‘Biodiversity on Wheels’ goes to children’s village

The author (third from right) joins the outreach program of Biodiversity on Wheels at the SOS Children’s Village in Alabang

The author (third from right) joins the outreach program of Biodiversity on Wheels at the SOS Children’s Village in Alabang

BEING a Haribon member, I was given a chance to join the Biodiversity on Wheels (BOW) program at SOS Children’s Villages in Ayala Alabang on May 28 together with Cza Constantino and six more volunteers.

BOW is a Haribon training program that aims to teach biodiversity conservation to children from different schools and communities. It is a program that educates children on the animal and plant species found in the Philippines, biodiversity threats, and conservation measures the youth can do to protect our environment.

During our implementation, 21 children ages 8 to 15, participated in the learning session and activities. I noticed that the young ones were very attentive, participative, and excited about the various learning activities that were conducted. Among the participants, two children caught my attention because they were competitive and very willing to learn.

The children were attentive in answering questions especially those about our ecosystem. They were also amazed with the different animals they saw in the videos. Some of them even asked questions when they weren’t familiar with the species flashed on the screen. This shows that only few of them are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in the country. Like most of us, they might have seen the species but disregard their beauty and purpose. Their hunger for knowing these species were captured in their faces, which made the discussion even more interactive.

I believe that the children gained knowledge and learned something about the environment with our activity. With their reactions of “Ahhhh, yon pala”, “ Kaya pala whale shark yung tawag don”, and “alam ko na kung bakit mousedeer”, I know that we have planted something for them to appreciate and conserve.

Through the BOW program, I know that we have touched children’s lives by raising their awareness on what is happening with our environment, on the different species of plants and animals, and on empowering them to protect and conserve our environment.

Thank you Haribon Foundation, Synchrony Financial, and SOS Children’s Villages for this wonderful journey.

Learn more about how you can help the Biodiversity on Wheels program by contacting Cza Constantino at bow@haribon.org.ph


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