Binays’ guilt or innocence not the issue; Rule of Law is


My attention was called by one of my editors that there is a growing public perception that The Manila Times supports Vice President Jejomar C. Binay. And she was understandably alarmed.

She deserves an explanation and perhaps some of our readers who too might share the same view as that of my editor.

I am proud to say that The Manila Times is the only broadsheet that is neither owned nor influenced by any of the big businesses. The paper doesn’t owe anything to any taipan or any past or present politician. It is, in my favorite expression, “Against all flags.”

As a consequence of our critical articles, some of the big businesses literally boycott The Manila Times. They exclude it from their advertising plans. For now, their identities will remain locked. Why they do so is perhaps a topic for another series.

Ok I submit that some of our columnists may be supportive of VP Binay. But I hope our readers will understand that their actions and opinions are exclusively their own and not necessarily shared by, much less assigned to them by The Manila Times.

The Manila Times subscribes to the proposition that freedom of speech is one of the pillars of democracy. The Times protects and upholds that abiding principle by allowing its opinion writers to comment freely on issues that affect government, business, society and even our daily lives.

The Times editors do not in any way tinker with submitted columns, except to weed out errors in English grammar and idiom and phrases that could lead to libel suits. In short, our columnists enjoy complete freedom. They could be very wrong but we practice what the late Senator Ninoy Aquino, father of the President, once said, paraphrasing Voltaire, “I do not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

What the Times doesn’t welcome are paid opinions and paid press releases or “jukebox journalism.” And for as long as my columnists write articles that flow from their conviction, I would allow their unimpeded publication.

On President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd. The Manila Times is neither pro nor anti Administration. It is just doing its job as a newspaper. I subscribe to the proposition that the media should play a critical role with government. It is not for media to praise public officials or the powers-that-be but to expose anomalies and shenanigans in government.

There will be no praise of the government and its officials by The Manila Times. It was during Martial Law when I first came across the word, “Developmental Journalism” which at that time meant publishing or airing, in the words of the former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, only the “good and the beautiful.”

The Manila Times will continue to persevere to look for news behind the news. It will consistently challenge the statements of government officials in order to expose the half-truths and half-lies it peddles. It will continue to skillfully pry open the veil of secrecy behind each and every perceived anomaly in this administration and beyond no matter what. Because it is our job; our only job.

In exposing the malfeasances of government officials, we help build our nation. In writing about the corruption in and excesses of our leaders, we strengthen our institution. In calling attention to the violations of the law and of the things we hold dear, and in fighting for the poor and the oppressed, we enrich our values as a people.

Let’s talk of VP Binay vis-à-vis Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-Committee investigation. Where does this paper stand? Is it for or against Binay? Neither.

The issue is not Binay or whether he is innocent or guilty as charged. What is at stake is the Rule of Law.

Let’s not forget that the mandate of the Senate is to carry out investigations in aid of legislation. Investigations are supposed to be conducted for the specific purpose of crafting new laws or amending existing ones. Determining the guilt or innocence of an individual is not contemplated in the legislative system; it is the exclusive province of the courts.

Senators as we all know are legislators and not prosecutors, judges or executioners. They are to conduct investigations into specific public concerns to identify inherent or perceived weaknesses in the system so that corrective measures can be proposed and enacted into laws.

Also important, is that those invited in the Senate hearings are resource persons; they are guests in the august chambers of the Senate; they are guests of the Senators. They should be accorded respect. They should not be bullied, threatened, disrespected or cajoled into admitting their alleged crimes.

Their presence in the hearings is for the purpose of providing Legislators relevant inputs that can be included in the drafting of the bills should the Legislators decide to do so. Never should they be categorized as suspects. Or worse, labeled as guilty even before they could appear before the Senate hearing or before the investigations can be terminated and a report could be prepared, circulated and duly signed by the members of the committee.

The facts are clear:

Senators Koko Pimentel, Allan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 3rd are guilty of violating the rules of the Senate which govern hearings “In aid of legislation” and how these should be conducted. For that matter, the Senate leadership is as guilty too for not putting its foot down against the abuses of the three Senators or remind them of the governing rules of Senate investigations.

Senators Koko Pimentel, Allan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 3rd are guilty of violating the Rule of Law by conducting an inquisition, rather than investigation.

Senators Koko Pimentel, Allan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 3rd are guilty of misappropriation. In conducting an inquisition rather than investigation, they have misappropriated people’s money for their personal advantage and in pursuit of their burning ambitions for higher office.

Senators Koko Pimentel, Allan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 3rd are guilty of violating the Binays’ and businessman Tiu’s human rights. For they arrogantly denied the Binays and Tiu the dignity due them as ordinary human beings and the respect due to resource persons. Worse, they have also arrogated to themselves the roles of prosecutors, judges and executioners and pronounced the Binays guilty as charged even before the hearings were concluded and before the corresponding report was written and duly signed by the members of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

For all I know the Binays are guilty as hell. But like the Senators, who were allegedly bribed by the Palace to convict the former Supreme Court Justice Rene Corona, the Binays too deserve the protection of the law. They should be accorded due process. They are innocent until proven otherwise. They should be charged in court, tried and only if and when they are found guilty, should they be judged accordingly; not before.

Oh yes, I weep at the sight of our Senators who wantonly display their contempt of our laws. They act as if they are the law. And that they alone should interpret what the law is and that the law is what they say it is. This is portentous.

Note how our Legislators at the House of Representatives trump the Supreme Court ruling by passing the P2.6 trillion 2015 budget with the PDAF and DAP given another nomenclature. “Bottom- Up Budgeting,” they call it. “Saan ba kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha ang mga ito?” to quote President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd.

When our own public officials tasked to protect and uphold the law are themselves violating the law, it is time to break our silence.

When our very own public officials are trampling upon the Rule of Law, it is time to call attention to it, register our vehement objection, raise our collective voices and say, “Tama na, Sobra na” (Enough is enough).

When our own public offices champion injustice, it is time to decapitate the head of the hydra-headed monster masquerading as Legislators.

Oh yes, this narrative is pro Rule of Law. And only those with a clear conscience and a clean heart can truly appreciate the meaning of justice for all; the Binays included, guilty or not.


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  1. your rule of law is a big cry in this country. Both the Congress and and the Senate is a den of thieves. With that same rule of law Imelda R. marcos got away with all her crimes. And remember that even Hitler was legal according to the self-made laws. You, who helped one of the bigger crooks to presidency, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and have the reputation to have your columnist write what you want, really think we believe you. One of these days it will come out that you’re one of Binay’ dummies as well.

