• Bishops reject extra powers for President


    INSTEAD of seeking extra powers, President Benigno Aquino 3rd should appoint efficient and capable officials to the Department of Energy (DOE) who can deal with the energy problem, some bishops said on Wednesday.

    Marbel Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez said the government should allocate a sufficient budget for energy concerns so it can tap other sources of power.

    “[The government should] produce more electricity and build solar, hydro, wind [and]biofueled power plants,” he added.

    Gutierrez said Aquino should bring “competent, honest and dedicated officials to the DOE and ask Congress for enough funds for permanent and temporary solutions [like power barges].”

    Malolos (Bulacan) Bishop Jose Oliveros echoed Gutierrez’s sentiments, saying emergency powers are not the key to solving the looming energy crisis.

    When asked if Congress should give emergency powers to the President, Oliveros replied, “Definitely not.”

    “If PNoy [Aquino] cannot avert the power crisis with his ordinary powers, then he himself has to be blamed,” he said, adding that emergency powers can be abused.

    “He is not a good administrator to all … God save us in the Philippines!” Oliveros said.

    Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes and Basilan Bishop Martin Jumuad took the opposite view, saying Congress should support the President since the “power situation in the Philippines is critical.”

    But Jumuad qualified his support, saying the powers should be specified.

    “Congress must be specific as to the powers granted to the President [so he]will not abuse [them],” he said.


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    1. The CBCP bishops would be better served if they read and understood the Phils constitution especially especially the section that talks about the separation of church and state. CBCP bishops are such a bunch of hypocrites in that they can preach to everyone but nobody can preach to them (they act like they know everything there is to know). They can start cleaning up their ranks by exposing pedophiles among their members.

    2. No to extra powers.
      It will be abused?

      What happened to the extra powers of President Ramos?
      Did it solve the problem? Not at all.

      We are on the same scenario again
      Appoint dedicated people not “KKK”.

    3. Given the fact that BS Aquino and Petilla are both clueless on how to improve our power supply, emergency powers for Aquino will not solve the problem. Aquino has been in power for over 4 years and waited this long to act on this impending energy crisis. He should deal and solve it with the powers that he has now; he should fire Petilla andappoint someone who is knowledgeable about energy! Emergency power in the hands of a clueless guy is dangerous and may cost consumer a higher rate of electricity.

    4. Unfortunately the biggest impediment to the Philippines moving forward as a strong economy Country is the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy. Why would the Bishops support the highest cost per Kilowatt power production of Solar & Wind when the large majority of the Philippine people cannot afford to feed themselves & provide for their children’s educational needs. For once the Church should back off & lets the good people of the Philippines support their Government. From an outsider looking in I can acknowledge that your current President in power President Benigno Aquino is the best leader the Philippines has ever had.

    5. Maybe that is the reason why Aquino did not plan for the power needs of this country because they know if granted with emergency powers like Ramos regime before, they could grab an opportunity to corner billions of money for their Liberal Party’s machinery before Aquino’s term ends and to ensure the election of their candidate this coming presidential election. That is sheer clever and evil scheme by the Aquino’s advisers.

    6. “INSTEAD of seeking extra powers, President Benigno Aquino 3rd should appoint efficient and capable officials to the Department of Energy (DOE) who can deal with the energy problem, some bishops said on Wednesday”. Sobra naman ang hinihingi ng mga bishops kay Noynoy. Hindi kayang gawin ito ni Noynoy.

    7. For one who is completely incapable of good governance and who is a failure in administration, Aquino should not really be granted emergency powers. The bishops are right. Aquino should appoint qualified energy administrators and fire the present ones. That is the solution. Not emergency powers. Sen. Osmena already sneered at this request of the feckless Aquino. “No Sir” he replied coupled with his derogatory remarks on the incompetence in administration of this useless president.