• Binoe takes a firm stand against bashing


    While Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won the presidential elections despite the harshest criticisms, his celebrity supporter and staunch campaigner Robin Padilla just started his own battle. The action star has taken the firmest of stands again online bashing.

    On Thursday, the actor filed online libel charges against Twitter user Miss Krizzy (@krizzy_kalerkui) for reposting his Instagram photo where he took a selfie with a shaded ballot.  His actions were taken by some as a violation against the rules set by the Commission on Elections.

    Padilla was accompanied by his legal counsel Rudolph Jurado to the National Bureau of Investigation-Cybercrime Division (CCD) where he brought his case, subsequently informing the public via Instagram, “I am posting this letter from my lawyer to inform the public that I am not tolerating the present assassination of my character. My honor is the only thing that I have in my life.”

    It will be remembered that Padilla was convicted in 1995 for illegal possession of firearms. In 1998, he was given conditional pardon but since then, certain rights were taken away from him. He can no longer carry any kind of arms, and also cannot vote.

    After seeing Padilla’s selfie circulating, Miss Krizzy posted: “This is a clear violation of election law! Throw him in jail as well. No one is above the law.”

    Padilla maintains that the netizen’s accusation had no basis, and that the NBI-CCD should identify her for liability.

    Moreover, the actor feels the issue should not have been brought up any longer since his children who were very young during his incarceration were affected by the post. Said Padilla, they had the children schooled in Australia so they could forget about the difficult period in their family life, but because of Miss Krizzy’s comments, he had to confirm to his children that he is indeed an “ex-convict.”

    “Kailangan ko ipaliwanag sa anak ko na, ‘anak, wala pa akong  voting rights. ‘Anak, wala akong  civil rights. Anak, ex-convict ako.’ Ang hirap sabihin no’n,” the actor said in a TV interview.

    Meanwhile, Miss Krizzy remained very vocal on Twitter. She posted, “It’s a picture / visual. Reaction was based on what I’ve seen! Bawal na ba magcomment ngayon? Martial Law again? #misskrizzyisinthenews.”


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