• Binoe and his organic lifestyle

    Robin Padilla who is also called Binoe in Ascof

    Robin Padilla who is also called Binoe in Ascof

    With Robin Padilla’s new organic lifestyle, there is no better time than now for him to be the newest brand endorser of natural cough medicine, Ascof Lagundi. He was launched as the newest endorser of the brand in a press conference at the 55 Event’s Place, Quezon City on March 12.

    At first, the award-winning actor was hesitant about the project because he thought he would be endorsing a synthetic product—something he tries to avoid because he prefers to use herbal medicines in real life.

    “‘Nung unang pinitch sa akin ‘to, sabi ko ayaw ko ng mga gamot kasi hindi ako uminom ng gamot kasi kami ni Mariel organic [living]. . . pero ‘nung nakita ko na organic talaga ang ASCOF Lagundi [pumayag na agad ako],” says Robin in an interview when he visited LAC Farms, one of the country’s biggest OCCP (Organic Certification Center of the Philippines), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified organic farm owned by Pascual Laboratories, the maker of ASCOF Lagundi.

    Robin and wife Mariel Rodriguez believe that one should choose herbal medicines because it is natural unlike synthetic ones that may cause liver deterioration.

    Cough being one of the most common sicknesses in the Philippines resulted in the increase in number of cough medicines, all with claims to be the most effective in addressing it. While this is true, not all brands can claim that they are natural and organic.

    ASCOF Lagundi, an herbal medicine, is one of the few that can claim that it is natural, organic, and effective against cough. It has a bronchodilating effect that widens inflamed or constricted air passageways in the lungs, giving relief to the patient, and a mucolytic action that melts phlegm for easier expectoration.

    Having produced Lagundi leaves from its own certified-organic farm, you can only expect that PascualLab uses the best ingredients, coupled with strict quality standards and modern technology.


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    1. It would simplify matters if your newspaper just disallowed reader comments, to be more line with your dictatorial nature instead of pretending that you are practising democratic exchange of ideas. This will be my last comment on the matter. And I’m seriously considering boycotting Manila Times because of your unreasonable CENSORSHIP.

    2. There should be more Filipimo pharmaceutical companies making herbal products because we have many plants that have been traditionally used for hundreds of years now. They are not only safer but are cheaper to manufacture. Congratulations to Robin and Mariel for their organic lifestyle. I hope they can influence the masses to avoid processed meats and GMO foods which are now in our food supplies, courtesy of ignorant and corrupt government officials.