BIR must check Cubelo’s ITR


“Jose Cubelo,” an illegal contractor, lords it over at the Department of Public Works and Highways, particularly in the DPWH Region 3 office.

DPWH insiders confirmed that Jose Cubelo cornered one project after another through questionable bidding in collusion with several registered contractors who let him “lease” their licenses.

Upon verification, Jose Cubelo turned out to be a middleman and not a real contractor because he doesn’t possess any license issued by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB).

His clandestine transactions are linked to a “3W Construction” company which could also be a dubious entity, according to insiders.

The only thing clear is that Jose Cubelo and his cohort, allegedly a ranking and influential official at DPWH Region 3 office, have amassed fortunes beyond one’s imagination.

A quick check at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) district office 40 showed that Jose Cubelo applied for a tax identification number (TIN) but never filed an income tax return despite his multi-million peso contracts.

The BIR must look into the monkey business of this culprit. One wonders how a middleman or a “fixer” can afford to build a six storey building in Taguig and own a fleet of luxurious vehicles.

Jose Cubelo reportedly shouldered the birthday parties thrown by his DPWH “padrinos” and other gigs at the DPWH Region 3 office, according to my informants.

That’s not to mention the “luxurious vehicle” this DPWH crony gifted his padrino last year.

Jose Cubelo also bigheartedly bribed some Central Luzon politicians, who back him in securing juicy projects.

”Nagpapasasa siya sa mga kontrata ng gobyerno, ginagawa rin siyang baka ng ilang pulitiko na nasa poder… everybody happy, ika nga,” my informant said.

I wouldn’t like to believe that DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson will condone this practice. Neither would BIR Commissioner Kim Henares let Cubelo off the hook easily.

That’s why I’ve called the attention of PCAB, as well as Sec. Singson and Comm. Henares about Jose Cubelo and his cohorts’ multi-million peso racket.

I tend to suspect that Jose Cubelo is really all that well-connected.

No justice in sight
After ordinary Filipinos got contemptible treatment from the government while hosting a lavish “anti-China” summit last week, it’s foolish to expect Noynoy Aquino to do anything anymore in terms of social justice.

The people’s right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech were suppressed, and protesters, including Lumads and Mangyans, were treated as “indios” or second-class citizens.

It’s evident the Malacañang couldn’t care less about upholding the freedom of the press.

There’s no reason to expect the outgoing administration to do anything at all to serve justice to the families of victims of the Maguindanao massacre.

At least 32 members of the media were among the 58 people mowed down by the private army of the Ampatuan clan that ruled the province.

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