• Bishops say Madonna concert is devil’s work

    UNEXPECTED VISIT  Pop diva Madonna hobnobs with orphans in this post shared on her Instagram account.

    Pop diva Madonna hobnobs with orphans in this post shared on her Instagram account.

    Philippine Catholic bishops on Wednesday called on the faithful to boycott pop diva Madonna’s sexually charged concerts in the nation’s capital, calling them the devil’s work.

    The 57-year-old “Like A Virgin” and “Erotica” hit-maker is scheduled to cavort on a giant cross-shaped stage during two concerts on Wednesday and Thursday as part of her global “Rebel Heart” tour.

    “Pinoys [Filipinos] and all God-loving people should avoid sin and occasions of sin,” Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said in a statement posted on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ official website.

    Arguelles said the concerts, Madonna’s first in the Philippines, were among “subtle attacks of the evil one.”

    “Why is the Catholic Philippines the favorite venue for blasphemy against God and the Holy Mother?” he asked.

    Arguelles had previously campaigned against provocative pop diva Lady Gaga, saying her 2012 Manila concert was the work of Satan.

    Conservative bishops are famously outspoken in the Philippines, where 80 percent of its 100 million people are Catholic.

    Ahead of her concerts, Madonna visited orphans at the Bahay Tuluyan Foundation and Hospicio de San Jose.

    Both located in Manila, the homes also welcome abandoned and underprivileged children.

    The “Queen of Pop” posted photos of her visit on Instagram.

    In her first photo, she was seen lying down with three children at the Bahay Tuluyan.

    Her caption read, “Chillin with my homies at the…foundation giving shelter to orphans, street children, [and]trafficking/abuse victims in Manila.”

    With close to 70,000 likes and over 2,000 comments, Filipinos praised Madonna for making time to pursue a meaningful endeavor while in the country.

    At the shelter, Madonna got a surprise of her own as the children presented a special dance number.

    She gamely joined them midway.

    At Hospicio de San Jose, two posts showed Madonna carrying two different babies.

    “Everyone needs a tickle!!! Even here at Hospicio de San Jose in Manila. We are so blessed.”

    “The children were very happy to see her. She played with them, danced with them and chatted with them,” Bahay Tuluyan executive director Lily Flordelis said.

    Tipping her maroon hat in another Instagram post, Madonna said: “Hats off to the Bahay Tuluyan Foundation in Manila for taking so many kids off the street and providing food and shelter.”

    Madonna is touring the world to support her 13th studio album, “Rebel Heart,” which combines her trademark sexually charged lyrics and imagery with an array of musical genres.

    Madonna has courted controversy since bringing her tour to Asia this month.

    A Catholic bishop in Singapore called for a boycott of her concert for insulting religion.

    She also drew Chinese anger for draping herself with the Taiwanese flag during a concert in Taipei.



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    1. Really? Nope I have not seen the show here but then that time saw some of her gig on tv. If it’s the devils work then it would be more reason for the righteous bishops to have watched and find out for themselves, they would have enjoyed it and have lotsa fun too! And if the devil was there then they would have joined as the saying goes there’s always room for one more!

    2. Conservative catholicism is one of the root csuse our backwardness. Their priests not being able or allowed to get married is another backwsrdness thats why some of them are child molesters, pedophiles, and gay.

    3. I guess the bishops forgot what they read in the bible. Comparing the evil things that were done by satan or the devil to the bad things that were done by god, wow! it would look like satan is the good guy, he never killed anybody while god killed so many, I will mention only the first borns of Egypt. there are so many violence in the bible that were supported by god. Am I reading a different bible here or they choose to read the verse that they like/dislike and harp on it? Lets be fair, Madonna is a human being promoting her music and art. if you don’t like it then don’t watch. but to say that she is the devil, uggghh, let us point our fingers first to our politicians who steal the money for the poor, they are the real devils in our society.

    4. I think that MADONNA as well as any other Human Being’s got the right to Express Themselves in whichever way You like as far as you are nowhere near doing any kind of harm to whosoever that may be! It’s just unreal the things People say about others and then They don’t see or They don’t wanna admit that nobody’s perfect except themselves! Right? People wake up and smell the coffee instead of complaining about an artist’s way of expression ,it’s called ART,remember,it could be fictional or just related to some story ,not to be taken seriously,common Folks! Peace,M

      • Such condemnation! How come i didn’t hear a single word from them about the LGBT and Pacman debacle? Is it the case of the pot calling the kettle black??