• Bishops, religious convene for Aquino’s ouster


    Some bishops and religious leaders met on Thursday to discuss the resignation of President Benigno Aquino 3rd in light of the death of 44 police commandos in the hands of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on January 25.

    Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said those who attended the meeting were Protestant and Catholic bishops and some lay people who are members of the National Transformation Council (NTC).

    According to him, the NTC has about 25 members.

    Arguelles said the President has “not done anything good for the people, and he better step down [because], after all, his position there [in Malacañang]is not legal.”

    “One congressman [has]asked for [Aquino’s] impeachment. I think even Congress should be impeached, every congressman should also be impeached and [every senator, too]because there are people [in the House of Representatives and the Senate]who had violated the Constitution many times,” he added.

    The Lipa archbishop said President Aquino’s leading the country is not legal, citing alleged poll anomalies from the use of Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines in the May 2010 elections.

    He added that Aquino, whose duty is to defend the Constitution, should resign because it appears that he is violating the Constitution.

    “So he should no longer be [President]. He has already renounced his being [the country’s leader]because he is destroying the Constitution and the government structure. [He is hiding the truth from us regarding the Maguindanao massacre]. That is impeachable,” Arguelles said.

    He added that Aquino should be impeached because he broke the line of command of the Philippine National Police when he entrusted the Maguindanao operation to a suspended official of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

    Arguelles was referring to PNP chief Gen. Alan Purisima, who, according to the President, as a principal player in the operation that led to the death of the police commandos.

    He clarified that they are not pushing for the impeachment of President Aquino “because the ones who will impeach [him]are people who are also guilty, but they will not impeach him because they are also part of the gang.”


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    1. If you care to take a.look at the.so-called NTC, they’re all behind the repeal of the RH law. I would like to see.BS go but this effort of the antiRH faction reeks.of hypocrisy.

    2. Don’t you know the Philippines is run like a sari-sari store. The leader of the country is only a caretaker as a storekeeper/ storemanager sometimes takes money from the cashbox and spend it according to his wishes. Franchise holder just tolerate the wrongdoing sometime. Then come to their mind that they need to change the manager due to lost of trust so needs the change.So they change. The franchise holder is uncle Sam. so wait for uncle Sam or wait for the 2016 election. BBL unconstitutional; EDCA unconstitutional.Wait for the sponsor to bankroll your wishes.

    3. the Catholic church has no clout in political matters. INC does. So unless you can have a candidate get elected by the sheer will of your leader, don’t meddle in the government. You couldn’t even get the RH bill go your way. I’m not INC and I don’t like how they influence elections. Have you thought of who will take PNoy’s place if he resigns? From the frying pan into the fire labas natin. Let PNoy finish his term.


    4. alexander tupaz on

      Naging 3rd time na kasi naging 3rd time na rin lumalabag sa batas ang Pangulo ninyong Noynoy, sa totoo lang kung ididilat lang ninyo ang inyong mga malalabong mata, tainga at utak – sinusuportahan ni Noynoy ay mga trahidor na Rebeldeng Komunista huwag kayong “TANGA”. Mga MNLF, MILF at BIFF ay walang pinagkaiba sa mga Hapon, Kastila at Amerikano na may pare-parehong nagkaroon ng intensiyong sakupin, angkinin at ariin ang inang bayang Pilipinas. Ang tunay na “KAPAYAPAAN” at “KATAHIMIKAN” ay “ALL OUT WAR” sa lahat ng sino mang “KOMUNISTANG REBELDENG LALABAG SA BATAS NG ATING KONSTITUSYON”. Itong ating bansa ay mananatiling mayroong “ISANG LAHI, ISANG DIWA, ISANG BANDERA AT HABANG BUHAY NA NAGIISANG BANSANG PILIPINAS” lamang!!!

    5. Ma. Clarisa Romanca on

      Encourage na lang muna nila na tumanggap ng pagkakamali, umamin, humingi ng tawad at mangako na He will do whatever it takes not to let it happen again. Kasi in that way He could redeem the trust and confidence. Yung ibang bagay, materyal na bagay ay walang magagawa, at lalo lamang ikaka puyos ng damdamin ng sandatahang lakas, at mamamayang pilipino. Habang sinasabi nilang wala silang alam, mas lalo lang na nagmumukha sila incompetent sa position. At kung may alam naman sila, nasaan ang empathy nila bilang pinuno. So walang ibang solution kung yun lang. Sana maayos pa ang lahat.

