Binibining Pilipinas 2018 fearless forecast


Psychic sees ‘caring beauty with unconditional love for children’ as top winner on Sunday’s coronation night

Giving out fearless forecasts is always an exciting part in the lead up to beauty pageants. This is especially true for Binibining Pilipinas where the country’s official candidate to the Miss Universe pageant, besides other major international contests, is ultimately chosen.

And whether based on gut feel, preference, tarot card- and crystal ball-readings, or plain visual judgment, beauty pageant aficionados will always have their favorites for the crowns at stake.

It was on February 21 that the 40 official Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidates were first presented to the public, and from there, succeeding activities gave observers much to go on in terms of their choices.

Six queens will be chosen among 40 Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidates to represent the country in the biggest beauty pageants around the world PHOTO BY JOHN MICAH SEBASTIAN

Comprised of pageant veterans, models, professionals, entrepreneurs, students and celebrity candidates, pageant experts say, however, that would-be winners in this year’s batch are proving difficult to predict.

In fact, according to the staff of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI), they spotted first-timers among the girls who could give the veterans a run for their money.

As such, in her remarks, BPCI Chairman Stella Marquez Araneta expressed her elation over the quality of this year’s candidates, where she believes the judges will find the next batch of international beauty queens.

Indeed, Araneta’s words were right on the mark as these 40 fabulous females continued to impress BPCI and the media alike with their performance at the National Costume and Jag Jeans fashion show on March 3, and the traditional “Parade of Beauties” on March 10 at Araneta Center. Incidentally, the fashion show early this month identified the Top 10 candidates from public online voting.

Gurmeet’s got it
Betting – whether monetary or simply just for kicks – is always part of the beauty pageant fun, too. And if you plan to place one, it may do well to check psychic predictions before the big night on Sunday at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

Here’s a tip: An Indian psychic by the mono-name Gurmeet has been on consistent target with his predictions on who would win Miss Universe for three years running. [See sidebar on page 6].

Also pretty impressive with predictions on the political front, he has shared since February 23 several signs that pertain to who will snag the Miss Universe-Philippines title at tomorrow’s grand coronation.

In broken sentences, Gurmeet wrote, “Winner is seen from the center stage or connected to number 5 in any way… with numbers 5 and 10 connected to this 2018 Miss Universe-Philippines. She will be a very loving and caring beauty with lots of unconditional love for children.”

“She is with a cute face, cheerful, kind-hearted, experienced, and shall be connected to some trust or charity, and has star eyes. Her connection to number 10 will always make her a winner.

“She could have ended a past relationship and would be entering into a new chapter of her love life soon.

“She will do great in representing the Philippines on a global platform. Some important events connected to her 19th year of age.”

Checking Gurmeet’s signs with candidates’ database, the winner could be the youngest aspirant who also happens to be the tallest at 5’11”. She is 19-year-old Candidate No. 21 Anjame Magbitang of Hagonoy, Bulacan.

Anjame Magbitang

An exotic stunner, she is touted “either to spoil things up for early favorites or take the loving interest of the BPCI and be groomed for something that she richly deserves.”

Sharing her thoughts with townmate blogger Norman Norman, Magbitang said, “A beauty pageant is a celebration of beauty, unity and camaraderie. I have very supportive parents who have always been there for me, as not all the girls who joined are supported by their families. And most of all, I have a child-like faith that God will walk me trough the path of becoming one of the queens. I have prepared for this and I believe that I am equipped with all that it takes to be a Binibining Pilipinas winner.”

Gurmeet further predicted, “Next, very close to the winner [is]also connected to number 1 and 2, in fact a tough competitor to the one in the first position… who will have an equal chance to be a winner… and there would be no doubt if she becomes the winner.

“The only thing that may make her come in the second position despite her being a very strong contender and possible winner is the possibility for her to get confused while answering a question or selecting a wrong answer. She will be connected to [the letter]E or G. Also, it is seen that her patience will bring her many international opportunities in the future.”

Catriona Gray

Gurmeet may be referring to Candidates 19, 20 and 32, Michele Gumabao, Catriona Gray and Eva Psychee Patalinjug, respectively. As everyone knows, of course, Gray represented the Philippines and lost in the last Miss World pageant, even as she was pegged as a frontrunner. And Gurmeet, in giving out his Miss World forecast then said there was a lady expected to win but was bound to lose, adding that she will win another pageant instead.

Moreover, Gurmeet answered a follower on April 29, 2017 who asked if he indeed meant Gray, the psychic wrote, “Yes, I see her being crowned again! Winning a crown at time when she is draped in red and golden-yellow dress!”

Other winners
Gurmeet further sees the following candidate connections to the winners’ circle: “One who had lost someone or something very close to her or has come out of depression, connected to number 17 and letter M; a candidate who has relocation issues connected to letter D and number 18; an adventurous person connected to letter H; and a lady obsessed with a man who has less emotions for her and connected to number 4 and letter D.”

He also said that there is a contestant who is much too lost in her dreams of getting together with a powerful man from the glamour industry. She may even get into a love triangle with this man and another candidate, all of which will contribute to her failed bid for the crown.

Clearly a fan of Philippine beauty pageants, Gurmeet ended his predictions on a positive note as he wrote, “May the best one win and make the Philippines proud.”

For the complete list of candidate names and their assigned numbers, log on to Check this article again early Monday to see who among Gurmeet’s predictions—and your bets—won.


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