• BIR accepts tax payments through credit cards


    TAXPAYERS can now use credit, debit or prepaid cards in paying taxes, according to a newly-issued regulation by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

    The BIR said the adoption of the additional payment method aims to reduce the burden and difficulties experienced by taxpayers in the payment of taxes and other applicable fees.

    “The taxpayer shall bear the convenience fee and other fees being charged by banks and/or credit card companies for the use of this payment facility; and, that such fees, including the ‘Merchant Discount Rate’ (MDR), shall, in no case, be deducted from any amount of tax due to the BIR,” the agency said.

    A taxpayer can choose from the available online payment facilities provided by the electronic payment service provider for the processing of his or her tax payments.

    The BIR said the authority to accept tax payments, through credit/debit/prepaid cards, and act as Acquirers, shall be limited to authorized agent banks (AABs) only.

    AABs refer to commercial or universal banks authorized by the BIR to collect taxes, while an Acquirer is an AAB that accepts payment of taxes and other fees through credit, debit or prepaid cards on behalf of the BIR.

    “In case the taxpayer-cardholder made erroneous tax payment transactions through this prescribed payment mode, the same shall not give rise to any automatic ‘charge back’ to the taxpayer-cardholder’s account,” the BIR said.

    In meritorious cases, the taxpayer shall apply for refund/tax credit with the BIR in accordance with existing revenue issuances.

    The bureau added that only Philippine-issued credit or debit cards under the name of the taxpayer-cardholder can be used.

    Payment of taxes through credit or debit cards shall be deemed made on the date and time appearing in the system-generated payment confirmation receipt.


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