Binay: WPP privileges must not be abused


THE camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay on Saturday deplored the acceptance of three Binay detractors “with questionable morals and dubious reliability” into the Witness Protection Program (WPP).

The office of the Vice President said one of them, Renato Bondal, admitted in a Senate hearing he lied under oath. Bondal had claimed that the birthday cakes given to senior citizens in Makati City were overpriced at P1,000 per cake. When shown official documents that the cakes cost only P300 each, Bondal admitted that the P1,000 was only a “guess.”

“Nanghula lang siya [He made a guess]. For this, Filipino taxpayers are paying for his “protection,” a statement from Binay’s office said.

Another witness, former Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado, “has not provided any credible evidence to support his allegations,” the statement said. “He has also changed his testimony twice. In his first appearance, Mercado replied “most likely” or “malamang” when asked if the Vice President earned from the project. But on his second appearance, he changed his tune.”

Mercado “even produced bags as props. But props in a Senate kangaroo court will not be considered evidence in a court of law. What is clear is that Mercado himself had admitted to receiving kickbacks from the projects, and we find it highly improbable if such an admission will qualify Mercado as not being the most guilty. Yet, taxpayers are also paying for his protection,” it added.

It said the Department of Justice (DOJ) must not allow Mercado to abuse the WPP privileges. “The agency should not tolerate his gambling habit to the point that it will provide security for Mercado each time he visits casinos or cockpits to gamble. This will be the ultimate disservice to the WPP and a total waste of taxpayers’ money all to advance the political demolition agenda of two senators,” the statement said.

Mercado, Bondal and Nicolas Enciso 6th were placed under witness protection on Friday on the request of the Senate blue ribbon committee.

The three claimed that Binay benefited from the controversial Makati City Hall Building 2 and other projects when he was mayor.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said people admitted into the WPP are granted immunity “because it is a way of encouraging the witness to be very really open about what they know in connection with a particular subject matter which is under investigation.”


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  1. The first thing to look at is lying. If he said he knew those cakes were being sold for P1,000 each & that was a rip off & that the binay family were behind those very high prices just to rip off the tax paying public. Then we find out he didnt know the price of the cakes at all & that he just guessed at a price, then how on earth can anything else he says be listened to. Filipinos are so easily fooled. In the uk if you are found to be lying then none of your evidence will be listened to. Now you then look at binay complaining about these people being under the wpp. What business is it of his, does he want to have access to them, to imtimidate them, to kill them, why would he want access to them at all. Then if serious allegations have been made against you & it seems they were substantiated by experts saying the building was just a normal building & then knowing a normal building that size would cost only P1,000,000,000 then it seems there is corruption going on. How you then sort it out i dont know as if your witnesses are liars their evidence cant be relied on. I know i wouldnt give them witness protection, just the opposite i would prosecute him for admitting he accepted back door payments for projects. Now i would tell him fully co operate & you sentance will be reduced. Dont co operate & you will be in prison for maybe the rest of your life. Let him make the choice.

  2. Talaga naman, Parang may moral kang magsalita ginoong Binay, mantakin mo mabuti nalang may isang Ernesto Mercado at nabulgar na kayong mag asawa at pati mga anak nyo ay ninanakawan nyo ang kaban ng Makati. Lalo pa kung maging presidente ka baka isanla mo lahat ng mga filipino. Mas masahol ka pa sa buwaya. Tama ang kasabihan mas mabuti ang matakaw kaysa magnanakaw na tulad ng buong pamilya mo. Ang matakaw kapag nabusog titigil na.

  3. why can’t VP binay just face the accusation before the senate investigation so to clear himself from wrong doings. come forward binay and give them a straight punch and stop using the word political accusation as excuses.

  4. Eliseo jr. Tenza on

    I hope that the Vice President will address the over priced carpark building instead of attacking the witnesses. His testimony without taking an oath to tell the truth will not be as valid unless he makes his address in Senate committee.

  5. Matagal na kitang nababalitaan, Mr. Binay, na napaka corrupt mong opisyal. Saan mo naman nakuha ang ipinambili mo ng iyong bahay sa Forbes park kung suweldo mo lang sa pag me-Mayor ang iyong pagkukunan. Sa actong ito ay napakaraming tao ang iyong pinahirapan. Dalangin ko sa Diyos na kung hindi mo ibabalik ang iyong kinorupt ay kunin ka na niya sana.

  6. Bakit Lahat Kayo ay kontra Kay pinoy?Alam NG Tao si Binay ay guilty pag Hindi humarap sa senado.Ang dapat ay patunayan na Hindi overpriced building para mapahiya Yong mga senator.