• BIR to carry on previous admin’s program to hit P1.8T revenue target this yr


    The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will continue most of the collection programs by the previous administration to hit P1.829 trillion in revenue target this year.

    biR commissioner caesar Dulay. ROGER RAÑADA

    “The main purpose of the agency, of course, is to raise revenues, to collect the taxes so that we can support the operations of the government. For 2017, we have a goal, a collection target of P1.82 trillion,” BIR Commissioner Caesar Dulay said in a press conference on Tuesday.

    Dulay said the collection target this year is 16 percent higher than the P1.57 billion goal last year.

    The BIR has not yet released its full-year collection data, but the latest cash operations report by the Department of Finance showed its revenue as of end-November totaled P1.4 trillion, up 9 percent from a year earlier.

    To achieve its collection goal, the BIR has come up with a 27-point priority program of which 26 have been part of the previous programs of the past administration.

    “We continue for example the Run After Tax Evaders Program. This was initiated in the past. We still have a lot of pending cases with the Department of Justice and we are closely coordinating with them on the early resolution of these cases. We also implemented the Oplan Kandado,” Dulay noted.

    The BIR will continue to follow the e-payment and e-filing program initiated by the Aquino administration and adopt the comprehensive profiling and industry benchmarking which has proven effective, he added.

    “We continue to monitor and implement these programs. And one additional program which we will be focusing on is to expand our taxpayer base,” he said.

    The bureau is also adding to the current list of large taxpayers profile by coming up with medium taxpayers and small taxpayers.

    “We have empowered the regional directors to focus on these medium taxpayers and the regional district officers to focus on the small taxpayers,” Dulay said.

    The bureau also reshuffled regional directors to focus on the bigger regions and enhance the tax collection effort, he added.

    “We also have delegated the hiring of examiners to regional directors. This has been something that we wanted to do. Out of nearly 20,000 manpower requirement we are only at 50 percent or 9,000. So to be able to implement the programs that we envision for 2017, we will also have to increase our manpower requirements,” he added.


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    1. it’s about time to collect what paquiao owed the BIR . that’s a very large amount that could be used to fund the programs to help the poor people in the country.