• BIR should go after loan sharks

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will surely collect more taxes if it opted to go after loan “sharks” or financiers, or better known as “capitalistas” in casinos across the country.

    Sources within the gaming industry say these so-called casino creditors have been around since the time casinos opened in the country.

    Names like Dante Castillo, Flora Teh, Betty Cu, Kenneth Chia, Helen Dy, Gerry Gordielo, Romy Isidro, and one alias “Shobe” are just some of the big time gamblers that include politicians, government officials and businessmen who borrow quick capital to finance their habit.

    Each financier can lend up to P100 million a week to borrowers who have been losing in the casino in exchange for their cars, real estate properties and personal belongings such as expensive watches and jewelry.

    These loans sharks charge two percent a day in interest or 20 percent a month to borrowers.

    Most of these tax cheats hang out at the Pavilion Hotel and Midas Hotel in Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino and Resorts World in Pasay City and the Airport Casino in Paranaque.

    BIR Commissioner Kim Henares will definitely surpass her agency’s target once she runs after these tax cheats.

    The same sources said that with the money Castillo, Teh, Cu, Chia, Dy, Gordielo, Isidro and “Shobe” are making a year, it will be enough to rebuild the typhoon devastated areas.

    * * *

    Is Turkish ambassador above the law?
    Turkish Ambassador Hatice Pinar Isik is surely enjoying her immunity from criminal and civil suits these days.

    She refuses to follow an order of the Court of Appeals for her to vacate her rented residence at Forbes Park in Makati.

    The problem started when the diplomat from Turkey rented the house from its former owner, Ricky Silverio Sr. However, in September 2010, the house was sold by Ricky Jr. to a certain Monica Ocampo.

    But even before its sale, Silverio Jr. wrote Isik, asking her to leave the property because it will be sold.

    The former owner then filed a case of eviction before the court. However, the ambassador continues to defy the court’s order to this day.

    Perhaps, Ambassador Isik thinks she is God.

    * * *

    DTI inutile in imposing price control
    Nearly a month after Super Typhoon Yolanda leveled Leyte and several other provinces, the prices of commodities had skyrocketed despite a price freeze order by the President.

    Surprisingly, Secretary Gregory Domingo of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is aware of the super high prices of food and other commodities yet he has not lifted a finger to solve this problem.

    Victims of Yolanda in Leyte and Samar complained of the exorbitant price increases of several products, including gasoline.

    Yet their cry for help fell on deaf ears since Domingo has not taken any action at all.

    The DTI’s excuse for not enforcing Malacanang’s price freeze order is that the agency lacks personnel because DTI employees were also victims of the typhoon.

    But can’t Domingo use his personnel from other cities or regions not affected by the typhoon and bring them to the devastated areas to implement the price freeze order?

    All it takes is a little of common sense. Don’t you have one, Mr. Secretary?



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    1. If we are analyzing the situation, there are millions of dollar that enter the country since the aftermath. Those commodities are targeting after those bills. If I were Pnoy, I would rather shutdown the entire countries market and opt the surplus at the very low prices. There might be remaining surplus after the recent donations from other nations. This is the foolish way he can use his foolishness into usefulness. Then he can win Filipino’s sympathy, after all the anger and boo’s he got.

    2. Isama mo sa dapat na isara na departamento ang DOE (captive ng Meralco, Napocor,all oil companies), MWSS (captive ng Manila Water at Maynilad) DOTC (captive ng globe, smart etc..) NFA (captive ng rice cartel at lahat ng na assign dyan may kickback). hay nanaku…….

    3. Federico Santos on

      this is really an inutile government. No government officials and or government offices dare move to question or raise an issue relative to the price increases. they ( Government Officials) don’t even know how to use their mandate to restrain price increases. can you imagine, that a high Department of Energy (DoE) official is the one announcing every time there is a Oil Price Increase. in effect, She’s a PRO (Having payola) of the Oil Companies. Shame on you DOE Director. The result is that companies indiscriminately keep on increasing their price. Perhaps, the government of P’noy have already gotten their through huge political contribution during the last presidential election. Please have pity on the people of the Philippines. we don’t know how to cope up with oil, gas, light and possibly transportation fares,water and the like increases. P’noy review this issue to help your bosses kuno. My personal view is that like we are living a lawless country or we are applying a law of the jungle.

    4. Apolonio Reyes on

      Tama ka Erwin sa DTI ( Dept.of Total Inutil). I complained once over the phone that the prices at BF Paranaque market is overpriced that vegetables are DOUBLE the price compared at Muntinlupa Public Market and to DOE ( Dept. of Engot ) that the price of LPG is 20% higher than other outlets. DTI told me over the phone that they could not do anything about the price at BF Market as this is a private market THAT IS NOT UNDE THEM and DOE told me ” why not buy at the other LPG outlets, IF IT IS CHEAPER”? This is how INUTIL these departments are ! Since then I don’t bothered to complain, USELESS !

      • ThunderousCloud on

        how shameful…but i guess you’re still lucky, because you’re not on the receiving end of the famous line….”buhay ka pa naman, dba?”.