• Binay’s numbers still skidding


    Despite a 13-point decline in his net satisfaction rating, majority of Filipinos or 58 percent of Filipinos are still satisfied with the performance of Vice President Jejomar Binay, results of the latest survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) that were released on Monday showed.

    The First Quarter of 2015 survey was conducted by SWS from March 20 to 23 with 1,200 respondents.

    The survey has a 3 percent margin of error for national percentages, and 6 percent each for Metro Manila, rest of Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao.

    The survey also showed that 28 percent of the respondents were dissatisfied with Binay’s performance. This gave the Vice President a net satisfaction rating of +31 percent (percentage of satisfied minus percentage of dissatisfied).

    The decline in Binay’s quarterly ratings was the fourth straight since the +73 results in March 2014 and the lowest since he assumed office in 2010.

    Respondents satisfied with the Vice President’s performance declined to 58 percent from 65 percent in December 2014.

    Respondents who are dissatisfied with Binay rose to 28 percent from last quarter’s 20 percent.

    Plunder charges have been filed against the Vice President before the Office of the Ombudsman in relation to the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 and the Makati Science High School building, which were built during his watch as the city’s mayor. Binay has consistently denied the allegations, insisting that the accusations were politically motivated.

    Malacañang refused to comment on the survey results.

    “On the VP’s numbers, we will defer to the OVP [Office of the Vice President] to comment on VP’s ratings,” its spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters in a text message.

    Binay’s political spokesman Rico Quicho said the Vice President “is grateful for the continued unwavering support of the people to his kind of public service that directly and immediately addresses the growing demands of our people.”

    “The people have resoundedly heeded the call of competence and experience as the important factors to move the country forward. The accomplishments of the Vice President remain to be solid despite the intensified and vicious attacks against him in the last few months.

    “The Vice President remains steadfast in his genuine desire to continue his programs for the benefit of the people. The demolition job being waged by political opponents of the Vice President would not stop him from delivering the services the people deserve,” Quicho added in a statement.


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    1. one thing i’d like to know about vp binay is the formula on how to become a billionaire that quick while working as lowly paid goverment employee…well i guess everyone knows his secret formula but WHO CARES! yup!! that’s the secret formula, NOBODY CARES…what happened to those crusaders?

    2. apolonio reyes on

      Kung tama ang surveys ng False Asia at SWS, bakit kaya walang gusto makatandem sa mga inalok ni VP Binay na sila Vilma Santos, Mayor Rod Duterte, Ping Lacson, Atty. Berberabe, Mar Roxas at makialliance ang UNA sa PDP, LP, NP at huli ay PMP at lahat tinangihan si VP Binay. mali ba o binayaran ang surveys?
      Bakit di nya yayain si JV Bautista, JunVic Remulla at Tobi Tobias o kaya si NancyB? Bagay nga sila, kung isa sa kanila na hindi makakatangi kung piliin ni VP Binay ang kanilang campaign jingle ay ” JOJOBATI”, ” JOJOVJUN “, ” JOJOTOT ” AT “JOJONAN OR NAN AT ALL ” DI BA MAGAGANDA, TALAGANG DYNASTY ANG TUNOG, DI BA VP BINAY ?

    3. you know why people are still believing in Binay despite of all those allegations? it’s because vp binay is someone who really made a change for his people… they saw how hands-on he is, especially during his stint as the makati mayor. they saw and felt how he head helped the people especially those who neeeded helping.. kaya di mo maaalis na marami pa ring susupporta sa kanya. and the others? wala kasi silang ginawa eh…

    4. Mr.13%VP Binay is corrupting the Justices system and getting closer to the SC Justices.If this SOB VP Binay become President then the justice system will no longer exist,it will only be Binay justice.

    5. We, Filipinos must be crazy if not totally insane if his rating goes up. Allegations against the Binays remain to be proven. If asked about my opinion, I will really keep a big distance form them.

    6. Just like election returns, the flow of information to the remote areas of the country where majority of the peasants and farmers live is very, very slow. But there is still enough time for the corruption issues against Binay to reach them before the next election and by then, Rico Quicho will be out of work.

      • but the survey was not taken in far away brgy.but mostly in urban areas..much more kung sa rural areas pa..mas mataas ang rating ni binay doon..