• Bishops: Pope’s homily inspiring


    Some Philippine bishops considered a homily of Pope Francis as a reminder for them to reflect on their vocation for the Catholic Church.

    Pasig Archbishop Mylo Vergara said the message of the Holy Father in his homily during a Mass at the Manila Cathedral on Friday noted the apparent lack of desire of some priests to serve the people and to reflect on reasons for their vocation.

    He added that the Pope also wanted them to take the road toward “conversion and renewal.”

    The chairman of the papal visit committee, Vergara pointed out that Francis only meant to inspire them to become good servants of the Lord.

    “We are his flock serving the Philippine Church. The Pope’s message tells us to serve with love, reconciling love,” he said.

    Former Manila Auxiliary Bishop Bernardino Cortez said the message of the Pope will prompt priests to reevaluate their love for Jesus Christ.

    “And if you love Jesus, that love will flow to others, basically that was his homily, reminding us that we are loved . . . That’s the message,” he added.


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