  2. Sorry to say, Laos ang opinion mo Dr Ang. Mula pa ng panahon ni Apo Lakay Marcos, ganyan na mga Pilipino at bansang Pilipinas. Kung kaya kapag pinatulan ang opinion mo na akala mo ay tama, lalo pang gugulo ang pag-iisip ang sambayanang Pilipinas. Makikikta mo yan sa mga aktibista ngayon na magmula pa noon hindi tumitigil sa kanilang pagsasalungat sa programa ng bawat gobyerno. The issue is VP NogNog is guilty or not should submit to the rule of law and not fool the people, you included, to submit to the legislative body. Tingnan mo ang pahiwatig ng Presidente P-Noy, kung hindi si VP Nognog makakasunod sa “tuwid na daan” malaya siyang makakaalis, which is “lumayas ka VP NogNog” in a polite way!

  3. I don’t want to take sides – I am not a lawyer but based on my layman’s evaluation of all the documents that was presented and also not presented to the Senate – malinaw lang ng may malaking irregularities na nangyari sa sale ng Rosario properties and malinaw and nagkataon din na may link lahat kay VP Binay and family. Dapat lang siguro na iyun ang ipaliwanag ni VP Binay punto por punto sa publiko.

    • Hindi mo kinakailangan na maging abogado para maintindihan ang gustong iparating ng nagsulat.. Hindi trabaho ng senado ang mag imbestiga para alamin kung may probable cause ba para magsampa ng kaso. At lalong hindi nila trabahong mag pronouce ng guilt, trabaho yan ng korte. Ang trabaho nila ay gumawa ng batas.

    • Eduardo Cienfuego on

      I’m sorry that I don’ t agree. Nothing in the Batangas properties shows a
      link directly on documents to the Binays. That is why Mr. Tiu is forced to
      admit this link. The senator’s strategy smacks of a prosecutors tactics to pressure an accuse in a court hearing to admit a crime !

    • You already take sides my friend so stop the BS, you can’t possibly believed all the presentation made in the senate is true without hearing the other sides which is the Binays. The best way to determined who is guilty or not is take it in the proper court!

  4. The article of Dr. Ang must be read by all elected officials from the President down to the lowly elected officers in the Barangay. All of whom or most of them have no clear understanding of the Rule of Law. It is the reason why this administration has done nothing and continues to bury the people and the whole Philippines four (4) years deeper and deeper.

    • thanks Mr. Ang, for coming up with this article. i voted for the 3 senators but their display of INTELLECTUAL behavior was terrible. AKALA MO MALILINIS.


  5. I have followed the proceedings in the Senate closely. What I find alarming is that the media do not report accurately to the people what transpired during the hearings, it’s a pity. The senators takes time to explain what is going on.

    If you go to the court, the proceedings are too complex for the ordinary people to understand and if you have good lawyers – it grinds too slow and the next election is already near. At least in the senate you can see the accuser and accused face each other squarely.

    That is the beauty of in aid of legislation – we are able to witness where and how the corrupt officials bend the existing laws for their own benefit. Please report to the people what is going on in the senate and let them decide who is telling the truth. I believe that is what the media is suppose to be. “Good honest reporting!”

  6. The Rule of Law also means Binay should not steal. Why should we support a corrupt official who wants to become a president? Why support a presidential candidate who prefers campaigning at government’s expense instead of answering point by point the plunder allegations?

  7. Exercising the rule of law is definitely very important in our government officials’ conduct and in the practice of news reporting and editorial. Mr. Ang’s discourse on this topic is indeed admirable.

    But does Manila Times derogate the rule of law if it reports what were actually discussed in the Senate? Or what principles of good journalism will it not conform to if its editors explore the various angles and probabilities that Binay is indeed evading valid questions on his moral health to be the next president of our country?

    I do not make heroes of Pimentel, Trillanes and Cayetano. All of whom we knew were bribed to impeach CJ Corona. But I think when someone like Binay aspires to lead our country in 2016 yet seemingly evades or delays offering proofs of innocence, this should weigh more importance in national interest. Giving appropriate attention on this issue in the media seems to me is an opportunity for nation building, if not duty, that Manila Times seem to abdicate.

    • The “Rule of Law” is to protect and serve the people. Nothing more, nothing less. Any circumvention, omission or addition unless again provided by law cannot be allowed because it will render the essence of a rule void, nullified or ineffective. Hence the cliche: ” No one is above the rule.”

  8. Well said, but the public’s right to know re. Binay’s ill-gotten wealth trumps all arguments. At least that is what I kept hearing during CJ Corona’s ordeal in the Senate. Never mind if due process and legalities were thrown to the wind. The public’s right to know. What say you Dr. Ang?

  9. naniniwala akong ang usaping ito ay hindi maaring balewalain ng mga taong higit na inaasahan ni VP Binay na siyang susuporta sa kanya.. ang masang pilipino! nagkakamali siya. wala siyang makukuhang boto sa amin at susuportahan namin ang mga katulad nina trillanes, cayetano at pimentel na higit na isinasaalang alang ang kapaknan ng bayan.. maaring iniisip ninyong wala kaming muwang na malaman ang lantarang panloloko sa bayan ng ating bise presidente! may FB at raissa robles at raffler na higit na nagbibigay sa amin ng kamalayan.. kapuna puna ang mga babasahing katulad ng manila times na higit na pinapaboran ang kawalanghiyaan ng isang nilalang.. ano na po ba ang nangyayari sa ating bayan at hinahayaan lamang natin ang mga ganitong kalokohan!

  10. Rather than the rule of law, which is created by imperfect men, i prefer the spirit of truth and justice. To paraphrase the Good Book says, “The truth will set us free.”

  11. …I’ll strike out these three stooges in my slate in the next election and will ask my family and friends to do so. Let’s have a new members of the Senate and save this institution from abusive and arrogant old politicians.

  12. Thumps up! It’s high time to air our voices for I know that every each of us has the right to speak and to get involve in matters of public interest. Let’s remind our public officials to focus on the public interest rather than the so called hidden agenda for thier burning ambition to a higher position.

    If evidence warrant why not file the case before the proper court rather than conducting investigation so that others issues on national interest can be discussed.

    We trust MANILA TIMES for news and issues for their fairness and integrity in the delivery of public information.

  13. Bravo! This is the best article I have ever read, that while remaining neutral on the subject matter of Binay’s quandary, manages very eloquently and to the point, to explain in just the right amount of words, the importance of the rule of law and how the senators mentioned have been guilty of ignoring this. Thank you. You have my vote on responsible journalism.

