Bishop to Abad: Quit now

Members of various civil groups join a rally calling for the resignation of Budget Secretary Butch Abad and Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala. The two officials were tagged by Janet Napoles as among those who benefited from the pork barrel scam. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Members of various civil groups join a rally calling for the resignation of Budget Secretary Butch Abad and Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala. The two officials were tagged by Janet Napoles as among those who benefited from the pork barrel scam. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

EVEN if he is yet to be officially investigated or charged, Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad should step down for delicadeza (good taste), Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani said on Tuesday.

Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, one of three senators who have been charged in connection with the pork barrel scam, also urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate Abad who was tagged by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles as her pork mentor.

Bacani said Abad should leave his office now.

“Sa totoo lang, si Secretary Abad ay kinakailangan na mag-resign, kahit na pending ang investigation, ‘I will leave my office,’ ganun yun. I will suspend myself [Truth is, Secretary Abad should resign, even if investigation is pending, I will leave my office, he should tell himself, that’s it. I will suspend myself],” he added.

“Sasabihin ko sa kanya magbitiw ka muna, ipakita mo na hindi ka talaga gahaman diyan sa pwesto mo tutal somebody can take your place [I will tell him to step down and he should show that he is not clinging to his post. Somebody else can take his place],” Bacani said.

In her expanded affidavit submitted to the DOJ and the Senate blue ribbon committee, Nnapoles claimed that it was Abad who taught her the ropes on how to secure funding from the lawmakers’ priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel.

Along with her affidavit, the businesswoman included a list of lawmakers and government officials who reportedly benefited from the misuse of PDAF.

Abad, a former congressman, was among those named.

Bacani said Abad’s name also cropped up in the files of pork scam witness Benhur Luy.

“Si Janet Lim-Napoles at si Luy ay parehong binabanggit siya sa kanilang listahan, hindi naman siguro nagkaroon ng conspiracy yung dalawa sa kanya, mas matindi ang dating talaga [Janet Lim-Napoles and Luy both mentioned him in their respective lists.These two could not have conspired],” the bishop noted.

Bacani said public trust in the government should be restored since the pork barrel scam has ruined government institutions.

“In this particular case, it is very important that the people’s trust in government is restored,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sen. Estrada said the DOJ should show fairness by investigating the other officials named in the lists of Napoles and Luy.

The senator also noted that government probers should also give priority to the case of Abad and the other officials named in the lists.

Two other Cabinet members were included in the so-called “Napolists”—Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority chief Joel Villanueva.

Napoles also tagged 20 former and incumbent senators and 100 congressmen.

“Fairness dictates that they should also investigate those mentioned in the Napoles testimony, the Napoles affidavit or in the Benhur files,” Estrada said in an interview with reporters.

Aside from Napoles, whistleblower Merlina Suñas has reportedly implicated Abad as one of the conspirators in the PDAF scandal.

But despite the allegations, President Benigno Aquino 3rd has consistently defended the Budget secretary and no investigation of Abad has been initiated by the DOJ.

“If we will be charged and jailed, it is also fair for the government to also investigate other individuals [who]were also mentioned [in the lists],” Estrada said.


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  1. I think abad should resign now considering all the accusations being thrown at him now which are plausable. He himself admitted that DAP was being the source of all the funds given to the senators during and after the impeachment of Corona. Add to the accusation of napoles that he was her mentor in re-channeling those billions of government’s fund is not far-fetch. He is really the source of knowledge and know how in that lucrative pork business of napoles . In tagalog “negosyo ng mga mangbababoy.”

  2. carlos sanchcez on

    Why don’t these people look into a life sized mirror and try to see the reflection of themselves, Jinggoy? OMG kapal muks. Why don’t Bacani issue such advise to his fellow bishops accused of being child molester and recipient of Napoles and GMA’s stolen wealth?

  3. Barack Obama II on

    I recommend Sec. Abad to resign now and submit to the governments investigation to clear up his name. He is too thick-faced having his whole family working in the government when it should be given to other qualified individuals.
    I would suggest also for Pres. Aquino to resign immediately as all evidences points to the door of the palace. Being the chief executive, he was the one who signed all those budget releases and he too is answerable to this scandal. He should do it now in good faith to the Filipino people.

  4. The people’s sudden gush of fury and vitriol can not be ignored. It’s too extreme already. Very obvious. I totally agree to all that has been said in the preceding blogs and I pray for immediate and appropriate action by the more conservative officials concerned.

  5. Paul de Guzman on

    Bishop Bacani is judging someone through rumor, what kind of person is he? I think it’s alright to judge if it’s proven but what we are hearing about Sec. Abad is a word from Napoles who we all watched and heard lied.

