u papaano malaman na lahat sila e tuta ni Pinoy? The case on Binay is at the Sandigan Bayan. As you know, probably not, we have due process in this country. The problem with Binay is he is the Vice President and has immunity rights. Same as Pres Arroyo cannot be sued when she was the president. After her term , now she is incarcerated. Do not make any assumptions.