• Binay’s ‘stars’ to come out ‘in due time’


    Sen. Nancy Binay on Tuesday said celebrities who support her father’s bid for the presidency will come out soon.

    “Sa tamang panahon [In due time],” Binay quipped, quoting the famous lesson of Lola Nidora in Eat Bulaga’s popular “Kalyeserye.”

    In a brief one-on-one with The Manila Times before Vice President Jejomar Binay arrived at a roundtable with select members of the entertainment press in a Quezon City restaurant, Sen. Binay explained why they have not identified the stars who will support her father.

    “Based on experience, we don’t want to risk dragging them [celebrity supporters]into our
    situation,” she said, obviously referring to allegations of corruption against the Vice President and several other members of their family.

    “If you remember, when Congressman Manny Pacquiao attended the UNA [United Nationalist Alliance] rally in support of my dad, he suddenly had the BIR [Bureau of Internal Revenue] harassing him,” according to the senator.

    She said the Vice President, even in his mayoral campaigns in Makati City, hardly brought along celebrity endorsers in his sorties.

    “Usually, it’s our children who would sing or dance,” she laughed. “Even when he [Binay] ran for Vice President in 2010, Robin Padilla only joined him on very few occasions.”

    The Binay camp confirmed that as far as actors go, Alma Moreno is organizing a women’s group in Mindanao to rally behind the Vice President’s campaign. [The actress gathered some influence in the South during her five-year marriage to Marawi City Mayor Sultan Fahad "Pre” Salic].

    But if Vice President Binay had to choose celebrity endorsers for what will be the toughest fight of his political life, he would go for the phenomenal tandem of AlDub.

    Binay cited the AlDub phenomenon for it allowed him to take a swipe at his political enemies.

    “Talung-talo na nung AlDub [K[Kaleyeserye]ung teleserye sa Senado [T[The AlDub kalyeserye has eclipsed the Senate teleserye] he also quipped. “That soap opera [i[in the Senate]s been going on for over a year and it’s already waning.”

    “When I go around the country, I tell people who may just start believing these lies that I’m used to this kind of demolition job. Even when I was mayor of Makati, I had sacks upon sacks of allegations filed against me. But have I ever even been suspended or convicted of any crime?” he asked rhetorically. “The answer is never.”

    “The Senate inquiry should be made in aid of legislation. If they really had something against me, they should try me in a court of law,” the Vice President said.

    When asked whether he has ever thought of giving up his bid for the presidency amid the seemingly endless controversies, Binay replied, “Have you ever read the book by JFK [J[John F. Kennedy]Profiles in Courage? He said public service is a beautiful profession, and my quest for the presidency is just a continuation of my passion for public service.”

    He promised that if he makes it to Malacañang, he will not take revenge on his enemies because he wants his administration to be “healing and unifying.”

    Indulging a “showbiz” question, the Vice President said if his life story were to become a movie, he would choose Alden Richards to portray his character (Alden is the “Al” in “AlDub”).

    “Pero maputi ho siya [B[But he is fair-skinned] reacted one columnist.

    “Bakit, puwede namang kulayan si Alden, di ba [W[Why, we can color Alden] the Vice President retorted.


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    1. youre dreaming Nancy. Binay’ empire is coming to an end in makati. you will share corruption jail term with your father. in divisoria mandurok works in a team. isa yong snacther/mandurokot tapos ipasa sa kasama para walang makitang ebensya sa nandukot.

    2. Manira, mag-akusa, manghusga. Yan ang favorite dirty tactic nina Alan Cayetano at Trillanes kaya sila nasa senado. Si VP Binay ang target nila lately to level them up again kaya lang di na umubra sa mga tao. Yet Binay already convicted in the “court of public opinion” without a trial. Kelan kaya matuto ang mga pinoy to think before they act and make judgment?

    3. Ha ha ha, i dont think celebrities will be endorsing Binay anymore except for those has beens or “laos” like Alma Moreno. I doubt very much if ALDub will risk their reputation, popularity and good fortune by endorsing Binay. That’s just wishful thinking.

    4. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Binay said “Even when I was mayor of Makati, I had sacks upon sacks of allegations filed against me. But have I ever even been suspended or convicted of any crime?” he asked rhetorically. “The answer is never.””. You were never convicted of any crime because either YOU PAID THE JUDGES IN YOUR FAVOR or you harassed the complainants.” Huwag kang magnakaw” in English “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL”. You don’t have to appear in court. Just explain to the Filipino people how did you amassed billions of pesos compared with the your salary and your kids’ salaries. Ulol!!!

      • art divinagracia on

        As Binay said if you have some doubts, proofs or allegations regarding corruptions against him you can filed case in the court because in senate hearings nothing will happen except to ruin your life
        but your president PNOY is harassing and bribing all congressmans and senators just to get what he want. Maybe you are talking PNOY not BINAY.