  6. Now I understand why during Cory’s time, Abad was rejected thrice by the Senate Screening committee as a member of Cory cabinet. Naawa pa naman ako sa kanya nuon. 10 relatives in government ? That’s too much…. Wal;a na bang mapasukan ang mga kadugo nitong si kalbo? O sinsamantala while in power. Mukhang berdugo. He control the most powerful department, the budget and its release. ? By golly ano ba ang dahilan at napakalakas nitop sa Cory at Pnoy government. may utang na loob ba ang Aquino family sa mga Abad? Just asking

  7. Will anyone please give us access to the Abad SALNs so that we can do a Corona on him if the numbers warrant it? For that matter, this can be done for anyone whose complete SALNs are available and not just the Networth numbers that media publish which is good for ranking purposes only and not for indictments when warranted.

  8. D. Canastra on

    We Cebuano Visayans say, “Binuang na gayod tanan karon,” when we talk about Secretary Abad, the DBM the President’s office and how Mr. Aquino controls everything–the PNP, the Defense Dept and the Armed Forces, and both houses of Congress. Thank God the Supreme Court is still more or less a bastion of good sense and basic virtues.
    Bishop Bacani is right. (Althuogh it bothers me that a manof the cloth should be giving prescriptions on what government officials should do or not do. He and other bidshops should limit themselves to commenting on the morality or immorality of the actions and decisions of public officials.)

  9. For me both of these people doesn’t have any moral value nor are they worth to occupy a space at the Manila Times. Between Bishop Rolex and Jingoy. They are the same with different tags. What is Jingoy waiting for. He is like his Dad they know how to take advantage of the less fortunate. The Estrada’s, Binay’s Enrile’s and Aquino’s they are all the same.

  10. Rocky Coronel on

    During the time of GMA, bishops remained silent on obvious and flagrant abuses involving public funds. Ever since this administration went out to support the RH Bill-Law Catholic hierarchy has made it a personal battle against PNoy. Yes, Butch Abad must quit when evidence are also made available. DOJ also could not move unless data and information are on hand. COA, DBM must provide these, other wise there is no basis for such call.

  11. What is happening to our government? Fake SAROs point to a small time driver? How come a driver implicated in a production of fake documents?

  12. Don’t worry Abad and other corrupt officials and politicians will pay for their sins to the people with the exception of noynoy. He will be given a ticket pass to another country.

    • perfecto d magulangn on

      Please mga bishop isa kayo sa mga taong hindi na pinaniniwalaan ng karamihan pilipino.Actually kayo ang dahilan kung bakit ganito ang kondisyon ng pilipinas. We dont need your opinion…salamat po.

  13. Garapal na talaga ang patatakip sa nakakasulokasok na amoy –nuseating smells– mula sa mga alipores ni Pnoy. Ngunit kimkim-utot pa rin sya na pagtakpan ang mga katiwaliang kinasasangkutan ni Abad at kabarkada. Lango silang lahat ngayon at manhid na para matanto ang ugaling maganda.

  14. You think? Lahat ng friends ni “PINOY”, to quote ma’m Jenny, has his full trust and confidence. Bilib siya sa kanilang honesty and integrity and good performance kahit nawawawala ang bilyong bilyong piso sa mga fake na NGO, na hindi na check for over many years both by DBM and COA. Kaya nga ngayon, kulang ang libro at eskuela para sa mga public school children. Kaya nga hanggang ngayon, hindi pa naka ahon ang mga victim ng Yolanda, and other supertyphoons and calamities…dahil sa pagkagaling galing na performance ni Abad sa pag manage nang ating pera! Ngayon, kung may utak at tapang tayo, bakit hindi yung boss ni Abad ang paalisin dahil command responsibility din ang tawag dito! Magagawa ba ni Abad ang ginagawa niya without the blessing and utos from above?

  15. Yung mga Bishop na tumanggap ng pera kay Napoles, dapat mag resign din. Lalo na yung mga SUV bishops. Walk the talk. Dapat i pa resign din ni Bishop Bacani na perceived “SUWAIIL”

  16. Personally, I like Pres. Aquino. I think he is quite a big improvement compare to our previous presidents. However, I did not like the fact that he is trying to shield some of his people involved in the scandals. If he keeps doing this, eventually he is going to start losing support from the public. I don’t think that there is anybody in his administration that should be construed indispensable.

    I still believed that if he really wants to know the truth, if any of his inner circle is involved in the PDAF scandals then, he should convene a special body to oversee the investigation. Otherwise, people will start wondering why he is protecting these people.

    • Angel Pulido on

      I also respect President Aquino. Like him as well. But I was wondering why he is protecting Abad and Alcala despite of those allegations by the whistleblowers. True that a suspect is presumed innocent unless proven guilty otherwise. However, how could a mere high school graduate Napoles maneuver the gigantic scam and then engages well-educated people like Abad and Alcala as two of the many suspects, with emphases on the lawmakers who are lawyers? I am not a lawyer but, I think, in this situation, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Be the judge.

    • Were you born only today, George. How can these men and women do their thing without being authorized to do so? Who is Abad’s boss? Who is Alcala’s boss? Are you telling the public that these administration men are doing all their corrupting ways without the knowledge of PNoy their boss? And will you kindly qualify your statement that PNoy is a big improvement compared with the past administrations. Had PNoy is working for a big corporation, he will be the first person to be fired because of command responsibility in addition to not knowing what his job is.