  14. Everybody knows it’s never the issue. The 3 Senators are quite aware of that, but like any other citizen who deserve to know the truth behind many if not all of our politicians particularly those occupying national positions, only the congress and its works and the media who focus on these works that help our citizens know more about these politicians.

    Do the citizens have the opportunity and know these rule of laws when a court to which most of these rules are dispensed do so only after a particular controversy had in fact become already a history?

    It is only through investigations particularly conducted by the Blue Ribbon Committee where our citizens are afforded the most needed information that are are otherwise not available in courts. The rule of law therefore may have to be analyzed to include not only its rigid form as it is but that it may have to be broken down further in another form such that the rule in favor of the role of every citizen to help in nation building through the exercise of its power to select its leader is assured and amply aided. And how else can this be done and what other means can this be applied to effectively help the citizens carry out this task? By the simple conduct of investigation or inquiry the citizens are afforded with the rare but superior information thereby unmasking those pretentious politicians in the process.

    Or should we just allow and even provide the opportunity to someone who, despite his highly questionable integrity and known issues of palpable dishonesty because of the so called rule of law we won’t allow the senate to investigate him and therefore deprived the citizens of these information and continue to allow them hidden. What an improbable notion. The poor citizens having been the ones who’s always fooled the most are reduced again to the usual fanatics that they are and rendered incapable of informed choices only because of the rule that the rule of law must exclusively be confined to…

  15. Thank you Dr. Ang for your intelligent and spirited defense of “The Rule of Law”. My brother, the late Sen. Raul S. Roco, was a champion of it. However, i feel these three poor excuses of a senator, will never understand it, no matter how well we explain it to them. So they continue their executioner’s mentality, and continue to waste our money in the process. ENOUGH YOU FOOLS.

  16. >>> Yes. I remember this sticky-brain headed President said “Saan ba kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha ang mga ito?”
    And at this time I’m sure he knew the answer on his own question. If he still doesn’t know the answer yet, it is very simple. KUMUKUHA SA KAPAL NG PERA MULA SA DAP AT PDAF !!! And Mr. Abad, Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel are the SUMma and MAGNA(nakaw) Laude among them all.

  17. >>> Filipino People of the Philippines !!!!
    Every one of us seems know the meaning of FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. But the fact is they do not know exactly what it is.

    Every one of us heard about THE BILL OF RIGHTS. But most of us doennt know the meaning of this RIGHTS.

    Every one of us knows that we have the RIGHT TO VOTE, TO SELLECT AND ELECT a person or individual to a position in national and/or local government.
    And in this RIGHT, most of us did not use and avail it to choose the correct person in that position. So whatever the result and consequences of that mistakes only the common people and the nations suffered more and forever.

    Kaya nararapat lamang ang mga taong bayan lalo na ang nasa category CDE level na pamumuhay ay bigyan ng maganda at tamang paliwanag at aral tungkol sa mga karapatan at kapangyarihan bilang mamayan ng bansa.

    Ilantad ang mga masasamang kaugalian at layunin ng mga pulitko at nais maging pulitko. Huwag pamarisan ihalal ang mga gumawa at gumagawa ng gulo sa bansa.. tulad ng mga MILITAR AT PULIS. Sa simula sasabihin …”wala sa vocabulary nila ang politics dahil marumi ang politika”. Pero pagkalipas ng ilan taon …”KAKANDIDATO BILANG SENADOR KAAGAD”.

    Filipinio People of the Philippines….. GUMISING AT KUMILOS …para sa kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak at ng magiging anak ng anak ninyo. !!!!

  18. …have to say thank you mr ang for this article, though i know that the senate is getting out their turf i cant help my self not to notice that your opinion section, throws more weight against the senators which made me think maybe they have some personal reason, but deep in my heart i know what they are writing conforms with my views, but with this article, now i understand how manila times work and it erase my doubt .. now i know manila times is here for for the truth, plain and simple…we need some reporting not for the colors nor the money or power, but by simple mandate of letting people know the other side of the story not for the sake of glory but for the sake of the nation….

  19. Leopoldo B. Cuisia on

    I agree partly with what you said. I don’t like either Trillanes who is shallow and pikon and neither do I like Cayetano who pretends to know it all, who asks a question and cuts the witness’ answer in midstream to give his own answer. And I agree that they have gone beyond the “in aid of legislation” dictum. But they are serving a very good purpose and that is to ventilate all of the charges against the VP. Without these hearings, we would have to wait for the slow wheels of justice to proceed and we will not know the truth before we elect this man for the highest office. Binay has used all sorts of excuses to avoid facing his accusers and stare them down and prove them wrong. Instead, he sends his minions to spar with the minions of the blue ribbon sub-committee and to hell with the public what they believe or not. Such a man is dangerous in any position of power and responsibility.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Mr. Cuisia. For 28 years (and many more years spent before that practicing), this lawyer Atty. Binay seems to have perfected the dubious craft of circumventing the “rule of law” that Mr. Ang is trying to uphold here in his opinion piece. If we leave it to the “rule of law,” if we leave it to these crafty lawyers, these despicable officers of the law, God knows how many more years will they enjoy making all sorts of (il)legal maneuvers to hide Atty. Binay’s ill-gotten wealth and his mafia-like organization and operations that for so long people have been so afraid to cross or look into. Frankly, I don’t care whatever names they call these 3 senators of the Blue Ribbon Committee, I don’t give a hoot if once in a while they cross certain boundaries, I don’t give a damn if they say these are all politically-motivated (these dumbasses are in politics, aren’t they?) … finally, after 28 long years, the ordinary people now have a way of unmasking the nefarious ways of this Atty. Binay, et al. Finally, some people have found the balls to stand up against this clear and present danger.

      Considering everything, this is war .. and there are no rules. There is no time for due process in light of this man whom you call “dangerous in any position of power and responsibility.” There is no time for due process when the very future of my children and my country is at stake.

    • That is true. our senators should be reminded of the real purpose of the SENATE INQUIRY, who are they to said that BINAY is guilty ( i am not pro binary, but it so shameful how the 3 senators behavior and arrogant display of their IQ

  20. Herman P. Hondojare on

    BRAVURA Dr. Dante Ang for being the Freedom Fighter on News Media and Jounalism.

    I believed the majority of Filipinos now is well informed the facts and truth on who’s who are the real plunderers of people’s money and law breakers.

    Filipinos shall not vote Cayetano, Trillanes, Pimente these people are twister-manipulator of the Rules of Law.

    Filipinos shall never again be fooled by those real plunderers bs aquino, abad, soliman, roxas, and those who was bribed by millions-billions of PDAD and DAF.

    May i request that manilatimes to list down those congressman and senators who recieved millions to billions of PDAF and DAF.

