Birds of the same feather


I HAVE high hopes that come 2016, when we elect a new president, a new brand of politics will also be ushered in. Vice President Jojo Binay is the frontrunner in this presidential race which started even before it began and while brickbats are continuously thrown at him in relation to the over-priced, world-class parking building, it seems like he remains to be the candidate to beat as of today. Surprisingly, those who are at it in the Senate hearings went down in the latest survey rankings, and another didn’t move at all.

VP Binay recently launched a new “old” party UNA. Formerly just an alliance, it is now a Comelec registered political party with support from Erap’s Partido ng Masang Pilipino. Does that mean that it is going to be a Binay-Jinggoy come 2016? Well, just like what Atty. JV Baustita said in an interview, to early to tell. But what is certain is that they will filter all those who wish to join the new party of opportunists and politicians who will now make a beeline to be included in UNA. Really now! With that standard, very few will be left to choose from.

To begin with, I am told that Congressman Franny Eriguel of the second district of La Union is one of the founding members of UNA along with former congressman and finance secretary Margarito Teves. My beef with Eriguel is he almost decimated my sister’s family during the elections of 2010 when he led his band of goons to my sister’s house and fired away. This person who continues to terrorize our kailians with his gangster like approach only has a sisterhood pact with Makati as his bond with Binay. Now if this is the kind of members who will belong to UNA, I can almost predict that we will have more of the same. God forbid!

God is Great!


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  1. Amnata Pundit on

    Binay and Mar Roxas’ ambitions are finished. Its not the voters who decide elections but the smartmatic machines. Guess who controls these machines? Why, the Americans who else? Binay and Roxas have too much heavy baggage, and PR wise, they are hard to sell. Watch out for the dark horses in this race, Grace Poe and Manny Pangilinan. They are political virgins and therefore immaculately untainted, and more importantly, malleable. Don’t believe in SWS and Pulse Asia, they are spIn machines meant to manipulate public opinion and thus part of the big charade. When Poe’s and MVP’s ratings start to move up, you know that the scam is already being started. MVP in the news recently said that he will undertake oil exploration with a foreign partner in the disputed Spratleys islands. So early in the game and he is already offering himself as a tool to provoke the Chinese. Now, ain’t that Smart ?

  2. Wasnt binay looking to get manny pacquiao in his team, well without looking at all at what he may or may not have done wrong or illegally he showed me with that decision to have manny as a partner isnt up to running a country. Please tell me how manny can help this country. Im not interested in him being a sports icon as thats just popularity, what im looking for are 1st brains, intelligence. If you dont have those what good are you as a politician. Im not dumb but im al;so not clever enough to be a politician, yes i could do the job anyone could, but would i be able to do a good job & the answer is no.

  3. Yung mga mang-mang lang na tinulungan ni Robin Hood ng Makati na galing sa 10% of corrupt money with 90% nabulsa ang boboto kay Binay.

  4. You will be giving great service to the Filipino voters IF you divulge more info regarding these people under VP Binay to expose their selection process and to show what it will be like under the Binay Presidency…. surely, you can do this !! Afterall you are in the media.

  5. P. on

    Any other candidates than those recycled names in the 2016 elections; Aquino, Binay, Estrada, Roxas, etc.? Nakakasawa na ang mga ‘yan; puro “kurakot”.

    I hope the entire media will drum up the candidacy of those who have shown track records of intelligence, honesty and integrity, public or private. This could be a “wishful” thinking but, unless this will be done, the country is ‘doomed’ with politics and corruption as usual, amidst the ever-growing problems of overpopulation, extreme poverty, lawlessness, moral degeneration, indifference, greed, etc., exacerbated by yearly natural calamities. .

    • How about Gibo Teodoro? He is educated, intelligent, experienced and decent.

      NO NO NO to Binay and his partymates. He is recruiting Manny Pacquiao?, Willie Revillame? – for their money & popularity?

      When will we ever get a line up of intelligent, mature and decent
      leaders similar to the likes of Manglapus, Diokno, Tolentino, etc. who could really carry themselves like true statesmen. No more of the clowns like Tito Sotto, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada, Nancy Binay, Loren Legarda, Grace Poe, Trillanes, Honasan, etc. who got there by mere name recall with nothing to show.

  6. rick bernabe,capt. usaf retired on

    why are filipinos too gullible and has an nth degree of forgetfullness.
    even the media are so corrupt too.
    so much useless vanities for nothing!
    why can’t filipinos unite?
    why are the taxpayers of makati so naive to binay family’s in your face corruption.
    they try to separate themselves from the whole philippines.
    my uncle use to tell me corruption in makati is normal since mayor villena’s tenure.
    filipinos have their values sqewed, and contorted…..filipinos would still before hard work.
    only very few are honest….is it because of poverty? the catholic church’s hypocrisy?
    philippine is becoming a murder capital of the world….why?
    catholics are pro-life…..but they are also pro non capital punishment.
    shouldn’t the catholic church and anti death penalty advocates pay for the crime victims altogether?