Bird strike at Dipolog airport damages jetliner’s engine



An engine of an AirPhil Express Airbus A320 was damaged by a bird strike as the plane was landing at the Dipolog Airport on Sunday afternoon, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) reported.

The CAAP said pilots Capt. Mark Castro and Capt. Peter Salac radioed the Mactan Control Tower at around 2:16 p.m. that the plane, which flew from Manila, was hit by a bird strike and damaged one of its two jet engines.

The report did not say how many passengers and crew the plane was carrying.

It was learned that the pilots chose to contact the Mactan-Cebu International Airport because it has a more advanced communication set-up than Dipolog airport’s.

The Mactan control tower informed the CAAP about the situation, and the aviation regulator notified the Dipolog control tower.

The plane landed safely at Dipolog despite the damaged turbine blades.

The plane will stay overnight in Dipolog while it waits for replacement parts that will flown from Manila.

More than 50 bird strike incidents have been recorded since 2012 at different airports in the country.




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