    Filipinos must remember this people not to vote them again for they are the crocodiles of our wealth and freedoms.

    God Bless the Philippines

  21. Thank you Dr. Dante Ang, you’re right it’s time to break our silence. These three stooges are the attacked dogs of Mar Roxas and believe me I know. The character of these three senators should be review under ethics committee as they are legislators and not a judge,prosecutors or even executioners. For God sake these three senators become so arrogant and out of basic ethics to exercise the rule of law. Shittttttt and shame for Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel. for once I believed them but not anymore not anymore.

    Dr. Ang many of our kababayan’s are hardly understand english, so my unsolicited advise is if you can translate it in tagalog for the sake of our kababayan to better understand your articles. Just my personal opinion. Congrats and more power…

  22. nod if you agree on

    Very well written and so very true.

    Unfortunately, the common man on the street will never read this.
    Main Stream Media, the most powerful arm of the 4th state, is under the control of the current administration, and the masses are continuously being dumb-down as a result.

  23. Does a lawyer’s mindset always have to prevail, even against a gravely acute public interest such as the need to make sure that the next president is clean and honest because of our dreadful experience with a series of morally craven and totally incompetent presidents? To paraphrase the saying about the devil and the scripture, even the guilty can run to the law yes, but this is not about the legal definition of guilt or innocence but about the fitness of a candidate. Lawyers are not capable of establishing the absolute truth about the fitness of a candidate and its only their unfathomable conceit that makes them think they can. Only the voice of God through an honest election can do that, unacceptable as it may be to the losing side. Lawyers cannot establish any truth at all and the proof is the fact that they cannot agree even among themselves since there will always be lawyers who will argue on the opposite sides regardless of the question even if these opposing lawyers read the same books, went to the same law school and passed the same bar, because they are actually trained to look for arguments that will help their clients and the truth is merely tangential to this duty, so that as far as candidates who have something to hide are concerned the rule of law is only a mask to be used whenever convenient. If Binay has really nothing to hide and he thinks he deserves to be the president of this presently benighted land, then he should go through this baptism of fire like a real man and face his accusers wherever they may be, and stop hiding behind this so called rule of law.

    • If Binay will attend the hearings of these senators, surely he will be skinned alive. VP Binay is not dumb not to discern their plan. As Dr. Dante Ang said, these stooges already prejudged Binay and only need him to appear to their inquisition to humiliate him and deliver the coup d’ grace.

    • Amnata Pundit; “to make sure that the next president is clean and honest” does not constitute a good leader that brings our country out of mesiry. This percieved honest president aquino even made our country worst in terms of plundering public funds and rampant corruptions in all government agencies under his leadership. There was no such abused of power in misusing public funds in the past. The total disrespect of the constitution and abusing the power given to him And yet all of this inutil president’s defender never saw these total rampage of DBM and malacanang in misusing taxpayerts money. Your honest inuti president today is the worst president we ever had for the fact that he has done nothing to stop corruption. Instead he keep his selected people to continue the looting of all taxpayers money. By the way aKKKino can do anything he wants with the cooperations of the vultures in congress and senate too of course with billions of taxpayers money for them to share also. Did your do nothing president ever done something to move the country forward? NO not at all. Look at all the mess and problems which was never acted upon by this animal president. Poverty doubled, hunger increased, jobless people skyrocketed, criminality on the highest level, traffic, transportation problems were never acted upon, looming brownouts are eminent, prices of comodities are unreachable,Zamboanga refugees are still in evacuation centers, Yolanda and earthquake victims until now are still on the tents and yet this administration lied infront of them that they no longer live on the tents. And this is a kind of leader you want still to govern the country?

    • leonardo tiongson on

      If Cayetano is not guilty why not have him be open to investigation as well? Yun lang naman. The law is fair..

      Senators are not. Ever since PDAP and allegations of bribery to convict Corona, senators have lost that mantle of fairness, and has clearly been revealed to be as susceptible to bribery as anyone else.

      Hearings in aid of legislations are not fair, not anymore.

      So, about all your issues against the lawyers and about Binay hiding behind the law and not facing the public, here’s what I can say. Binay has been responding to the issues in public statements, press conferences and open discussions with media, church and other entities. There is no need for him to repeat himself to Senate. As VP, after all, he is accountable not to Senate but to the people, his boss. He should report to his boss, not to Senate.

      As far as I am concerned, I have heard him, I have judged him, and I see no reason why he should continue to be persecuted, along with other businessmen that have innocently crossed and shared paths with him. I am one of the people. I pay my taxes. I vote consistently. I am his boss, and I am satisfied with his service.

    • reynaldo castaneda on

      Have you ever wonder why crooks in Government are…Lawyers? Because of that thing called the “Rule Of Law”! Lawyers love this so much because they know how it will work for them. They can use all the tricks of their trade to get off the hook. And they know that Our Constitution has its own faults and defects. and it will take ages before it can be repaired through amendments. Most of them supported the EDSA Revolution, those crooks in Government then and now, under the premise that we must regain our Democracy. Are we going to believe that? That we have truly regain our Democracy? And by operating under the cloak of so called Democracy, they will always push for the so called “Rule Of Law”. And if the Rule Of Law works for the crooks, these same advocates will tell us “That’s the way it is. That’s the Rule Of Law.” You want to correct it? Work for amending the Constitution. And those crooks in Government and Congress and the Judiciary will shoot down any effort to amend whatever defects there may be. So, the cycle of corruption gets worse. And the people who pushes for the so cold “Rule Of Law” will have a good time. Cheers!

  24. This is an excellent and well written explanation of the Manila Times position. I applaud your fairness in following the rule of law.

  25. Dr. Ang, I just have one question. If you truly practice what Ninoy Aquino once said, paraphrasing Voltaire, “I do not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it,” then why do you screen out comments on your article that disagree with your opinion? Looking at the 58 responses to this article of yours, only one or two disagree with you. That is statistically improbable given the indefensible nature of your position in defending VP Binay. I’m sure you will also screen out this honest to goodness comment.

  26. Cheers! Dr. Ang I admire your writings and if only everyone read newspaper with substance and with open mind. Sana dumami pa ang readers ng Manila Times, yan ang isa sa problema sa ating mga Pilipino kaunti ang bumibili ng newspaper at kaunti ang nagbabasa. Formerly I’m an avid reader of PDI and PhilStar but now I think they need to read your newspaper first early in the morning para naman makita nila ang tama sa mali.
    More power Manila Times!

  27. Well said Dr. Ang. Thanks for exposing the top lawbreakers of the Senate Yellow Ribbon Committee who unabashedly call themselves senators namely: Guingona, Pimentel, Cayetano, and Trillanes.