      • all the time this line of politicians governed and connected with the aquinos and cojuangco are good in making conspiracyies and excuses….obviously they have the numbers in the media personnel that will cover up bunch of realities into conspiracies….they got the numbers of the masses also, that are dependent to this media networks :( ….a few of us of those who might be a help putting this tradition into an end but yet not responsible enough to stand with each others potencials……PHILIPPINE FALL IS AT HAND WHEN RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS ARE at SILENCE……..

    6. danilo de leon on

      sure you want to go this way again? someone said doing the same thing the same way expecting a different result is simply …….. i hope the good bishop and all the good people with him mean well for the country, pero di ba parang comedy na that third time? meron naman mechanism in place para palitan ang mga namumuno sa gobyerno. lets fix whats wrong in the process to ensure its integrity. lets make the system work.

      • The 2nd time was already a comedy. Why not have it again, at least this time it is really for something good.

    7. Bishops Stop Meddling in Political affairs. You have NO RIGHT to speak in behalf of the people. You are not elected officials. You were not chosen to be the people’s leaders. Furthermore, you guys DON’T PAY TAXES. That being the case, you have no right to tell government want to do. Pope Francis has been telling the church hierarchy to stop acting like princes. And here you go again trying to do that. You are still bitter for losign out on the RH Law and you have not forgiven Pnoy for that.
      Yes, we are disappointed with Pnoy for some things but let us taxpayers deal with it. Besides, the nerve of you who kept silent during GMA’s time wherein there was rampant corruption and the hello garci scandal but you guys shut up because you were bought with expensive vehicles. Such hypocrites. Pnoy may lack empathy and his competence may be questionable but is not corrupt. The previous one was corrupt to the bones and you did nothing.

      • I agree with you 100%. Keep the church out of politics. The CBCP is acting like the Philippines is a theocratic country.

      • Aquino is not corrupt?
        For your information, incompetence is also corruption, you stupid sack of yellow crap!

        Grow a brain noytard

      • “You have NO RIGHT to speak in behalf of the people.” excuse me po pero sa edsa 1 puede sila makielam kasi kasama aquinos tanong lng po…

      • True…he may be wrong with his decision but I don’t think he wish anyone die.military people’s life are always in danger, it’s either they are on the battlefield or off duty..if they know ahead it will happen ,I don’t think the gov’t will send them to death…we can’t just blame the president alone…The president has to deal everything,the peace and order,health,safety of filipino people etc.In every battle sometimes u win ,sometimes u lose…The 44 pnp saf died to protect us all filipino people,it’s their duty and own will to do so…If there is to blame for their death, it should be the terrorits.The president’s father was also a hero and was killed fighting for our freedom.He knows exactly how it feels losing a father fighting for our country.He may not tell us the whole thing about the operation in capturing the terrorists but I guess there are certain things that should be kept for everybody’s safety..This issue is very delicate…Let’s just leave it to the peace keeper of our country the PNP/Mitary..
        I once had a u.s.military friend…He is also in special action force.I ask him what does he do .He said u don’t wanna hear it..It’s better u don’t know.I was more curious when he said that and makes me want to know eagerly..I keep asking and forcing him to tell me..Until he explained to me that his job is brutal and deadliest ..When they have operation they will never tell anyone not even to their wife…He said SAF goes first in the battle and clears the area ..I already understand what he said .As I’ve seen in the war movies,there are group of military people who goes first then the rest follow when the area is clear..I could already picture out what he always does ,eliminate the enemies! Kill or get killed!

    8. Time to go Mr. President your failures speaks so loud that you can’t hide anymore. #TruthForTheFallen44

    9. Here we go again, why can’t church’s keeper concentrate on propagating the Lord’s teachings and/or helping street children out of street instead? Our President obviously has some failures but he is still better than the previous corrupt Presidents we have. Arch. Arguelles is telling us that the President has achieved nothing? Why? We know the real situation, you don’t have to tell that to us. What have you done during Pres. Arroyo’s term of rampant corruption?

