• Binays distance selves from Dasma homeowners-security agency row


    The Binay clan on Wednesday will not intervene in the looming dispute between homeowners in Dasmariñas Village in Makati City and the subdivision’s security agency.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay and his children, Sen. Nancy Binay and Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay, said the matter is between the Dasmariñas Village Association (DVA) and Right Eight Security Agency.

    The association has replaced Right Eight, citing loss of confidence over the gun-wielding incident in November involving the agency’s guards and the convoy of the Binay siblings.

    In a circular issued on January 14, the DVA informed village residents that the Right Eight Security Agency will be replaced by First Eagle Security Agency.

    DVA President Jay Pantangco said Right Eight made an “unauthorized and inaccurate representation of DVA to the media in matters pertaining to the November 30 Banyan gate incident.”

    The agency “cited inaccurate policies involving VIPs,” Pantangco said.

    “The issue is already between them (DVA and Right Eight),” the Vice President told reporters.

    Senator Binay and Mayor Binay agreed.

    “It’s between them (Right Agency) and DVA,” Mayor Binay said through his spokesman Joey Salgado.

    DVA had commended the security guards for not allowing the mayor’s convoy to pass through the Banyan gate.

    A security video surfaced in December last year purportedly showing Mayor Binay being prevented from passing through the Banyan gate last November 30.

    The video showed a member of the mayor’s security wielding a long firearm.


    Dasmariñas officials were outraged when the agency’s owner, Ram Antonio, apologized to Binay.

    Antonio had told the media that VIPs like the Binays must be exempted from the rules governing access to the village.




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    1. The news story is full of contradiction and confuses readers, Here’s how the Dasmarinas Village Association )DVA) explained why they decided to teerminate the services of Ram Antonio’s Right Eight Security Agency:

      Firsts to the main reason, it appears that DVA has a long standing policy to exempt onky three persons from strict enforcement of their rules namely: the president, the vice president, and the mayor of Makati. Clearly, this lonjg standing policy had not been disseminated to the security guards resulting in the embarrassment of the mayor and the ensuing incident. That is why, the security guards priority to be absorbed by the new security agency wince they were not at fault but the fault of the security management;

      Second, as to the loss of confidence, obviously a security agency takes care of the strict confidentiality of all affairs and stuff of DVA. In this issue, Right Eight Security Agency is in custody with those tapes without sound hence can be easioy manipulated, which were furnished to media people, almost a month from the date incident which indubitably proves that the move was politically motivated. In sum, Right Eight Security Agency can no longer be trusted by DVA. Their infraction is unpardonable and betrays DVA;s trust. Hence, the termination of Right Eight Security Service is appropriate.

    2. I can just imagine how those poor guards feel when just trying to do their job right with no exception lost their means of livelihood to feed their family because of the power and influence of the Binay to save face in an incident that could have been taken lightly, had humility prevailed on the side of the Binay because they have the power, and the result is very clear to the voters next election. Remember the guards in 2016.

    3. No choice for the Binays but to pull back.. Anything they say results to loss of political capital..