    As I have repeatedly posted, lawlessness has become the badge of this pathetic administration. These senate charlatans are running riot, no doubt. You can no longer tell who is running the circus or who is in charge. Look at Trillanes. Just recently he warned that “If Binay will not appear in the yellow ribbon committee chaired by Guingona within 30 minutes, he will resume the hearing of the yellow ribbon subcommittee (as if he is the chairman) and then adds, “Mayroon akong bagong ipapasabog.” Alas, the original issue which is the Makati car park building has not been resolve yet, Trillanes keep on introducing issues after issues. What issue will VP Binay answer, in the first place? Trillanes should have written his resolution in an open ended style and include words such as and so on and so forth or etcetera. Clearly, this zarsuela against Binay will not stop until the presidential election. The arrogant statement of Trillanes only buttressed the rationale that Binay should not appear in the lion’s den, be it mother or subcommittee.

    The question is what made these honorables to be savage beast? The answer is PNoy himself. If PNoy does not respect the law, Consttuition, and the Supreme Court then of course, his licking pets will outdo each other to emulate their idol. These savage senate ritual has already claimed the life of Gen. Reyes. Yet, no “pabaon general” has been charged in the end. These fateful event in the annals of our political circus emboldened these savage lawbreakers to thirst for more blood which resulted in the condemnation of GMA, CJ Corona, the three opposition senators, and now VP Binay. Unfortunately, their president is enjoying the political riot by nonsensically claiming that he does not want to intervene in the political joust.

  28. Indeed upholding the rule of law is paramount.

    There is one part that is not clear about this quote: “And for as long as my columnists write articles that flow from their conviction, I would allow their unimpeded publication.”

    With all due respect, Dr. Ang, how do you guarantee that your columnists write from their conviction?

  29. Bert O. Romero on

    Dr. Ang, your editor’sobservation of your paper’s pro-Binay sympathies is accurate and is reflective of your readers’ similar perception. An informal comparative content analysis of the back issues of your paper and those of another national broadsheet, The Daily Inquirer, these past two weeks will bear this out. The Inquirer has had eight headline stories on the Binays’ saga while your paper has not carried any banner story on them. Are charges of corruption by one aspiring to lead 100 million Filipinos not worthy of your paper’s attention? What happened to the dictum that a national leader, like Caesar’s wife, should not only be truly innocent but also appear innocent?

    • The three senators may be guilty in terms of conducting the Senate hearing but the future of the country is at stake. VP Binay, as he declared already, will run for president and will lead 100 million Filipinos for six years. Pagtyatyagaan ko na ang tatlong senador basta mailabas lang ang katotohanan.

      By the way, I’ve seen other senators from the past administration doing the same thing. So it’s not new anymore. Let’s be realistic.

    • leonardo tiongson on

      Actually Mr. Romero, i think you got it backwards. Its not the Manila Times that are pro-Binay. its the Inquirer and Star and GMA& that is anti-Binay.

      Now, if you are going to use that as a standard and basis for judging the value of news, then you may join the rest of those who hate without reason, simply because the bandwagon of hate is a convenient way of passing on frustrations about the world.

      Finally, I am surprised that you hold a high standard for Binay, but does not apply the same to Pres. Noynoy, to Drilon, etc. that is the reason why rule of law is important. If we let ourselves be driven by this tendency to judge without reason, and to rage without rationality, we lose sight of the highest quality of humankind, which is the ability to seek out and establish justice, mercy and love.

  30. Hear ye! hear Ye! hear ye! Finally an article which hit the bull’s eye! Rule of Law it must be not Rule of Cayetano/Trillanes and Pimentel.

    Quoting Atty. Saguisag, “there are four places where due process in not respected particularly the right to remain silent, 1) at home 2) police station 3) Senate. The last one is the only who brags its abuses on National television.

  31. On the contrary, Jojo Binay should go to the Senate. Binay must exercise the rare opportunity to redeem himself for all the sins he committed against our people by using his Senate appearance to bring down an unjust and incompetent ruler and his cohorts among the de facto senators. Binay should use the now moribund senate (thanks to the stupidity of the yellow cult and people like Drilon, Pimentel, Trillanes and Cayetano) to declare his disengagement with Noynoy Aquino for the latter’s evil deeds, corruption, insensitivity, incompetence and anti-life disposition.

    Do it, Jojo on live national television, spill the beans on Noynoy and the entire cabinet and take down with you every corrupt politician. The Filipino people might just be more lenient with you. Be a hero for once and leave your presidential ambition to those untainted with corruption and crimes against the people. Do it now and we shall be in EDSA in no time to wage a true people’s revolution and national transformation.

  32. Part of my daily routine is to read online news, both local and international (except PDI). Always the First in my list is The Manila Times. Thank you, Dr. Ang for another highly instructive and incisive column.
    Messrs Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel are not noted to advance or to have advanced the primacy of the Rule of Law. That is already a given. In particular, I doubt very much if this dude, Trillanes understands what it means in a presumably modern society. Or probably, he understands it but in a medieval context of long ago.
    They appear to be too consumed by something only their warped minds know – hatred, superiority complex, politics of the pockets??

  33. Why not 2 issues at the same time?

    Bise Binay kurakot is an issue that should be tackled head-on. When guilty, jail time.

    And yes, Trillanes conducting what Binay followers call an inquisition is an affront to Rule of Law. And speaking of Rule Of Law, why does Pilipinas have convicted people getting elected? Trillanes (and Erap, too… and a number of provincial and local officials) now sitting in elected offices is an affront to Rule of Law.

    A 3rd issue? Surely, man-on-the-street will cry “…nasaan ba? Bakit ba kaunting kaunti ang trabaho sa Pilipinas?” because of this huge issue of GDP-progress that does not trickle down to the classes D and E.

    (I betcha many others can think of a 4th, and a 5th big-time issue just as important as the Bise Binay unexplained wealth/graft-corruption issue.)

  34. When I wake up first thing in the morning, I grab my IPad
    With an anxious desire to read what tha Manila
    Times Columnist have written for the day.
    Ambassador Tiglao, Sen. Tatad, Mr Makabenta and
    Other columnist are my first targets. I wait for
    The next issue of the Manila times with baited
    Breath. But, todays editorial of Sir Dante Ang
    tops them all. I will read and re-read this article if
    Only to remind me that I must be just in my
    Thoughts and judgements of people. This is
    An article that must go around the Country if
    Not the world to shake the senses of all
    bigots. This should awaken the sleeping
    citizenry. I would class this article with the
    Abraham Lincoln renounced speech. Thank
    You Sir Dante Ang, all other newspapers are
    irrelevant to me now!!!!