    10. The Bishops should be the one impeach to hell,the more they talk the more trouble for the country.They didnt even condemn the MILF for slaugthering the SAF Police who are out there doing their duty.BBL is a piece of garbage ibasura.

    11. how many times that NTC and the catholic bishops talk about it. and at the end of the day, it’s gone. citizens will not go out on the streets anymore. they have to deal with the military.

      • sonny dela cruz on

        That is what you think, you don’t know the people behind him who got the power from BS Aquino as the president.

    12. Let Aquino resigned and who will take over ……another corrupt leader Binay – means the country will gonna get worst.

    13. All out war against MILF and BIFF. Continue with the peace process on MNLF. It’s time for Pnoy to think of stepping down. People are mad. It’s time for the people in Malacanan to step down. Junk BBL.

    14. walang konsensya ang nasa gobyerno nagyon…ang dami ng namatay… pero wala ka pa rin nkikitang simpatya…bale wala lang lahat sa taong yan…

    15. It’s about time that Pnoy is removed from the presidency to avoid more disasters as result of his incompetence and arrogance.

    16. There you go again , kayo ba ay nagkakaisa ? O iilan lang kayo na puro reklamo Pero kulang as gawa .

    17. Kayo naman palabiro! Kaya maraming umaanib sa Iglesia ni Kristo, sa Mormons, at iba pa na nawalan ng tiwala sa inyo. Biruin ninyo sabi ni Pope wag kayong parang kuneho. Haha ha! Pagkatapos out of context daw. Nakupo! Kristiano po ako

    18. Kayo naman hindi namin kayo maintindihan? Ano ba talaga? Sino ang papalit kay Aquino? Suportahan ba ninyo si VP sabihin lang niya na pupulbusin niya ang mga rebeldeng muslim, tiyak maraming susuporta sa kaniya kahit anong allegasyon sa kanya.Sqkit ulo ko sa inyo.

    19. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      please stop engaging in poli tics bishop arguelles…your ways and actions are driving away people away from your. Pulpit..confess all your sins so you can be worthy to face your parishioners

    20. How true, Arch. Arguelles. Only the public can force PNoy to quit. We cannot expect anything from the legislators, they will just be bribed and they will continue to stand for the worse President in the entire Philippine history.

    21. The Bishops should convince the Police and Military hierarchy to go against their fake CIC., otherwise, all of these notion of BS Abnoy(BS na Abnoy pa) resigning will remain as a wish. Suntok sa buwan. If they can convince the Armed Forces authorities everything will fall into place. But please, don’t make the mistake on naming VP Binay as the successor if ever this comes into fruition. He is a liar and one of the most corrupt officials now occupying an important position in govt. I still remember him harking his famous slogan “Anak ng Mahirap”, that is why he has to work to support his studies, but when one lady broadcaster ask him where did his wealth came from, his response was, “Minana ko sa mga magulang ko”. WAF!

    22. muriel magtanggol on

      Go Bishops Go! Our people need leaders. Do not let Binay take the place of this inept and unfeeling president..No to Binay, no to Drilon as replacements.

    23. Everyone should rally around the call of the good Archbishop Ramon Arguelles. The good archbishop and others in the clergy and the religious sector and the concerned laity cannot take anymore the worst illegal president ever to sit in Malacanang. Imagine, he is not even our legitimate leader yet he puts to death a great number of our people, our armed forces, needlessly, out of his unconcern.

      Sobra na nga naman this Abnoy. Wala nang matinong isip wala pang konsensya. He really should be dragged out of Malacanang or else (as one writer in the Disqus space of MST) be shot in the head like his father. I can’t blame this writer. Talaga namang the national pain is unbearable. And all because we let an Abnoy continue to sit in Malacanang. Perhaps, it is time that Archbishop Arguelles should call for “people power” to oust the Abnoy. The time is ripe. Now is the time.

    24. sonny dela cruz on

      More action and less talk. Rally the people behind you and kick the President out of Malacanan. Start drafting the Federal Constitution for the Philippine so that peace & prosperity will prevail.