Bishop, priest question Aquino survey rating


AN official of the Archdiocese of Capiz questioned the result of a recent survey made by the Social Weather Stations (SWS), which claimed that President Benigno Aquino 3rd got a high satisfaction rating from survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Fr. Mark Granflor, director for the Social Action Center of the Archdiocese of Capiz, said their parishioners were aided by the Church, foreign nations and groups, non-government organizations (NGO) and other religious communities.

The SWS survey, which was conducted from December 11 to 16 through face-to-face interviews of 1,550 adults in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, showed that 13 percent of Filipino families gave Aquino a “very good” +54 net satisfaction rating.

“The December 2013 survey found higher satisfaction ratings for President Benigno Aquino 3rd among victims of Yolanda compared to those who were not victimized by the super typhoon,” the survey said.

The priest however believed that the respondents of the survey were possibly those who received help from the government.

Palo Archbishop John Du likewise questioned the survey result, saying that victims of the typhoon had not received substantial help from government.

“All I know is that [the residents]are always waiting and it is the Church who is always giving them what they want,” he said.

The bishop also noted that the Church is fast tracking a livelihood program for the victims of the super typhoon “so that they could earn, manage themselves, and not just depend on dole-outs.”

He added that Church officials are focused on boosting help to agricultural communities in Eastern Visayas.

Capiz, a first class province located in the Western Visayas, was among the areas ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda in November, which left more than 6, 100 dead and triggered the response of the international community.


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  1. Surveys are no big deal, It is not different from propaganda. The SWS survey which claimed that pnoy got a high rating from the yolanda survivors was like a pornographic picture of a sexy (wo)man provided by the SWS to malacanang. Sec. Coloma’s reaction to the alleged survey result (pornographic picture) was like a man indulging in self-gratification (this should be a socially correct term) or engaged in “political m_s_ _r_a_i_n” (you can fill in the blank if you want)

  2. These three yellow turds in this column are utter idiots or paid Judases. Everyone knows the retard occupying the palace is a pathological LIAR!!! Including his cohorts who have hides as thick as leather…LIARS, LIARS, CANARDS AND THIEVES. Your beastly actions will soon come to an end and you will get your up pence soon. Mr. fake president your hatred towards those who oppose you has no bounds, you deserve to be flogged.

  3. Maybe these bishops and priest should learn and listen from one of their own, Fr. Benigno P. Beltran, SVD. Excerpts from the link below.

    There is an on-going debate about whether human beings are guided by a selfish gene or our brains are wired to help others; whether we think mostly of ourselves or whether it is our nature to help others.
    Neuroscientists claim that there is a network of brain regions involved in understanding other people. This makes us capable of perceiving the mental states of people around us. We see somebody wince, our brain responds as though we ourselves are experiencing the pain.
    The healthy brain is evolved to reward compassion, cooperation and service. Without this social conscience, we see a society whose members are so focused on self-aggrandizement they have little or no notion at all of the common good. Even strict Darwinians accept the self-sacrifice involved in promoting the well-being of the community, to the point of dying for others.
    Sociopaths are those incapable of feeling empathy. They feel only their own pain, care only for their own needs. They are holed up in their own selves and remain totally self-absorbed.

  4. Pompeyo Pedroche criticized what he insinuated to be illogical in Fr Granflor’s view. In reality Pompeyo’s logic is the one that is mathematically incorrect. He should be the guy who needs to study logic or to review good logic. Tsk tsk, pompous pretender.

  5. mr pedroche, gujol and bambo; coloma, lacierda and valte,

    nag rally na libo libong mga tiga tacloban nuong friday, upang ipahayag
    ang kanilang pagtutol sa mga kasinungalingang pinag gagawa ninyo.
    Sana naman huwag na ninyo asnan ang galit ng taong bayan sa
    malaking pagkukulang ninyo, Kitang kita naman sa buong mundo
    ang kawalang kakayahan ng pamahalaang Pnoy nuong nakaraang
    Yolanda. Hindi kayang bilogin ng False asia o anumang survey
    na natutuwa at approve kayo sa tacloban matapos ipakita ng gobyerno
    ang kapabayaan, kita naman natin na 4 na araw ang nagdaan wala
    pang tulong na ipinarating ang pnoy govt, naunahan pa ng tiga
    ibang bansa, at ng nagsimula tumulong narung walang tubig,
    pagkain, kulang sa tao at baka raw makabawas sa panustos na
    pagkain at tubig na kailangan ng nasalanta, walang nailikas sa
    mga emergency case para maipaospital, Ang katotohanan kundi
    dumating ang tiga ibang bansa na may dalang tulong walang
    mang yayari. 2 buwan na di pa naililibing nangamatay, Masasabi
    ko tuloy na siguro ang sinurvey ay yung mga patay na hinayaang
    mabilad sa araw at ulan, langawin, etc.
    Paanong tatalab ang panalangin ni P’noy kung ganyang di man
    lang siya nag sorry sa Diyos at sa taong bayan, dinadagdagan pa
    ng kasinungalingan, Dapat ninyong malaman nalalaman ng
    Diyos ang inyong kasinungalingan.