  35. “if there is smoke, there is fire”. pero and yelo(yellow) may usok pero walang fire(o nafire).

  36. I guess it does not really matter whether a politician IS guilty of plunder – so long as the plundering politician ensured that there are no legal evidence that can be used in a court of law, or if investigators use extra-judicial measures to prove the crime – then any effort to expose plunder is deemed unacceptable. No wonder Filipino politicians are notorious in vying for any elective position because they know that once elected, they have free reign to pocket public funds and chances are they will not be prosecuted – provided of course that they have sufficient political backing and connections. There is no better example than the Marcos’es – look at them enjoying the fruits of the fortunes they plundered during their martial law regime.

  37. Mr. Dante Ang is saying what most people know that some leading broadsheets are owned by big business. What is bad is that these businessmen who are in the media business is purposely to make puppets out of our legislators, or even the president, in order to preserve their selfish vested interests. As these legislators, or specifically the three senators-stooges flaunt their much abused power, the nation’s conscience squirmed to the level of irrelevance. For this, where shall the rule of law seek concurrence? It seems the national consciousness is severely debased making it incapable to manifest its God-given mandate. As these oligarchs and the elitist government continuously trampled the basic rights of the oppressed and less-privileged, God’s curse to the nation, is becoming painful than ever. Marcos, Erap, Corona, Arroyo, Enrile, Revilla, Jinggoy and now Binay are considered fodders to the insatiable greed of these scheming oligarchs.

  38. I dont know if the 3 senators are or are not breaking the law. If they are & the government does nothing about it then when we have a new government then they should take over & investigate the 3 of them to see if they broke the law. If they did then they have to be held accountable. All senators need to understand they have to do their job within the law. Full stop. & if binay is breaking the law then let the proper powers that be whose job it is to investigate these things to do just that investigate it.

  39. rainier noruego on

    rule of law was violated and jukebox media turned blind eye in the case of a sitting american in congress. her own admission under oath before comelec revealed she never became a filipino citizen AGAIN after naturalization as american declaring ra9225 was not applicable to her! comelec and sc have disqualified her as candidate with finality. house speaker intervened and dispensed her oath of office and intervened again for hret to ignore comelec and sc. this mockery of law repeated in many controversial cases since then such ss pdaf, dap, senate investigations and passing of bills is being imposed upon us as the new normal and moral standard. thanks to manila times for principles and dedication to your sacred work. let the truth out!

  40. Well explained Sir Ang! Sana tamaan itong 3 senators nato. Grabe kung makapagbitaw ng salita akala mo proven guilty na ang inaakusahan kahit na wala parin kayong karapatan. Sana maging Respetado naman kau gayahin nyo si Sen Grace Poe napakaRespetado magsalita magalang at may Dignidad ok!

  41. As much as I wanted to praise you Dr. Ang for your transparency and much deserve credit of your impartial journalism, we faced the reality that only a few understand what you and your newspaper want to imply to the filipino people, sadly, majority of us filipinos cannot comprehend this. Anyway, congratulations to you and Manila Times.

  42. this is the very essence of what i believed and felt since the very beginning of such investigation kuno. i never sided on binay and i’m hoping that if he’s guilty on wrong doings may justice prevails but the very big but is how the investigation was done. the senators deplays or likens to a rabid dogs. this trilyones if a very big fake for all sake. if they invited resource persons how on earth they treated these person like convicts or animals. it’s more on a grandstanding show and issue.

    Dr. Ang, i’m an avid fan of Manila Times coz this is the only newspaper that upholds integrity. God bless and may your strength be multiplied.

  43. I agree. Binay should be jailed IF proven guilty. But the 3 monkeys in the blue ribbon committee is way out of order. ARROGANT TRILLIANES & HYPOCRITICAL CAYETANO & OSTRICH BRAIN PIMENTEL who cannot act as head of the comittee. More power to you Manila Times!!!

  44. P. on

    During these ‘dark’ times of polltics in the country, we need your conscience, your many masterful columnists and, most of all, an independent newspaper like The Manila Times, to enlightened the people on the abuses, missteps and disservices of government officials. Steady on.

  45. Joseph Parinas on

    Senate’s rule, guilty until proven innocent. Their task is to stablish the fact not to prejudge.”allegedly senators”

  46. the upper chamber’s legislators are lucky privilege animals…. they are using committee hearing not in aid of legislation but like a kangaroo court… judging the selected few who is a hindrance to their political ambition.

  47. Dr. Ang, congratulations! The Senate and the House of Representatives must enact the Freedom of Information Bill, pass laws that will alleviate poverty. They must also amend our election system to minimize fraud and cheating. These are their jobs, pure and simple. We are no longer happy and amused what these people are doing.

  48. I love “The Manila Times” because of balance reporting and with wise opinion… other broadsheet will surpass you….

    Other newspapers are all paid BROADSHIT…

  49. Josie Prudencio on

    I agree with everything you wrote, these senators have no respect at all. Look at whatthey did to Sir Angie Reyes.

  50. neither am i a pro-binay and i agree, whether he is guilty or not, that the rule of law should be applied instead of a mob rule that lambast, ridicule, shame a person on national television. we have the sandigan, ombudsman and the supreme court to hear whatever accusations could be filed against the vice president.

  51. Our constitution declares that sovereignty resides in the people where all government authority emanates from them. It’s the people we should focus our concerns to developed vibrant democracy. The people is not for the law, but instead the law is for the people. The Rule of Law in the senate investigations has been in it’s finest hour to serve the people. Giving a chance for the Vice President to appear and answer the factual presentations against him demonstrates the basic requirements of the Due Process. In a country which had been saddled with seemingly incurable corruptions, the senate investigations stand as a hope to fight an impossible dream.

    • Louie Loorluis on

      But the senate is not the proper venue to answer all this allegations?is it not?These 3 (Stooges,Wanna be called Honorables)Senators is abusing their power…If they truly has enough evidence at hand…file it to the appropriate body of Government,otherwise…Just simple shutup !!!

  52. Robert M. Gascon on

    This is nice to read the logic of law regarding what is going on now. With different perspective for our different intention in personal use or not reflects the rule of law have to be respected.

  53. it is about time that this article come out. people are being ‘played’ by the aquino lap dance groupies. the people are being brained washed and being led to believe that it is alright to violate the laws to get the ‘truth’. in other words, the end justifies the means. this method has been done by the senate to various individuals like the late angelo reyes, arroyos, the 3 senators. they were inquisitioned by the senate and pronounced guilty before any investigation were made. mr ang has mentioned that IT IS THE RULE OF LAW that is at issue. as he said, these people might be guilty as hell but the way that they are being pursued for their supposed crime is unlawful. IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO PAUSE AND THINK.

