• BIR probes Jinggoy’s new mansion


    Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada is facing a new investigation from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in connection with his acquisition of a new property at Wack Wack subdivision in Mandaluyong City worth P120 million.

    BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said that Estrada’s new mansion will not escape scrutiny.

    “We are always looking into the tax angle and we cannot say anything now because anything we do should be confidential, until and unless we are ready to bring the case to court. We want to investigate without interference from anybody or any disturbance for an objective investigation,” Henares said.

    “We do our work quietly, with no fanfare, until we are ready [to file charges],” she added.

    Estrada had admitted buying the Wack Wack property last year, claiming that he sold his house in North Greenhills to purchase it.

    The senator said that he listed his Wack Wack property in his 2012 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) under investments. Social news network Rappler, however, reported that his 2012 SALN only showed that he had condominium units in San Juan and Tagaytay City, a farm and a condominium in Lipa, Batangas province as well as two other lots, a townhouse, and one house in Quezon City, which are all under construction.

    Under Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, all public officials and employees, except those who serve in an honorary capacity, laborers and casual or temporary workers, should truthfully disclose their assets in their SALN to identify whether their wealth is commensurate with their income.

    “If that [Wack Wack property] is listed in his SALN and the purchase is supported by his declared income, there would be no problem. I would have to see first his reported income in his SALN before I make any pronouncements,” Henares said.

    Estrada is one of three senators charged with plunder for allegedly getting huge kickbacks from their priority development assistance fund or pork barrel. On Wednesday, he claimed that senators were given an additional P50 million pork barrel after former Chief Justice Renato Corona was convicted by the Senate.


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    1. This really disgusting when you think most of the populations are suffering. We should have been a great country if not of these corrupts, monster, money mongerer politicians. The have no heart in behalf of the Filipino.They just love their own agenda to built as much wealth as they can to continue push the poor getting poorer. Now, i dont have to wonder why we cant lift up high as a nation because these politicians only agenda is to corrupt the Filipino people. Iam so glad to hear when news said that Philippines has the fastest growing economy and most healthy economy for years to come but not most are feeling these good news. They missed to mention that even though how fast our economy grow,there’s no match to the politicians steeling all what this country’s has achieved. It’s really sad to think when there are so many people in the Philippines dream for a greener future,we have the means and wealth to use them and help those unprivillaged. If we use that money to improve the livelihood in Mindanao or use to build infrastructure in that war thorn part of the Philippines.If we use that money for those affected by sever flooding .If we use that money to support deserving students to pursue their dreams. i feel so disappointed to come back home.

    2. I would investigate every single official to find out if their income matches their weath. Its a very simple thing to do & then its up to them to prove their innocence. Just like with cj corona, he said when the time is right i will prove my money is all legitimate & yet what did he do, he just stood up in court & with blah blah blah blah said that is his evidence. Well he was the supreme court chief justice, so who should understand more than him about evidence, yet he couldnt produce a single shred of evidence to back up his lies. These people arnt honourable & i would take that title away from all. Tell me what makes them honourable but a humble tricycle driver honestly going about his work to keep his family also not honourable. I tell you my take on this its a case of them & us. Them being the rich & powerful & us being the lowlife workers. Its a 2 class society & these people look down on us. Foreigners in this country cant stand united with the people & protest with you as its in the law they will be deported, why because they want to isolate the humble pinoy who they know most often wont say anything but the foreigners have come usually from free speech countries with fair laws.