Bishops denounce drug killings


CATHOLIC bishops have denounced the execution of drug suspects and expressed alarm over the public’s acquiescence to the extra-judicial killings that have spiralled “out of control.”

Cotabato Auxiliary Bishop Jose Collin Bagaforo said the police operations against suspected drug pushers and users were carried out in extra-judicial manner.

The prelate stressed that everybody has a right to due process as provided by law, thus it is only proper that the Senate should investigate the killings of people linked to the illegal drug trade.

“I condemn extra judicial killings of suspected drug users and pushers. Every suspect is entitled to a day in court. I support Senator (Leila) De Lima’s plan to have Senate hearings to investigate this “out of control” killings,” the bishop said.

Rev. Fr. Amado Picardal, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) Episcopal Commission on Basic Ecclesial Communities, said that what is more alarming was the apparent disregard and silence of the public on the absence of due process.

“If this will continue and this will worsen, I think there is madness that is happening in our country today. It is not only the killings but the reaction of the citizens, majority of them are Catholic. Others are quiet or they approve of it, the thing is justified until a member of their families are included and that is my worry that (killings) will not stop because there is no outcry from the citizens, there is no moral outcry,” the priest added.

Palawan Bishop Pedro Arigo called on the Duterte government to provide jobs for the drug suspects who surrendered to authorities and help them undergo value formation to change their outlook in life.

Arigo pointed out that the root of the drug menace is poverty and lack of job opportunities.

Statistics from the Philippine National Police (PNP) showed that more than 18,000 have already been arrested in nationwide drug-related operations, and more than 6,000 surrendered to authorities.

More than 100 drug suspects have been killed since May.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has claimed that there is an average of 10 extra-judicial killings per day since President Rodrigo Duterte took office. Majority of the victims came from poor families.


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  1. Mabait na Anak on

    Holy Fathers, most of the executed drugs suspects were done by vigilante groups and only few were executed by law enforcement officers. PNP and PDEA also suspect that the officers involved were used to protect these drug dealers, as can clearly seen on the case of father and son in Pasay City, getting ready to be booked and they were executed by a policeman by the door of their jail cell.

    As far as the death of drug suspects, just consider it as part of the process in cleaning up the drug mess. Most of these deaths were in compliance with legitimate police operations and only few of them were done intentionally and accidentally. Mistakes will be made, no matter how careful these law enforcement execute their mission. Not everybody understand, including you, Holy Fathers, that when a person is under the influence of drugs, that person thinks s/he is superhuman, act and do stupid things, want to challenge anything and anybody. Policemen were trained to protect themselves quickly and most of them can shoot accurately.