  54. I never miss reading The Manila Times. I thirst for the incisive, critical, and balanced opinions of most of your columnists. I’m glad that we have one newspaper like The Manila Times that provides sense and perspective from the point of view of the informed public. Please continue your mission.

  55. Oh, that can’t that simple. There are many issues, sabay sabay.
    Let’s begin this issue of lack of credibility — super-bad image of politicians to Pinoys of Pinas. “This politician is rich, surely he is a crook!!!”
    Another issue — bakit nga ba kulang na kulang ang trabaho sa Pilipinas? At ang CBCP, bakit ganuon ang asta?
    Now, Bise Binay — isang politician na medyo kopong-kopong super-mayaman. Ano nga ba ang kuwento? Bakit hindi niya harapin? “Innocent until proven guilty”, pero “where there is smoke there is fire”, di ba? Binisita daw ni Bise ang CBCP, ano ba ang dokumentong ibinigay ni Bise sa CBCP?
    At itong si Senador Trillanes…. ano ba ang problema ng PIlipinas na convicted si Trillanes, ngayon ay Senador? Ano ba iyan?
    At si Erap? Ano ba iyan?
    At balik ulit sa isang malaking issue — bakit nga ba kulang na kulang ang trabaho sa Pilipinas? Huwag naming sabihin na hindi ito issue?
    Sabay-sabay… hindi puwedeng kalimutan ang Bise-Binay-issue dahil mas malaking issue itong ekonomiya ng PIlipinas, hindi ganuon ang patakbo.

  56. I fully agree with Dr. Ang’s observation on the behavior and conduct of these senators. What are they are saying are exactly the opposite to what they are doing. They thought that they can fool the public and win the people’s support in their bid for higher offices. The impact of their senate investigation will eventually lead to the erosion of the people’s trust in them.


  57. More power Manila Times! journalist should do their job not part of the invistigative in favor of anybody !

  58. Hindi naman kailangan na abogado ka para alam natin ang tama o Mali,Kung minsan nasa lahi ,mayroon nga Isang beses Lang kumain sa mag hapon ang pamilya pero minsan nakapulot ng pera I binalik pa.wala sa dugo noon ang magnakaw

  59. crisostomo, cesar on

    Is it a coincidence then, Mr. Ang, that none of your columnists disagreed with Binay? As your reader myself, I find it alarming that your broadsheet did not present a contrary opinion despite the numerous evidence supporting the allegations. You say this investigation is the province of the courts. But you know very well, as I do, that the case will languish for at least 10 years in courts, thereby depriving the taxpayers of its right to know and more importantly, the ability to vet a deserving candidate in the coming elections. What the Senate is doing is supported by competent law or it would have been stopped by going to the Supreme Court long before the pandora’s box has been opened. And if there’s a trampling of the law, as you claim, the proper remedy is for any taxpayer to seek the protection of the courts rather than crying foul through well written opinions? Thanks.

  60. i beg to disagree that some of your columnist/editors are not pro-Binay. I would rather say that MOST of your columnist/editors are anti-government and recently are pro-Binay! I normally read most news (Inquirer, Philstar, ABS-CBN, GMA, manila Bulletin, TV5 Interaction, Manila standard) on a daily basis. I would open Manila Times ONLY to read the Legal Advice (PAO) and scan (NOT READ) the headlines/editors comments etc simply because i find it very UNFAIR for your reporters to keep on harping on the governments’ bad side and NOT EVEN mentioning the good side !! I gave up reading most (if not all) of them… in fact, your comment is the ONLY news i read today (and not even the whole story…). To make the story short, Manila Times caters to the ANTI-Government readers… which i do not belong to. I read newspapers who reports the good and the bad in equall distribution… BUT i read newsmedia (Inquirer, for one) who reports corruption cases involving government officials regardless of whether the rights of the accused is trampled or not. .. mainly because i believed if there’s smoke there’s fire. Through these exposes, we, the majority of filipinos are getting information that only a few well-known personalities/agencies will hear.

  61. Dr. Ang’s article today is a work of a master. How are the facts he wrote. Yes, Jojo Binay may be guilty of the accusations but the manner and the display of such arrogance of the 3 muskethieves, Cayetano, Pimentel and Trillanes are so appalling that several of us believes Binay does not deserve this. As the good Lord said, “let those who have not sinned throw the first stone.” The 3 hypocrites may be enjoying what they are doing for now but let us wait until after the PNoy administration where we will see them especially when the Napoles, PDAF and DAP issue will finally be revealed. Let us find out how much money they also diverted to their own pockets.

    • Well said, once more with feeling: dissent is the essence of democracy, the rule of law is its strong pillar!

  62. Thank you so much for this article! You hit all the right points that people usually misunderstand, labeling your newspaper as biased. How many times did I explain that this is journalism and journalists are not the ones who should initiate the ouster or downfall of a politician but to write articles that would expose anomalies/corruption/et al. I hope the readers would find this enlightening and be clarified.

  63. Kudos to you Mr.Dante Ang.Your article is very much well written and well said.I wish you also translate this in our lingo and publish in a tabloid where majority of our people does not understand the language you used and the rule of law…i wish someone would stand up and stop all this chicanery the three stoogies had been doing in the senate

  64. Thanks for your explanation re VP Binay and the Times. But what re you talking about rule of law, (at least) do you have it there? What rule of law that made it possible for Joseph Estrada, a convicted criminal to become mayor of Manila. The Times should pay attention to those more than 300 thousand people living in the slums of Tonto. Since it’s about how the country is ran, I would like to say, for a long, long time ago, we all thought and believed that things will change for a better government but that become just a dream, whoever get elected becomes a tyrant and tyrants are the only ones that could rule those anarchists that people keeps electing in exchange for less than $10. And now for sure the same people will vote that VP BInay as your next president, so enjoy… so it’s not late, pack up your things and tell your husband it’s time to leave for the sake of (at least) your grandchildren. Everyone is very vulnerable to get shot for a few dollars by any of the 100 or maybe thousands of gun-for-hire syndicates. Just a wrong look at someone could cause you your dear life.
    Thanks so much Mr. Ang, and congratulations to managing The Times to a very profitable broadsheet.


