• Bishop to Pinoys: Respect the law


    BALANGA City, Bataan: The bishop of the Diocese of Balanga on Wednesday urged Filipinos to respect the law in the wake of a Supreme Court (SC) decision allowing the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Ba­yani (Heroes Cemetery).

    The SC on Tuesday voted 9-5 in favor of Marcos’ interment at the Heroes Cemetery in a ruling condemned by victims of martial law, which the former strongman declared in 1972.

    “Let us work for something [that]will unite us rather than separate us from one another,” Bishop Ruperto Santos said.

    He asked everyone to exercise mutual respect and to practice utmost tolerance.

    The Bataan prelate requested more prayers.

    “Let us pray even more fervently for our country and people,” Santos said.

    The Balanga diocese comprised 11 towns and a city in the province.

    Meanwhile, some farmers here also on Wednesday said Marcos helped them with water pumps and diesel engines to produce irrigation water from shallow tube wells.

    They also recounted how the Marcos administration provided them with free palay (unhusked rice) seeds and fertilizers.

    “The Supreme Court has ruled. Let us respect its decision,” the farmers said.


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    1. The CBCP should also seek justice for the PEDOPHILE PRIESTS in the Philippines. Has any pedophile priest been charged in court yet? Is any pedophile priest in our Philippine jails? Many victims of pedophile priests in the USA have received compensation already. In Boston alone, $ 120 million has been paid to victims of pedophile priests. And many pedophile priests are serving sentences in US jails. Filipino children are victims of Human Rights abuses from pedophile priests. The CBCP should seek justice for sexually abused children as a higher priority over the Human Rights of drug lords and drug pushers.

    2. The SC’s decision on this matter is an added insult to injuries, to the Victims of Martial law. This issue, will always matter as long as Justice is not serve. The wounds of Martial law era, will always stay fresh, among its victims. The people of Balanga, benefited from the Era of Martial, but that is the duty of the government to provide seed and diesel engine to pump water to the rice fields. There is nothing new on this matter. It is the victims of Martial Law, that matters.

    3. agree. ito pa lang ang paring positive ang advice compared sa mga CBCP na nag bigay ng statement na “WE DO NOT FORGET”. ang turo ni jesus ay forgive 77×7 pero iba ang mga sinasabi ng mga CCP. buti pa itong pari, positibo ang kanyang pananaw sa desisyon ng korte suprema.