  6. joebert banderas on

    bishops priest napakayaman na religion sa buong mundo wala namang naitulong gusto nila pakinabang,poro batikos wala namang kabutihang nagawa sa kanilang myembro poro pakinabang tanggap ng tanggap ng limos

  7. pewde ba tigilan na nyo ung survey nayan, lumalaki lang ang ulo ni pnoy dahil jan hind naman totoo ang mga survey, na yan madaling gawan yan survey na yan, madaling bayaran sila

  8. It’s about time the government should come out with a truthful survey. Otherwise there will be no improvement if they continue to feed us with lies.

  9. I was in Europe at the time, and followed the many help programs for the Philippines, just about in every country. But we also noticed the inactivity of the Aquino government and the Army, which was shocking in our eyes.We were told that the Tacloban government is from the opposition party, so Aquino almost enjoyed the elplessness of the affected areas. Sad for us to watch.


    The issue, Father, is the results of the survey, not the government’s inadequacy in sending aid to the victims. Father, di ba kayo nag-aral ng logic sa priesthood course ninyo? Labu ninyo kasi eh.

    • looks like you’re the one who doesn’t understand logic. survey = questionable, survey is about adequacy and help satisfaction. therefore, help satisfaction is questionable.

    • ikaw ang malabo mr pedroche hindi ka ba nagbabasa o nanonoog ng balita. Sa bansang japan, thailand, indonesia etc. pagkatapos na
      pagkatapos ng kalamidad nandiyan ng tulong dito sa atin kung hindi
      pa ibinalita sa cnn di gagalaw ang gobyerno. hangga ngayon sa
      mga pagpapalibing inabot ng 2 buwan, kaya na survey tuloy na sang ayon sa kapalpakan ng gobyerno ang tacloban. Sa mga bunk house
      kitang kita kapalpakan. sana naman gumamit ka ng common sense
      bago mag kumento.

    • they want tp point out that the survey is “made up” maybe by the government obviously. use your logic.

  11. hindi dapat paniwalaan ang mga survey survey na yan dahil politka ang nagpasurvey niyan.madaling gumawa ng survey kung meron kang pabagsak sa SWS at False Asia at ang mga eto e pulos bayaran ng adminstrasyon.yung mga correspondents na galing sa ibang bansa ang dapat paniwalaan paris ni cooper ng cnn walang kasinungalingan kundi pulos ulat na galing mismo sa mga biktima ALISIN NA SA ISIPAN NG BAWAT ISA ANG LIKHA NG PULOS KASINUNGALINGANG SURVEY NG MGA BAYARANG KUMPANYA NA PARANG MGA LINTA NA SIPSIP LANG ANG RESULTA PARA MAGING POGI SA PUBLIKO.

    • apolonio reyes on


    • Anti Malacanang Troll on

      The people of tacloban have spoken and you malacanang ass kissers are just a waste of our tax money.
      Is it really that f*cking hard to accept that the recent survey from SWS is HARD to believe?

    • As the saying goes, do not “kill the messengers”: but take note of the message their are delivering.

    • mg bambo siguro kulang ka sa bambo, o bayaran ka, kaya
      di mo nabasa o nalaman ang kapalpakan ng gobyerno p’noy

    • Mr. Bamboo, pare kung magsasalita ka marami ka nang nagawa sa mga kalamidad sa atin ah. . kaya, if you criticized do it in a constructive manner . I am a victim too, both Earthquake and super typhoon . . . but the Government made help ( delayed ) with cameras always behind them.

    • really? baka hinde mo alam.. maraming tulong nung panahon ng yolanda ang simbahan. ang mga pari sa probinsya ang nakakarating sa kasulok sulukan ng mga bario para maghatid ng tulong. kaya may right magsalita ang mga pari nyan dahil babad sila sa sitwasyon, mas marami silang alam kesa sa iyo.

  12. Franklin gujol on

    I am a true believer of the Catholic Church but I don’t think it is the bishop’s or the priest’s business to question or get involved into any surveys. I’m sure if they get their own surveys of the people they helped, they would get a 100 percent approval. But are we not taught to keep what good things we are doing and let God decide if the good things come from our hearts. I think that’s the most important- where the generosity came from.

    • Another i diotic comment. We must all speak the truth, clergy or laymen. It is our right and duty. Unless you’re a yellowist, then you’ve got the retard gene.


      The priests, bishops are also Filipino citizens of the Philippines so they are allowed to comment with this bastard a gay president pnoy who are always lying with his paid sws pulse survey. You yellow army wake up you are fooled by your president see people surge in tacloban, sama todays news and you are still believing pnoys retard????

    • Anti Malacanang Troll on

      The people of tacloban have spoken and they are NOT happy with how this government has abandoned them.