  65. You’ve gone to great lengths to explain your position however, you yourself are missing the point and so out of touch. The issue is for VP Binay to come out and answer the allegations and it is as simple as that. The pressure is on Binay to come clean which should be understandable given that he is perceived to be the frontrunner in the 2016 presidential elections and you want your president to be a man of integrity. I am really disgusted by writers who talk about “rule of law” rather than “integrity of office”. And I agree with most people that Manila Times is pro-Binay and being so, I am afraid, is not helpful to the cause of our country. “Rule of Law?”… me.

  66. Kudos to you Dr. Ang…”tama na…sobra na”…hoy gising is the favorite opening salvo of Ted Failon in his radio program.. Tila ang ating kababayang pinoy ay walang mga “BAYAG”…bulag…pipe at bingi or nag bulbul ag ..bulag an…Dr Ang said “a Rule of Law”..hindi ba kayo nakikinig bayan?…Pilipino! GISING!!!!!

    • Yes, rule of law should be observed and followed at all times. Kaya naman ang mg kababayan ay nakikinig. The only problem is that VP Binay is not talking about the issue so ano ang papakinggan sa kanya? Too many documents and proofs against him.

      Eighty percent of Filipinos had spoken that he should appear in the senate hearing kung saan sya mismo ang nagsabi na dadalo siya. I was so disappointed na di siya sumipot. Also, hinamon niya si Sen. Trillanes sa isang debate. Advantage siya being a lawyer. Sa palagay ko hindi rin sisipot. Mapaghamon lang. Is VP Binay deserve to be our next president? It’s about time for him to his “balls”.

  67. Thank you Dr. Dante Ang for patronizing the rule of law rather than the rule of animals today. Your explanation deserves a standing ovation to people who respects the rule of law rather than the rule of animals under the cover of good governance. The vultures in congress and senate deserves the peoples wrath and anger.I call them animals because they have brain that can only think for themselves. And malacanang deserves no less than these vultures for participating the greatest crime against the Filipino people. Mabuhay po kayo Dr. Ang at Mabuhay ang demokrasya.

  68. BELOW are excerpts from a letter to Vice President Jojo Binay written by Francisco Wenceslao, president of the Philippine Anticorruption Movement USA, Inc. (Pamusa):

    * * *

    FAIR WARNING: “As your friend since the time we joined Mrs. Cory Aquino’s campaign for president I feel obliged to let you know that as Pamusa’s president I will be involved in investigating, locating and recovering your ill-gotten wealth and of your family members and close associates or the private businessmen and individuals that colluded with you in amassing such unexplained assets beyond the statistical probability of your combined legitimate income since 1986 when you were named OIC in the Office of Makati Mayor.

    “Pamusa is eight years old now as a nonprofit California corporation authorized since 2007 by the US Department of Justice (USDOJ) to fight corruption in our country under international cooperation agreements against corruption (ICAACs) of which the Philippines is a signatory such as the UNCAC, OECD, etc., hence they are parts of the law of the land.

    “Under the PHL-USA Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) which enables cross-border investigation of corruption and narcotic trafficking, which if committed in the Philippines by a Filipino citizen, national or corporation is deemed committed also and actionable in the USA when the offenses are more serious in the latter, and vice-versa.”

    * * *

    Opinion ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

    ILLEGAL WEALTH: “The USDOJ defines ill-gotten wealth as the proceeds of corruption from ‘a process or series of actions through which income of illegal origin is concealed, disguised, or made to appear legitimate (main objective); and to evade detection, seizure and taxation.’ Hence, putting up dummies as owners of properties actually owned by another, family members or close associates cannot remain hidden because forensic audit and information technology advances can disprove false ownership claim…

    • dont believe pamusa they are friends ng mad and panoy and cohort how much magkano ang byad similkar to 3 itlog muskethieves or magnanakaw mga bayaran yan. sumasakay sa agos

  69. The law says “Thou shall not steal”. Regardless of the way people extract the truth, the truth should be sole purpose of any kind of investigation. The LIES of the BINAYS and his supporters will dealt them the harsh punishment from GOD.

    • The three musketeers don’t even have paper trails. The end does not justify the means. The senate is supposed to be an august body.

    • So you endorse the “ends justifies the means” method? One must search for the truth, but do it in a civilized manner.

  70. That’s why The Manila Times is the ONLY newspaper that I seriously consider.

    Whoever that editor was, is in danger of becoming too driven by “public perception”. A newspaper is a newspaper, It is not driven by public perception, which is in turn driven by propaganda and advertising.

    The Manila Times is the ‘front page’ and the ‘editorial page’, the substance of a newspaper. Inquirer and PhilStar are the ‘entertainment’ and ‘ads’ sections.

    note* The Sports page could use a lot of improvement though.

  71. Roldan Guerrero on

    I was informed Coco Pimentel is a BAR topnother, Is he really? what kind of lawyer is this executioner? Never mind Cayetano (also known as CAWATANO) as he is known to be a 2nd class lawyer, however being lawyers, they must understand the law, the Senate rules specially. The third man, a former mutineer, a law breaker who now pretends to be a hero! These beast are wasting peoples` money which would rather serve best if what they are wasting now in their personal advances, would rather be given to the Yolanda victims. We have a Senate of horror now. It is full of plunderers who are trying to picture themselves as clean and worthy to the positions they occupy through rigged elections via the HOKOS-PCOS machines they purposely purchased in overpriced amounts that had them get their positions now. PIMENTEL, CAWATANO and TRILLIANES are BRIBE RECIPIENTS of the DAP KING Re- Corona Impeachment, aside from what they looted from their annual 200M PDAF….every Filipinos, the deprived, know it!


      Dr. Ang, I am a voter. Do I wait for the court to convict or acquit VP for corruption? That’s what you imply by the Rule of Law. It is said that it takes the Ombudsman/Sandigan Bayan EIGHT (8) YEARS to acquit or convict a respondent of a case. By the time your Rule of Law protocol is accomplished, your candidate will have been elected as president. Of course, there is the legal alternative the impeachment. But it is a political exercise. Our congressmen with vested interests will definitely be biased in favor of the presidential candidate. And Mr. Binay , you are fully aware that close scrutiny on the ability, competency and most of all, the uprightness of morals and integritiy of men aspiring for the highest of the land should be the obligation and right of the electorate before voting into the ballot the deserving. And so, oblige yourself to reply the charges and not hide behind the skirts of the Rule of Law. But I refuse to belief that you do not have a good reason for not rebutting. But I hope you have a better reason than to reply you are busy working and touring around to do your job. Mr. Pnoy, I suggest you relieve the VP of his extra duties (which other say have gone over to electioneering) so that he can concentrate his replies to the various charges of corruption and unexplained wealth. Dr. Ang, do we wait for the conviction or acquital of the VP after his election as president of this country?